Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In Order To Become Male, You Must Get A Cave

If you've got true Mousterian blood running through your veins, it's like throwing Brer Rabbit into the briar patch. There is nothing more natural for the omega male than getting his cave in order. You can wait out catastrophe, war, famine and the apocalypse in relative comfort, which is what the cave instinct is all about.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't bother.


Anonymous said...

That is a sweet looking vault. I'm suffering vault envy right now. Can you tell us where it is?

Texas Arcane said...

Titan Silo in the U.S. recently decommissioned.

Rowan said...

Ahhh, the man cave. I do love my own private sanctuary.

I remember when I was a child, probably not much older than 10. Behind my home was a dirt track leading to the fields, what we call a drove in the UK. The drove was overgrown with deep ditches, trees and bushes. I would spend all day exploring and walk several miles away from home.

I remember going down into one of the deep ditches, about 10 metres deep and 30 metres across. It was filled with trees and I hacked out a twisting path along this ditch. I then proceeded to build a castle using conifer branches. (evergreen, I was building something to last) The end result after many weeks of building was a castle come tree house with 5 levels, ladders, bridges, thick walls which kept out all the rain, shutters, sturdy floors and doors.

It was my own little sanctuary from the world, well hidden, a place to go and be alone. I collected all kinds of things I found and stored them in my castle. People dumped old cars down the drove and I would strip anything I could from them. I even tried setting up lighting from car batteries but always burned out the bulbs.

One day a neighbour kid showed me a radio kit he had and I was amazed. I asked him to help me build a radio and took him to my secret castle and showed him all the junk I had collected. No radio was ever built and soon all the neighbourhood kids destroyed my castle, smashed every branch and stick to pieces and it must have been 300 square metres big!

I remember that moment very vividly as I've never really trusted people since. I've often felt like a rabbit or a fox, sneaking out of their burrow, hunting and gathering out there as quickly as possible and then rushing back to their burrows. Perhaps not quite the same, I think, imagine and relax in my burrow, rabbits and foxes just hide.

You understand Tex.

Anonymous said...

Please remind me where you obtained your fibre optic siesmology kit. I can't find one AFW.


Texas Arcane said...

Lucid -

Will be in the first Vault-OS book. Uses an ordinary solar lawn light, some optic cabling and a circuit that has 25 cents worth of parts. The sensor is any piezoelectric speaker 8 ohms or less. An expensive geosensor is not required. My experiments have shown anybody stepping within ten feet can set it off. You can adjust the sensitivity with an onboard resistor dial. All it does is trigger a pulse of light from the led along the cable.

The monitoring system is another matter. I have a dedicated PC/104 board to monitor up to 48 optical lines but I think a much simpler setup might be possible, I'm still getting around to some more R&D on this.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, Tex. I think many of us would love to things to your level or even to the level you've pictured if we could, but we still manage where we can.

Some of the others that end up trolling are either in denial or so paralyzed with fear that they attack people like yourself who are clearly ready and likey to weather almost any storm that frightens the troll. They hate that you have done and instead of trying to do their own best with their resources as other readers here do, they tear other things down. Sort of like Rowan's example.

Anonymous said...

I learned a lot about envy by reading this blog and seeing the comments. Most don't realize tex has his problems hes doing the best he can like everybody else. I'm sure tex would like a bigger installation and so on, its natural. For me this place is perfect because its aimed at reasonable expense. Get that book and software out tex.

Anonymous said...

Great story, Rowan.