Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Graphene - Massive Cheap Breakthrough In Shelter Power From Solar Energy

Graphene may be set to replace duct tape as the cheapest solution to every problem.

Just when you thought this story couldn't get any better, turns out that graphene is superior to almost all existing solar panels, reacting to a much wider range of light from the sun (very dim lighting, overcast days, winter skies) and in addition to being much cheaper is far stronger and less prone to degeneration of output over time. A sheet of this stuff could be sold at the dollar store and provide you with more power than a $1000.00 high end solar panel.

Yes, it's made of nearly the exact same stuff in a pencil lead. You heard it right. Cheaply bound into rolls with appropriate connection tabs for wiring it could change the world overnight. According to my sources, the means of mass production have already been solved/source and it will soon appear at very cheap rates on the market.

There is a rumor at present that any suit of Powerarmor built from layers of graphene would be penetration proof, bullet proof, flame proof and EMP proofed by nature, blowing the market for kevlar away completely. The strength of graphene is described as being so formidable an elephant could sit on a roofing tack balanced on a sheet of graphene without piercing it's surface. Boy, I really do have my next project cut out for me after I finish off Vault-OS.

The problem is the world's rulers have built their power on the marxist myth of "scarcity." Once that myth begins to shatter, so will the majority of their political power over people.

With it's vast coal deposits (graphite often found in tandem) this could be the edge of yet another amazing resources boom for Australia.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely amazing material. It seems like it can do anything.

However, I doubt we will ever see it commercially. A material like this would put a million companies out of business.

We could be more advanced than the people in Mass Effect if human stupidity and greed got out of the way.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, from the article, graphene conducts heat amazingly well- so a suit of body armour made out of it would have to be well insulated, else some sort of heat weapon (molotov) would defeat it easily.
Still, an amazing product which hopefully will get to market.

Texas Arcane said...

Good point. I think you'd need one layer underneath it backed by some of the new "flubber" super shock absorber material.

Anonymous said...

Damn!!! Why are scientists that invent useful, original things, always White!?!

Science must be full of racists!!! We got to get make science more "diverse", ie LESS White!

What's Obama, the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center doing about this very important issue?