Monday, October 31, 2011

Mao Was There First - It Was Called The Great Leap Forward

... and he didn't need no scienmajistical types.

Beck Needs A Safe Environment

Seriously. Mossad must be adding estrogen to this guy's coffee each morning. He's a bipolar wreck.

Glenn, here's an idea. Man the f**k up. This can be a very difficult period for women when they reach menopause.

Beck is on there because he's the perfect diversion from any action that would accomplish anything of any kind. He's worth his salary in that he keeps people focused on stuff that just doesn't matter a bit.

You can't get over the spectacle of mass produced rebellion on a staged set with expensive props where a guy pretends to be the official counterpoint, broadcast by the media conglomerates the guy claims to be fighting. It's the best opposition that money can buy. I only wish they had picked an ass-puppet that was more emotionally stable. I guess when you fish for quislings you have to accept you're going to get the ugly puppies that are left behind in the basket when the good puppies have already been taken.

New Powerful Meme Sinking In

Been mulling this over about two years. Don't know for certain if I believe it or not. It does explain a great deal and it does away with the perfect clockworks of Copernicus. Has something to offend both Christians and secular humanist control freaks with their ordered universe obsessions.

It's not that the universe isn't ordered. It's just that we should consider the possibility it is ordered along the lines of a mind so superior to our own we could never comprehend it. We liked the Copernicus model because it was easy for Swiss watchmakers to build windup clockworks of these motions. It is possible this was a human limitation we were imposing on God almighty, who has no limitations of any kind.

Why is this so important?

This may be the pattern that actually generates the magnetic field on the Sun and the resulting field on the Earth. It could be the critical mathematics that have to be incorporated to truly explain the behaviors of these things.

Fringe Crank in 2004, Mainstream in 2011

Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me how rapidly people can pretend to adopt new paradigms without ever conceding they were foremost in defending the old ones until the bitter end. Is it possible they never really understood either?

In retrospect, you'd say, well, of course. Yet, careers have been destroyed, tenure denied and professors ostracized for saying these very things out of season.

The Most Dangerous Profession Since Custodial Work At The World Trade Center

Dropping like flies. Open your mouth about BP, get shot at a traffic stop. Doctors will be pleased to know their patients who smoke three packs a day have much better survival chances than marine biologists working in the Gulf of Mexico simply taking water samples.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Excellent - Udo Bardi on the Fall of Rome


Added New Site - "Heretic"

Absolutely awesome site. I read a dozen articles on it and have added it to trusted frequencies.

Funny how as IQ goes up, people tend to reach the same conclusions independently of one another with the same facts.

Read the article about how a low-carb diet apparently produces various superpowers of imminent usefulness in an Ice Age environment, like the ability to dive deeper, tolerate cold better and maintain lower energy requirements. Two guesses as to why the human body works like that.

EDIT : Just perused another dozen articles on it. This site is excellent. Proud to add it to my elite list of blogs actually worth reading.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do You Understand Basic Math?

I don't think most people do. I think they are faking it. Chances are, they are faking almost everything.

People chatter a lot. They're good at making noise. I don't know how much real thinking takes place in the Sapiens brain. They're like songbirds, full of rich and complex tones that seem to go together in strings of meaning but in reality they lack semantics that are useful to humans. You know them by their fruits and their yield smells funny and looks bruised.

The past forty years they've been chattering away, while the ground beneath them was sawed away like in a Roadrunners cartoon. I don't know that any of them have ever done much thinking about anything during this time. I was born in 1963 and I suspect I have been largely surrounded by high-tech animatronics shaped like people that entire time. Lights are on. Nobody's home, however.

One important thing to understand in life is that when you do not take responsibility for securing your own means of existence, control of your life naturally devolves into the hands of opportunists with more zest, energy and drive than you have. Just like you'd expect, the product of this subjection to the goals of another is not in your best interests. It ends up being identical to being smothered with a pillow in slow motion over the course of many years. Worst of all, the end result may be a kind of madness that was not anticipated by either party.

Ice Age II : Emperor of Ice Cream

First snow in October since the Civil War in the United States. That was coming out of the little ice age. This is going into the end of the holocene.

This isn't a few flurries, either. This is a real snowstorm in October.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blood Auroras In The Night Sky Over the 'Stain

Nothing to see here, sheeple. Keep moving along. All is well. Keep shopping and bringing in them tax revenues.

Look at these photos. The red aurora is associated with the beginning of violent magnetic storms - in Alaska and Arctic regions!! ... nobody has ever seen them light up the sky from coast to coast in the United States! It is absolutely unprecedented.

Hideous Sow Squeals At Death Of Another Human

I didn't like Gaddafi any more than Saddam Hussein. The Kwanstain is a hundred times worse than either one of them. It's an outlaw nation distributing arbitrary justice from a shifting lunatic standard that ultimately orbits around one rationale only : the strategic needs of Zionists.

These degenerates are not sure what they are doing at any given moment but as long as somebody is dying and civilian regions are being carpet bombed it all makes sense to them.

Goal achieved in Libya? Of course, country is destabilized and factions of armed thugs incapable of forming a government are in charge. A neocon would suggest it's a great outcome for Israel. Unfortunately, not so good for the rest of the universe. Precursors to nuclear war are everywhere you look. Let's all giggle while the foundations of the third world war slide into place. As long as somebody is dying, the psychotic has a feeling of well-being and euphoria. Ain't him/her. At least ... yet. Doesn't it make you want to laugh as well? Of course, it's natural. That's what Hillary would say. She doesn't have any idea what poor taste that might be.

We'll see if she laughs as hard when the bell tolls for her.

Monday, October 24, 2011

No Patience For Real Genius Left In Modern World

Almost everybody I admire is unrecognized, unknown and unsung. This in itself is a huge indictment of the existing orthodoxy. Each one of these men from Thomas Gold to Otto Warburg was a million times closer to the truth than any of the idiots that believe they are "scienmajists" nowadays.

A Starry-Eyed Optimist

I published a two page reprint of Paul Ehrlich's best ideas in my newspaper NOMAD in California nearly two decades ago. My ideas back then were more advanced than those of ordinary people but only a shadow of what they would become as I got older. I probably did not fully mature intellectually until the age of 36 and have only come into my very best work in the past three years as I approach 50. I've had a lot of help from the internet.

I realized something at a very young age that most people live and die without ever understanding. It's just as relevant as the day I said it in NOMAD almost 20 years ago.

Population pressure is the root of all evil. It activates all the anti-life instincts and self-destructive urges that are latent in mammals to avoid overcrowding. These instincts are likely millions of years old and hardly easy to circumvent.

For example, if we say that the populations of the West are awfully amenable to the ideologies of self-loathing and self-hatred propagated by opportunists ... what is the root of this tree of evil that lends their ears to this kind of lunacy? What is the tipping factor that makes mammalian minds receptive to doctrines of oblivion? Termites only attack sick and dead wood. Our termites are successfully eating us from the inside because our wood is unhealthy to begin with. What is it giving us a damaged immune response to begin with?

I would say population pressure. Five words that summarize a lifetime of thinking about the problem.

Paul Ehrlich is living in a cotton candy rose-colored dream world if he sincerely thinks there is a 10% chance of avoiding a civilization collapse. I'd peg it at odds a million to one that anything could turn this situation around.

Washington Using U.S. Taxpayer's Money To Fund Offshore Prosperity In Other Countries

You couldn't make this stuff up. No comment.

Preparing For Global War : Highest Alert

The Russians and Chinese know something that isn't being printed in the sheeple papers. The inhabitants of the West are not being told 1% of the agenda being pursued by their governments.

Watch end of 2011 for some real fireworks coming up.

Vatican Begins New Campaign For Evil

I think the Pope should ride down the middle of the street in a car that shoots flames out the grill in a thong with a supermodel under each arm, wearing devil horns, red greasepaint body makeup and brandishing a pitchfork. There should be a neon sign strapped to the back that is flashing the words BORN TO RAISE HELL.

As a lapsed Catholic, I object strongly to being associated with this organization in any way. Please don't hold the circumstances of my birth and surroundings against me. I got out as soon as I was old enough to realize where I was and what was going on.

Why Humans Are Engineered For Self-Destruction and Regression To The Mean

They were biologically customized to exterminate Neanderthals. That's the purpose of their existence. After they served their purpose, genetic failsafes were added to see to it that any complexity they manage to organize, would naturally decline and become disorganized over time because of their basic biology. This would see to it that they would never get far beyond mud huts before collapsing back on themselves according to their nature. Sapiens would serve his task like a disposable tampon, holding together well enough to get the job done.

Interbreeding with Neanderthal females as war captives was not foreseen in the plan. It chucked a wobbly into their gene pool which allowed them to get a little more advanced than had originally been intended but not in such a fashion that it would stick. They benefited from a temporary increase in brain size and deductive reasoning that lasted just long enough to breed it out of them with trial and error.

Homo Sapiens civilizations last around 200 years on average before they do a face plant because of their essential inherent qualities. There is no simple answer to this problem. It's like asking "What is the best approach to wean fish off of water?" That's a tough one. There is no easy comeback waiting there. The problem is Homo Sapiens himself, who is fundamentally damaged goods. He's botched product by design.

The Neanderthal was an integrated whole. He had a consistency to every single thing he did that made so much sense it established him in a relatively stable arrangement lasting a half a million years. Sapiens is like one of those creatures created in a lab in a science fiction movie that runs around knocking stuff over and screeching and spitting up mucus before it's inherent instability causes it to explode. The Neanderthals are frequently being described as somehow neurotic in the literature nowadays by academics who understand a little of what they are talking about. They've got it backwards, though. Neanderthal was self-effacing, often deferential in a way Sapiens could never be and could think ahead further than ten minutes because of his huge frontal lobes. Sapiens is the neurotic spin-dizzy toy that always ends up rattling around into a chaotic heap. The Neos could spin a half a million years without falling over and making continual progress that entire time. We could say the only creature on Earth that ever posed a threat to him had to be so prodigious and so violent it was broken coming out of the gates. This is what was required to unseat the Amud as the undisputed peak of creation at the time.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Animal Kingdom Showing Evidence Of Increased Awareness, Altruism, Perception?

Reptiles demonstrating social awareness and notions of collective survival? I didn't think there were structures to do that kind of work in the reptilian brain.

A lot of the New Age people claim the increased cosmic background radiation that's now streaming through the planet is changing the biology of everything it hits.

I'm on the fence.

I will say I see more things I can't explain in my own backyard nowadays. I think there are changes taking place. I don't know for certain what they are. I know enough about the complex inter relationships between biological organisms and their electrical and magnetic environment to keep an open mind. Especially because I have sensed changes taking place in my own biology for a while. You shouldn't scoff at this sort of thing, there may be something substantial to it.

Cain's Children Closer Than Ever To Exposure

This is one of the reasons I think that the ponerarchy would rather have a third World War than a society where a simple pattern recognition computer can identify them in a millisecond. Concealment is 90% of their repertoire and anything that works against it will not be permitted, requiring a cold reboot of our civilization to restore the balance of power to them.

What do you think would happen in a live presidential debate if a motion and speech sensitive computer is flashing the word "PSYCHOPATH" beneath the picture of every single candidate while they are talking except Ron Paul? It might initially only be introduced as a novelty metric but would quickly reveal the majority of all the ruling class fall into this category, including 95% of politicians, most media and journalists, Hollywood actors and directors. What if the next time one of them is pretending to care about this or that left wing fashionable cause the word "PSYCHOPATH/SOCIOPATH" is flashing onscreen beneath their face? Would it change the way their message is perceived? Of course it would.

At that point it would be obvious that our entire society is controlled by tyrants who feel nothing for their subjects. That is too destabilizing and would not be allowed.

Shake & Quake Worldwide

Krakatu more than 5000 tremors a day

India shaking like crazy ... is it going to split?

El Hierro ready to blow? Just another supervolcano waking up.

More ashfall blocking air travel in Europe

Supervolcano in Bolivia?

Subsea volcanism heats oceans, causes more precipitation, which falls as snow

Is there a supervolcano underneath Lake Tahoe, Nevada?

Lies, Damned Lies, Globowarmthinkery

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Kwanstain Is An Assisted Suicide

The people I don't want to talk to are all the millions who just recently realized something was wrong. I don't need to speak to people like that. I see the meaninglessness of their reactionary politics where they have failed to. I know intimate details of their personality, character and minds they may only apprehend on their deathbeds in the final few moments of their lives. People like this have nothing to teach me and I have nothing to say to them.

The damned cannot advise us. After all, they are the damned.
- C.S. Lewis

Never Foreseen By Vault-Co

In ten thousand scenarios I worked through for a Chinese invasion, blockade and flashpoint in this region, I never foresaw Japan becoming uninhabitable due to radiation. Never. The possibility it might become worthless real estate and therefore uncontested when annexed to China again just never occurred to me. It goes to show you the limitations of prescience. It qualifies as an absolute wild card.

This development has changed the entire dynamic of conflict over these offshore islands for both China and the United States. I do not pretend to be able to know how all this ends but I will bet you anything it will be a worse outcome, not better.

Louisiana Bans Cash Transactions Between Private Parties

Thomas Jefferson would advocate kneecapping all concerned legislators. Ben Franklin would have them waterboarded, each and every one, before a proper public hanging.

The dizzying unraveling of the 'Stain is occurring at a breathtaking speed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rick Perry : Death Injections Administered By Force To 26 Dead Girls And Counting So His Homeys Could Post Record Profits

My opinion of the Kwa seems like it could not possibly go any lower. I think the Kwanstainians could actually elect a psychopath like Perry to office. I wouldn't put it past them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There's A Reason Science & Technology Are Stagnating

The sciences are not making progress because they are predicated on false assumptions, bad physics and crummy ideas.

The problem isn't that everything useful has already been discovered. We stand at the threshold of the overturning of paradigms as remarkably flawed as the ancient assertion that the world rested on the back of a turtle. The problem isn't that science is "hard." It's that the current generation of people is really breathtakingly stupid. For a population with an average IQ of 97, everything is going to be really "hard." It's not that modern people can't solve their problems. It is much worse. They are not even bright enough to correctly identify what the problems are which utterly precludes them ever producing solutions.

Civilization in general is "hard" and stays that way. As soon as you have solved one problem, another pops up. As long as you're drawing on the same gene pool of bright people, the capacity to cope remains a constant. Maybe at the founding of your civilization, boweevils were a big problem to crops. Your ancestors solved the problem which is why you are sitting there reading this blog post right now with a full stomach. They figured out how to cope with boweevils. Later it may be ants or killer bees or new strains of fungus. It doesn't get "harder" the longer a civilization is around. It gets harder the dumber the inhabitants of that civilization become. Around the 200 year mark, almost everything is kicking their asses ... despite their edjumufacations and scientamajism. What is needed is real brains, not fake brains. The march through the institutions of our society has left them staffed with morons as leadership and they are in those positions because they know how to entrench themselves, not because they have any leadership qualities.

Peasants Creating Trouble For Elites In N.Y.

Specifically, blocking access to their dens of crime pisses them off. They don't mind them as long as they are in their free speech cages but obstructing traffic is riling them. Tasers and hooves for all.

A Thousand Times Worse Than Nazis

Kosher beasts in the shape of men. Apes with Yamulkas. The most vicious regime the world has ever known. The blood of a million children stains the ground since they occupied this land, a race of converts originally from Khazaria who have so befouled this region it is to be regarded as consecrated to the demon Moloch and the deed held by dark angels in hell.

People are onto these assholes. Who is going to make the hallmark specials and public television documentaries about the holocaust these monsters created?

World War III will happen because they have used up all their other options.

The Kwa Is A Failed Regime

Anybody who takes advice from Kwanstainians on any subject or listens to their ideas about the world deserves to suffer a similar fate. They are an utterly lost generation living in the ruins of what was once the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dinosaurs Visited Saturn!

They must have, because oil comes from dead dinosaur bones and rotting ferns! Edjumfacated peeple took a vote and they said it was totally true.

Thinking is less important than just getting a consensus from a bunch of mediocre idiots. Brainpower is cumulative the more of them that are mumbling in the same room at the same time. It's cortex resonance and that's scientamajific indeed. Right up there with voodoo and tarot cards except it's a vote and the majority makes it true.

Don't worry, it's only a supervolcano

So many of them have become active it is important not to get hung up worrying about any particular one. Any one of them can change the world.

When Will The Hummer Blitzkrieg End?

I told my son last night they have to run out of money soon. The year 2011 has been the worst frontal assault worldwide of degeneracy in the last 2000 years of history. Nearly 24/7 on every channel, it has been advocacy of gay marriage and transgendering kids poured on like a deluge. Movies nobody went to see. Television programs nobody is watching and so painful to view you have to change the channel when your kids enter the room. It's naught but the dismal tide discussing the mechanics of fisting, watersports and the most debased perversion imaginable chatted about casually like it is mainstream now in every single medium that reaches your ears, eyes and senses. Porn culture wasn't enough, now it is saturation with gay porn culture.

These people have to run out of capital soon. There is an air of desperation about it all. Maybe they feel it is now or never. The fact is, nobody wants this stuff. It isn't market driven. It has to be crammed down the throat and force fed in the most inappropriate venues, preferably sneaking it into family viewing hours so the poor kiddies are left sobbing at what they just saw. There's always a general subversive presence there with the agenda laid on as thick as it can possibly be and still pretend this television/movie/music is about anything but what it is promoting.

This blitz required global coordination and must have cost billions of dollars at the top. I figure they have to run out of money soon, before the year is over. They can't keep creating media which people have to be trapped and caged with their eyelids stapled open to make them watch.

The fact is - the dog doesn't like that dog food. Period.

Notice the only performer this summer was the movie promoted as family fare. It is conceivable that it was the only thing the parents could find they weren't terrified of cringing at in embarrassment at the movies.

You couldn't give Hollywood money. They don't want it. They'd rather push their politicial agenda, which is creepy cultural critique and opposition. What are they opposed to? Ultimately, anything that smacks of normal.

They have to go broke shortly. You can't keep dumping money into this refuse hole of propaganda.

I tried to turn on something on cable last night just to keep me company. When I tried to switch over from tranny cheerleader dog-eating serial killers, I couldn't find anything but SAW spinoffs and torture porn on the other channels. I tried switching it to the Disney channel but they had a bunny rabbit showing kids how to use a condom on there and pick the right booths at peep shows. I just typed in random numbers and it finally came up on another Holocaust film. I breathed a sigh of relief and let it ride there. Familiar territory. The sounds of barking german shepards and Nazis screaming at people to get on boxcars seemed fairly tame compared to the other two hundred channels available. It was almost soothing relatively. This stuff is now like the lifestyle channel. Plots generated by computer and saccharine sappy endings. At least there is one channel left you can use to just keep some noise on.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You Snooze, You Lose (Nuclear War)

The Kwanstain has been watching AMERICA'S GOT TALENT while the Chinese have been building a 5000 kilometer tunnel network underneath their country to survive global thermonuclear war. ZZZZzzzz ... whazzat?

Michael Turner confirms in the article what Vault-Co was telling you many years ago. America doesn't know how many missiles China has because her intelligence gathering capabilities collapsed back when disco and piano ties were still in.

I'm of the opinion that this is the worst possible situation, with America's conventional nuclear force falling apart and most of their reliance resting on space-based platforms. You could not have a more volatile mix than that.

“Do we really know how many missiles the Chinese have today?” he asked. Turner expressed concern that planned cuts to the Pentagon could block efforts to modernize the US arsenal. “We need to understand the potential long-term consequences of watching as Russia and China modernize their nuclear arsenal while we sit back and simply maintain our existing and aging nuclear forces,” he warned.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Armageddon Medicine

Just added the site to "Trusted Frequencies" at the right. Hardcore. Absolutely useful. Very serious discussions of post-apocalyptic contingency medicine.

Short Answer : Yes

Pat Buchanan describes the unraveling of the Bolshevist II plan.

It was never going to work. Schemes to rule the world always end in rivers of blood. They rely on man's better angels to compel him to follow the new law that is required and man has no better angels. Thus, all schemes to rule the world end in rivers of blood.

All the damage done to the family structure, traditional values, heritage of legal systems going back thousands of years and national and cultural homogeneity is very, very real. It's world historical damage that has set mankind back by centuries. The tearing apart of the framework of law in order to prepare it for the relinquishment of sovereignty is ugly, permanent and is not easily repaired. It took countless centuries of European thought and resolution by warfare to achieve these precarious balances. The evils of Pandora that work against stable civilizations have all been released from their box and are not returned to their confinement lightly.

Imagine a confirmed atheist who wakes up one morning and announces, "Okay ... it appears I have made a terrible mistake. I reserve the right to maintain there is no God but I would like all of your peasants to return to the primitive Christian value system which seemed to assist greatly in keeping your passions in check. I enjoyed living in a stable environment and not being pursued by huge machete wielding mobs of cannibals seeking to dine on my flesh. I know I acted indifferent but the truth is that I liked drive-through service and shopping malls and other corollaries of the basic Christian framework of society based on humility. I made the error of thinking that these things just naturally occurred and were not in danger of a little critique. Please put out all the fires raging everywhere and stop frothing at the mouth like rabid madmen and trying to kill me. Let's all just start behaving like decent Christians again as of tomorrow morning." Alas, such monolithic institutions take many centuries to recover once they are lost. As Nietszche so elegantly put it - if there is no God, then most certainly all things are permitted. Not just for thee, hipster, but for me as well. Trying to play it jungle-style while insisting others pretend to some measure of humanity is setting you up for disappointment. You're going to find everybody else can play jungle-style, too.You may not be the biggest sonofabitch in the jungle, rather just another little mouse destined to end up in the jaws of somebody who believed in the same arguments you put forward.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Right On Schedule : Ginning Up A War

Some loose accusation made out of whole cloth, hurled like a sodden rag at a suitable enemy at an opportune time for purposes both obscure and immediate. A natural response of manboons to economic troubles on the home front. The usual beast slouches towards Bethlehem to be born. This play would be unbearable without a regular change of cast.

The town drunkard has announced a general draft call for all able-bodied sandbags and bullet sponges to serve their country by blocking rounds that would otherwise hit him. He's talking about military service for thee, rube, not for he.

Australian Prime Minister Serves Two Masters and Neither One Of Them Is Australia

Just ... pathetic. So much for democracy and government by the people.

I can only imagine what Julia Gillard was promised to push this through. She was probably assured that even if this country became uninhabitable for her because of her treason, she would be well taken care of by concerned interests.

A Skidmark In The Devil's Jockey Shorts

"So that the LORD could no longer bear, because of the evil of your doings, and because of the abominations which ye have committed; therefore is your land a desolation, and an astonishment, and a curse, without an inhabitant, as at this day."

Jeremiah 44:22

When God is your terrorist, there is no anti-terrorism program that works.

Ron Paul Is The Only Sane Person Left On Kwanstainian Soil

Ron Paul is the only person who makes sense to me when he talks. I can see the lips of the rest of them moving but it's all just confused, deranged rubbish that sounds like it qualifies for an overnight stay in Bellevue under sedation. Kwanzans as a general rule don't have any semantic content in their speech. Parallels in classical writers describing the character of late era Romans shortly before the city was sacked and burned by the barbarian hordes. Apparently the early Romans were widely touted as people of such unassailable honesty that their word was better than a written contract in all things. The latter Romans were depicted as being so crooked internally they had to screw their pants on in the morning.

Do you think this administration has only permitted this Star Chamber to be used against external followers of Islam? Funny that because it turns out that John Wheeler III, a great American hero, was on one of their lists. Did you know that you may be getting your name on a list right now by merely visiting this site, rube? Oh, you gotta lotta 'splainin to do, Lucy. In the last days before his death, Wheeler had to vacate his home for his own safety, was beaten and robbed, begged the police for help, had his neighbors smoke bombed with what later turned out to be a military grade hallucinogenic and finally ended up dead in a dumpster tip, a great American patriot who graduated from Westpoint and distinguished himself as a pre-eminent critic of the neoconservatives who currently occupy the Capital.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Naked Confiscation of Bank Boxes is Beginning

In the good times, people always laugh at these worries and ridicule them as far-out paranoia. Then, just like a clock you can set your watch to, that's exactly what the government begins to do the instant they start to consider the possibility of total bankruptcy. Openly go into banks and steal the valuables the bank is "protecting" for you.

With the country collapsing around their ears, these halfwits argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. It's all empty hollow slogans and vacuous rubbish, almost as bad as the political campaign waged by Kodos and Kane the aliens on the episode of the Simpsons where they took over the bodies of Clinton and Dole.

"My 9-9-9 plan will save us all. It's called the 9-9-9 plan. I used to have the 2-2-2 plan until I realized my 9-9-9 plan was better. It's higher numbers. Everybody needs a plan but I reserve '9-9-9' for my plan. That leaves you eight other numbers and if you're desperate I give you permission to reuse my 2-2-2 plan numbers. Get your own plan and don't try to copy my 9-9-9 plan, especially by changing a number, say to the 9-5-9 plan."

"Yeah, well your 9-9-9 plan is 6-6-6 upside down and the devil is in the details." (Huzzah!! Huge round of applause and roaring from synchophants)

(Doors burst open and millions of mexicans wielding machetes pour into debate and cut them all into ribbons. The END.)

The Inevitable Regression To The Mean

The most accurate statement in this article was the point that you cannot treat highly skilled people this way unless you really are driving them to excellence and making them a hell of a lot of money while you are doing it. Everybody else will just be a hollow substitute for Steven Jobs. I've had maybe one or two bosses like him in thirty years and neither of them was making me a fortune so I ditched them. You have to pay out if you want the best and brightest to put up with that kind of relentlessness.

Graphene - Massive Cheap Breakthrough In Shelter Power From Solar Energy

Graphene may be set to replace duct tape as the cheapest solution to every problem.

Just when you thought this story couldn't get any better, turns out that graphene is superior to almost all existing solar panels, reacting to a much wider range of light from the sun (very dim lighting, overcast days, winter skies) and in addition to being much cheaper is far stronger and less prone to degeneration of output over time. A sheet of this stuff could be sold at the dollar store and provide you with more power than a $1000.00 high end solar panel.

Yes, it's made of nearly the exact same stuff in a pencil lead. You heard it right. Cheaply bound into rolls with appropriate connection tabs for wiring it could change the world overnight. According to my sources, the means of mass production have already been solved/source and it will soon appear at very cheap rates on the market.

There is a rumor at present that any suit of Powerarmor built from layers of graphene would be penetration proof, bullet proof, flame proof and EMP proofed by nature, blowing the market for kevlar away completely. The strength of graphene is described as being so formidable an elephant could sit on a roofing tack balanced on a sheet of graphene without piercing it's surface. Boy, I really do have my next project cut out for me after I finish off Vault-OS.

The problem is the world's rulers have built their power on the marxist myth of "scarcity." Once that myth begins to shatter, so will the majority of their political power over people.

With it's vast coal deposits (graphite often found in tandem) this could be the edge of yet another amazing resources boom for Australia.

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges

Mentally off the grid. A pesky thing like elected representation.

Elect a Kenyan, get Kenya-style anarchy and lawlessness. Kwanzans have the leaders they deserve. I noticed that the fake puppet election is already gearing up between the three non-candidates and Ron Paul has been abandoned by the wayside because the media just ignored him until he went away.

Barack Obama technically fits the definition of insanity. He's trying the same thing that didn't work last time, only harder this time.

Vault-OS Update : 12-Oct-2011

Spent the day converting the last bits of my legacy C++ code into C to keep the entire web server consistent. I resolved to do this last year and only got around to completing it today. I wrote the first complete C linked list library I have authored in about 15 years. Even in the 90's I used to use other people's snippets and rarely wrote my own from scratch but this one had to be so generic and powerful it would serve as the list class for everything on the server. Did the same for the JSON parser and the .INI routines. All compiled as of midnight and seemed to run fine, at least under Windows. I also got the HTML GUI going for configuration of things like mailslots to service the daemons. My goal is to have one tiny .INI file travel with the .EXE and otherwise zero configuration, do everything from inside the server browser once it is running. I tried to run the mailslot code under Desqview/X last weekend but it seems to be broken. I had it working at the start of this year. I have maybe four Powerbasic daemons (I2C, CANBus, LPT Relays and Serial LCD) that originally worked under Desqview, but I am not going to worry about this right now and just concentrate on the Win-32 version. I am concentrating on that goal really hard.

C++ & STL are incredibly productive and convenient but there are always problems cross-platform. It recently occurred to me I might actually be able to compile the existing source code for my Rabbit 2000 board using a Berkeley-compliant sockets library. This would mean that even things like my weather station external to the shelter would be essentially running the same software, albeit over an optical fiber instead of an ethernet cable internally.

Right now, I'd say it's about 90%. By the end of this week, I think I will officially have the first real alpha version of Vault-OS since 1997 when I wrote the prototype in VB-DOS and was using IPX packets. I've never seen it this far advanced.

Seriously, it is the most mindboggingly powerful software I have ever written. Sometimes I just sit here and stare at it, incredulous I could have actually written something this good. Of course, it has taken me several hundred man-hours, refactoring, complete overhauls of the architecture and endless testing and experimentation to get the design all nutted out perfectly. I'm not much for getting the framework correct on the first try but I do respond faster to feedback from testing than anybody you have ever seen. I don't fight the design and I sort of just let it reveal itself to me. I don't know any other way to make it good.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Unprecedented, Unearthly, Apocalyptic

The average person is watching AMERICA'S GOT TALENT.

No clue. Not a hint about what is going on all around them.

I saw noctilucent clouds at sundown just the other evening. Eerie and disturbing. Looked like CGI effects in the Australian night sky.

The Kwa : 3000 Mile Wide Diaper Tip

For years people have laughed at my predictions of a landscape piled two stories high with old diapers. They don't know the things I do about some cultures. It's not going to be trained out of them by anybody. They'll simply displace the existing demographic and it will become the new normal.

Even rats don't sh*t where they sleep. Humans don't do it where they live. At least, some humans used to know better. The enrichers don't mind the smell at all and wonder what all the fuss is about. That aroma reminds them of the mother country and puts them at ease. It's just like home.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

AWESOME!!! 200 Years Of Cranks Turned Out To Be Right About Egypt!

This is an absolute game changer.

Since Napoleon's era, fringe cranks have written volumes of conjecture that most of the pyramids were actually built by other societies much earlier than the Pharoahs. They suggested that the ruling classes had in fact removed earlier corpses and placed their own children into them to give them a truly royal burial.

If this is true, it means that 99% of the historical re-enactments and documentaries you have seen on ancient Egypt are all rubbish. To think of the tax money wasted by public television on this gibberish is galling. A lot of money and propaganda so academics could pretend to have it figured out and give the impression there were no questions left. In fact, they had no answers of any kind.

Edjumafacation : Print More Paper

This is all they got.

Man is not a learning animal.

Decadent, degenerate, diseased, decaying, debauched, deranged, devoid.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Land Collateral : The Secret Treason

I've known about twenty years. Most people still don't know how this works.

Every single time that land is reserved by the World Heritage foundation, it is put into an international privately held trust. If the current tenant defaults on his debt, any or all of the lands registered to this supranational body are the collateral guarantees for national debt owed to the world's bankers.

People who believe there is still a country called "America" to fight for, should know that about 75% of it is already owned by foreign banking interests. There's nothing left to fight over and if you did, these people would straighten you out pretty quickly about who owns what. They'd love to send U.N. troops in to settle the dispute.

America died, was broken up and sold piecemeal to financiers long ago as guarantees on further loans through the Federal Reserve. A reserve where nothing is reserved, nothing is federal and they give you permission to print your own currency. Kurt Saxon and others wrote about this nearly thirty years ago. Those cranks were in fact the only people in the country with their heads screwed on straight.

The Planet Is A Museum Of Marxist Failures

More bank socialism with nations paying private businesses to pretend they aren't failures and protect them from their own folly. Earth is an asylum and the lunatics are in charge.

ITZ COMING : China-Russia-Pakistan VS. Kwa

U.S. Envoy storms out of U.N. as battle lines are drawn

You can lead a Chi-Cong To ZOGBux but you can't make'em drink

The Chinese are too smart to fall for these desperate ploys. The Kwanzans thinks they are dealing with their intellectual inferiors. In fact, they are dealing with their intellectual superiors. Underestimating the erudition of the Chinese is the last mistake the Kwa will make in their epilogue.

China be peepin', Kwanzans be sleepin' Get your own strategic intelligence. Oh, wait ...

South China Sea. Somebody is going to get the smackdown and it ain't gonna be China.

The Kwa. A study in fail.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stealth Boy Is Just Around The Corner

It's funny because I always got the feeling that the scientific innovations in Fallout 3 happened largely because of the escalating tensions with China as a result of military research. So maybe we'll be able to find the occasional portable stealth field device after the third world war. Conserve them wisely.

Something Big Is Happening On The Sun

Suddenly, NASA has two of its top experts on solar cycles either in prison or dead.

Communists Are Hebephrenic, Shrill, Apoplectic and Scream A Lot When They "Talk"

It's a universal constant in politics. When your arguments stink, you try to make up for it in volume and by waving your arms a lot.

The current administration is so evil they are like supervillains out of a James Bond movie. Apparently they have been stoking the violence in Mexico to justify a gun confiscation in the U.S. by funneling guns to the Mexican outlaws. By creating crisis they would then organize new gun laws and a possible invasion of Mexico to "restore order." (Institute U.S. Hegemony)

In Order To Become Male, You Must Get A Cave

If you've got true Mousterian blood running through your veins, it's like throwing Brer Rabbit into the briar patch. There is nothing more natural for the omega male than getting his cave in order. You can wait out catastrophe, war, famine and the apocalypse in relative comfort, which is what the cave instinct is all about.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't bother.


Widespread turmoil in the United States and internal unrest point to a move by the elites in the Kwanstain to stir up a big distraction, namely a war of some kind. Anybody anywhere will do, the bigger the better to keep people busy fighting outside instead of inside the 'Stain.

The masks are coming off in the cosmic skidmark in God's underwear formerly known as the United States and they need to gin up a war as soon as possible.

Marines Coming To Protect Wall Street Protestors

This is a frequent turning point in history when you start to get the military onside. Once they are with you even the dopiest champagne drinking airheads will sit up and take notice. They know the hour is approaching and if you pay attention you can see a nervous bead of sweat rolling down their foreheads even as they are sneering. The last thing that any politician wants is to put himself opposite the military in the event of coup. Traditionally you're the first one to be put on trial if that happens.

Globowarmthinkists Discover They Lack Courage In Addition To Brains

Nobody came forward to defend globowarmthinkery, fearing they would be permanently discredited and possibly lose tenure over such a ridiculous position. You can see the tide has really turned against them. They're on the run like the cowards that they are.

Fun With Fiat Currency : The Windup

I'll bet you less than 1 in 1,000 people you meet know enough about basic economics to even be able to understand what is happening. I think the majority of the Western world are a lot like that female journalist who wanted to know who is backing gold as a currency.

You can't replace real people with consumer units and expect the machine to keep working. There is no precedent in history for that. Any nation that thinks it will continue to prosper just "because" is always on the brink of complete collapse.

The wheels fell off Kwanzania and nobody in charge has any idea how to put them back on.

"On the day when you again allow abominable men to confiscate your freedom, your money, your lives, your private property, your manhood and your sacred honor, in the name of"security' or"national emergency' you will die, and never again shall you be free. If plotters again destroy your Republic, they will do it by your greedy and ignorant assent, by your disregard of your neighbors' rights, by your apathy and your stupidity. We were brought to the brink of universal death and darkness because we had become that most contemptible of people -- an angerless one. Keep alive and vivid all your righteous anger against traitors, against those who would abrogate your Constitution, against those who would lead you to wars with false slogans and cunning appeals to your patriotism."

--Taylor Caldwell,"The Devil's Advocate"(1952) -- pgs. 332 -- 338

Monday, October 3, 2011

This Is The Reason Vault-OS Is Designed To Run On Legacy Hardware

That's right. As of Windows Vista the Microsoft OS is nothing but spyware loaded to the gills. If you want your operating system to be atomic, distinct and devoted just to functionality, you should avoid MS after Windows XP like the plague. Your OS needs to run on Linux, FreeBSD, DOS or Win32 pre-Vista.

Reason #1 I have targeted older legacy systems for deployment. The ultimate stripped down, bare-bones Windows OS out of the box is Windows NT Workstation, requiring just 16 MBs RAM out of the box and featuring all Windows services and basic utilities.

At Long Last, Here We Are

Americans who have been occupied by their internal fifth column are so hyperfocused on the U.S. being the center of the universe that few of them have taken notice of what has been happening on the rest of the planet all around them.

First a tree grows old and feeble then termites eat at its substance from the inside and then external forces destroy it. It is a pattern of decline repeated again and again for empires.

The traitors inside the Kwanstain have merely softened it up for the coup de grace by external enemies. The complex social decay that has occurred to the entire macrostructure of the U.S. is what has upset the balance of power that has kept its foes from attacking it and tearing it to pieces.

Vault-Co says there will be nuclear war between China and the United States and it will be much, much sooner than you think. I laugh at suggestions that China only has 250+ functional nuclear weapons. They have manufactured more nuclear cruise missiles than that in any given month of the past ten years.

Firehold Bravo Photos Link Not Working

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, anonymous. I regret it may be a week or more before I can get some new photos up to replace the old ones.

I have had a major problem on my hands with this black mold but after running the ozone generator for three months solid I think I might have it under control. I've been waiting for my back to settle down so I can climb down there and start the recovery process for the shelter. Does anyone think this would be an interesting thread to document each step of the way with photos and commentary? When the shelter is repainted I will install the new terminals and boxes of Vault-OS and demonstrate how I wired it and booted it up for the first time. I am dreaming of the day but I don't know if this subject would be as exciting for others as it is for me. I am planning this to be the practical application I write about in the book for VOS.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bizarre Geomagnetic Solar Activity Continues To Escalate

As predicted here on Vault-Co before the site linked to even existed.

Obama + Executive Power = Kenyan Government

The hawks made sure Obama would keep the funds flowing to the orbital nuke and space delivery platforms and they did it by cutting all civilian funding for space exploration.

The U.S. is on the precipice of being a backwater without infrastructure, military or civilian defense, space capability, potable water, fuel or viable economy. Obama didn't put the U.S. in this position - he's just nailing the coffin shut.

Well ... yeah! Ron Paul states the obvious.

Vault-Co Thought For The Day

Two different great thinkers, same idea.

'The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls.'

- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

'There is a divine light in the human heart and it isn't put there by the church or by a preacher. It shines out when we tell the truth and only the truth. Not what others want to hear from us to appease their egos or sense of security.'

- Frank Zappa

Nuclear War In 2012

Pretty interesting review of all the dominos. I liked the inevitable tone of the article, shows the author knows what is going on.

The doomsday clock should have it's hand moved to one second to midnight because that's how close the world really is.

Britain is putting all their defense money where they know it is needed

Britain has people like me consulting with them for defense planning. Those people are telling them that the war coming won't be World War II. Navies serve as an excellent coral reef builder in World War III. Submarines, nuclear drone delivery systems and nuclear cruise missiles are the future.

Africa Is A Blessed Country

Read this article (all of it) and tell me you don't think you could make money in Africa. There are so many opportunities there it seems like it would literally be impossible for it to fail. Africa should be the Dubai Continent. Everywhere you look, the land is so rich in resources and natural gifts that you'd expect the streets to be paved with gold and electric cars and monorails and shuttles to the moon. It is a nation that cannot blame their situation on their surroundings because they were literally born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Agriculture should generate a thousand times what the population requires for the year in three months.

Read the part where the leftover tailings mound from the abandoned copper mine is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars alone.

Instead, it's Africa. Neanderthals make everything look easy. Neanderthal genes are so miraculous that all this stuff looks like it takes care of itself even with only a tiny smidgen on average of Neanderthal genes in the European stock. If Europeans are the bad watered down weak brand of 1/18th Neanderthal, imagine what the originals were capable of.

Media Peeple Are Edjumafacated Jeeniuses

Monty Python called! They are suing for copyright violations of their intellectual property. This kind absurdity is a unique creation of the Python players.

Huge comedy hit on YouTube, taken down of course after a couple million people laughed themselves paralytic at it. These talking heads all need to be sent to remedial education at hard labor for a couple decades to straighten them out.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Duct Tape : Is There Anything It Can't Do?

Very useful. May put up a link to this site, it's chock full of good articles.

EPA Just Makes Up Sh*t Out Of Thin Air That Arbitrarily Destroys Vast Swaths of Industry and Manufacturing

You couldn't make this stuff up. Unless you work at the EPA.

The Only Non-Signatory Has Tested Them Anyway

I learned about this many years ago but I thought some readers might have never heard of it. It is pretty solid evidence that there are quite functional devices in the hands of a nation who recognizes no limits or international agreements.

These threats of the Samson option by Martin Krevald are not hollow boasts by madmen. These madmen are quite capable of carrying out their threats should it seem opportune. More importantly, they are capable of detonating these devices and making it look like the work of someone else.

Giving Power To The State Means Giving Power To Fifth Rate People Who Have Never Had Real Day Jobs

I hate to think what kind of tax money is wasted on idiocy like investigating Justin Raimondo for what he has said. Not what he has done but what he has said. You wouldn't put these government jackasses in charge of a mop and bucket at an elementary school. They're not smart enough to do that job.

There is a need for investigation of miserable, vile criminal activity in the Kwa and here it is. Apparently evidence is emerging that this was part of a large scale false flag planned to serve as an excuse to strip the Second Amendment away and start confiscating guns. It blew up in their faces because they were as incompetent at pulling it off as they have been at everything else.

Escaping Zip Ties

The most likely expedient cuffs to use on large populations. If you're in a railyard waiting for a boxcar, this might come in handy.

A Thousand Plagues Upon Babylon

I don't think the ants are any tougher than they ever were.

I think the humans are getting dumber and less effectual at everything they do. You see people in third world countries getting their asses kicked by insects all the time and they are unable to organize a counter offensive. Sure, they'll allocate some money to fight the problem, then a huge list of bureaucrats will siphon parts of that money off, each dragging away a little piece until there is nothing left for the problem itself - like ants themselves. Everything in these kinds of countries is called a bold initiative and a real plan of attack. A year later, nothing seems to have happened other than desperate solitary measures and the problem is worse.

Back in the 1950's, America decided to solve the malaria problem in Africa. People who thought they knew what they were doing (they didn't) blocked spraying of DDT, citing studies later shown to be completely contrived. The loss of life since then to malaria can be calculated in the millions. This was back when America was more organized than a clusterf*ck in a madhouse and could carry out a large scale program for any length of time.

In third world countries, you always have people talking about the problem, as if words were a kind of magic chant and intention could solve it without any substance. At every turn, people in third world countries tend to dissolve after meetings into individually struggling factions that are at war with themselves. The ants and insects are superior organizers compared to the humans in these nations.

It's not the ants that are getting dumber. It's the humans.

Economic ITZ. Indubitably.

European Union killed every nation dumb enough to join it, but the Kwa was already dead no matter what mutual appreciation society they were willing to join.

Insane In The Membrane

Earth's best kept secret ... the ugly politically incorrect truth : children raised by same sex parents have astronomically high levels of suicide, drug abuse, criminal recidivism and psychological disorders.

Here the parents are actively assisting in self-destruction, which they regard as the best welfare of the child. After all, that's been the way they have conducted their own lives. That tells you everything you need to know about their competency as parents.

The Kwanstain is a doomed nation. It looks that way because God hates it. They can put clothespins over their noses and pretend they don't smell anything but the entire country looks like the Lord Almighty flushed a cosmic commode over the entire continent from sea to shining sea. It's like Sodom except with better street wiring and automatic teller machines. This is the paradise of the secular humanists and you can smell it before you can see it.

Eurocrat Runs From Truthfulness

The rest of the talking heads don't know what to do with somebody speaking about the real world on live television. All they can do is waffle and blurt out canned phrases of ambiguous nonsense that fall just short of saying nothing at all.