Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Inevitable Regression To The Mean

The most accurate statement in this article was the point that you cannot treat highly skilled people this way unless you really are driving them to excellence and making them a hell of a lot of money while you are doing it. Everybody else will just be a hollow substitute for Steven Jobs. I've had maybe one or two bosses like him in thirty years and neither of them was making me a fortune so I ditched them. You have to pay out if you want the best and brightest to put up with that kind of relentlessness.


Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs wasn't a technical genius like Steve Wozniak. But his talents were intense (borderline insane) charisma and the ability to recognize talent. A lot of people hated to work for him, but he did not accept anything that was half-assed.

When I acquired an iPod Touch, I proceeded to upload my entire MP3 collection to it. For a while, when I wanted to upload new songs, I'd search them out on torrent websites and then go through the trouble of syncing the pirated music to my iPod. One day, I just decided it would be easier to pay the 99 cents for future songs without going through all that hassle.

So Steve Jobs, the megalomaniac personality that he is, found a way to monetize music files in a world where digital media is a freely pirated commodity. He made it more convenient for people to pay for music than to go through the trouble of stealing it.

That was my first question: will Apple be able to go on without Steve Jobs? Sure, his successor might be able to remain successful on the afterburner fumes for a few years, but it will regress. Apple's success thus far was largely due to the sheer force of a cult of personality.

Texas Arcane said...

I predict that Steven Jobs will be replaced by a person who is as big an asshole but who will immediately stop paying for the best talent. I reckon the company has 2-3 years before it ends up in dire financial straits now that he is gone. Android was already kicking their ass and without their quarterback they are dead on arrival. Remember the Newton and John Scully, biggest jokes in the history of computing technology. Scully could not organize regular changes of toilet paper in staff bathrooms, much less new product releases.

Anonymous said...

I saw a movie about him a few years ago and in part of it, they showed his vicious side.

In a job interview he absolutely destroyed a job applicant, because he wasn't like the hipsters at Apple and so couldn't possibly fit in.

So what was his life achievement? Did he find a cure for cancer, advance science and technology, create art that will be admired for hundreds of years to come?

He just produced over priced, underpowered computers, with a fashionable exterior, for brainless hipsters.

Anonymous said...

I got an Android a few weeks ago. To be honest, I much prefer iOS, it's a beautifully designed piece of software. It takes a talented dictator to demand such perfection.

Android is getting greater market share because of cost. The Android market is a race to the bottom while Apple demands that it's customers pay for quality.

As for the movie the other poster cites, it was called "Pirates of Silicon Valley". Someone actually went through the trouble of uploading the entire thing on Youtube:

It's a fun movie for those who are into the history of computers. I was a big fan of those Time-Life book series on computers in the 1980s which featured the two Steves from Apple, Bill Gates, etc. quite prominently.

It constructs a dramatic arc based on MicroSoft VS Apple, though what actually happened was a bit more complex than that . There is even a scene where Bill Gates is churning out code on a teletype into the University's timesharing server.

Anonymous said...

@October 12, 2011 3:03 PM
Are you that guy that lies and lies every time he posts, or are you just a delusional Apple fan boi? I am thinking you are the liar, as writing style is similar.

The internet calls you on your bullshit:

25 Bad Bosses

1. Adolf Hitler – The man responsible for one of the world’s most devastating genocides in history. Would you want to work for him?

6. Steve Jobs – One of Apple’s founders and supposed big-time jerk. Jobs has been accused of parking his luxury car in handicapped spots, playing practical jokes on employees and denying his daughter financial support for a number of years.

Steve Jobs as the Poster Child for the Upside of Assholes

"let's face it, Jobs has a track-record of demeaning others and taking credit for their work."

Commodore Kid said...

I wonder if that was the movie a friend was telling me about the other day that completely ignored the role of Commodore (heck even Tandy) and tried to make out like the 1980's was all about Apple vs Microsoft. Gotta love that Apple revisionist history...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ October 12, 2011 7:42 PM:

I'm no Apple fanboi. The only Apple product I ever owned was the iPod Touch, and I call it as I see it. iOS is several leagues ahead of the competition when it comes to a usable and great looking interface.

As for "Pirates of Silicon Valley" creating an Apple VS Microsoft war in the 1980s, it's only a 96 minute made for TV movie. It was made in 1999 when MicroSoft was the unquestioned leader of IT, and so story arc centered around Apple and MicroSoft.

Yeah the Commodore 64 was HUGE back in the 1980s (I was a Commodore fan, I even had a few type-in games published in magazines).

Anonymous said...

October 12, 2011 7:42 PM

The comments from the second article are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This comment says it all:

If he was not an asshole with his employees he had the ground to achieve more than both IBM and Microsoft did....


His staff have never produced to its peak Never. Team spirit was always low...That asshole and the other CEOs assholes around him had major leaks in staff performance.


What that asshole said?
"Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal...."
Guys he is just a lucky asshole. This is what he is....

Commodore Kid said...

Commodore had Jack Tramiel.