Sunday, October 30, 2011

Excellent - Udo Bardi on the Fall of Rome



Djanar said...

First thing I did after glancing the article was Ctrl+F: "technology". Below is the part of the text which contains the single result that turned out:

"they didn't have the right technology to cross the oceans and, at the time of Marcus Aurelius, they had run out of the resources to develop it. So, they had to remain in Europe and to come to terms with the limits of the area they occupied. The Empire had to return its economy within these limits. So, there is only one thing that you, as the wise Druid from Britannia, can tell the Emperor: you have to return within the limits that the Empire's economy can sustain."

When he says that they had run out of the resources to develop the technology required for building better boats to sail the harsh oceans instead of the mild waters of the Mediterranean he CANNOT mean any other resource than the BRAINS to find the innovative engineering and the craftsmanship techniques to come up with a different way of building boats. The Romans were wasting the same loads of raw resources and the slave labor to build boats in the only way they knew how to build em' during their decline. The resource that was lacking here was the innovative mind and the environment that allowed such a mind to thrive and do his *magic*. You keep that idiotic boat-builder who's the nephew of the bureaucrat in charge in the Imperial Navy and you've depleted that "resource". A more complex human civ. has this kind of disease growing from within, which was not existing in the progressing civ. full of meritocracy to overcome the hardships on the road to becoming an EMPIRE.

Keeping a constant advancement of technology allows you to maintain the "homeostasis" necessary to bail your civilization out in spite of the increasing difficulties arising from a growing civilization becoming ever larger and more complex to maintain. Remember that "drowning" analogy from the article? Technology becomes the miraculous help that keeps you afloat even when you're entangled with the heavy weight of a complex & demanding civilization. It becomes your civilizations Scuba gear at that point.

If a civ. can't keep up the game in terms of keeping an innovative, tech-creating edge in the face of increasing difficulties, it cannot maintain itself and collapses. The answer for survival is not downsizing to a more "sustainable" level, it is to try and bring back whatever conditions it was to sustain a technology-creating society.Trying to do the same thing over and over, hoping that it works, in spite of the results showing that it doesn't work is "Insanity". PEAK SANITY is a civ-wrecker. Peak Oil? There's no "Peak Oil", there is only "Peak EASY Oil". Why can't you develop better technology for acquiring the abiotic oil deep in the Earth? Why do you have to be like the Kwa or Londonistan and make an ass of yourself by screwing up big time with the Deepwater incident as a result of crony capitalism and overall retardedness? Why can't you be like the Russians? Your Civ. is doomed while the Russians will survive.

The Romans have probably undergone the same PEAK SANITY from an increasing number of the children of Cain becoming ever stronger in the institutions of Rome and the children of Abel becoming more smothered in every spectrum of life in the IMPERIVM ROMANVM.

Malthusians are Druids and we know how insane and stupid the whole Druidic Death Cult is/was. Advice from a "Druid" is never sound. "A good Druid is a dead Druid" as the old, glorious kind of Romans in their golden age used to say while eradicating that particular Death Cult in Britannia. Don't listen to these dirt-worshiping Druids and downsize your Civ. into oblivion. Progress is life, just keep the psychopaths away from your institutions, make life easier for the Neanderthal types and keep a coherent and sane society with a strict moral and civil code and your civ. will be just fine.

Anonymous said...

The quasi-pagan Catholic mess of the Western Empire ruined it. The Orthodox East lasted another 1000 years, but it was injured by Catholic betrayal and finished off by the Muslims. The very idea of separating the two sides has always been political obfuscation, to this very day.

Epigenetic failure was the physical manifestation of the decadence. Dozens of generations of Europeans malnourished on cheap Egyptian grain just doesn't make for the excellence Rome needed to thrive. Wrong climate. Romans turned into feeble minded, plague susceptible, marginally fertile, democratic mobs. It took 1000 years to breed/eat back up to proper humans.

Texas Arcane said...

Djanar -

I wrote a huge post last night nearly identical to the one you just posted about that site saying nearly the exact same thing you just said. I described it as a failure of brains, innovation and adaptive intelligence, not a failure of "boats" by the Romans.

I pressed "Publish" and got an error message from the Blogger server, which chapped my ass. My post was completely lost. So I just typed in "Superb" and committed it again. That one got through.

Anonymous said...


Joseph said...

Achtung, Tex! Get thee to and start composing in Emacs Org-mode. Data loss ist verboten.

Also, Chrome's "back" button should save you in that situation.

I didn't buy the whole "complexity" argument... I think Glubb has a better explanation. Sounds too much like the "Black Swan" techno-sophisticate approach to explaining essentially moral issues in a feel-good way that confirms the legitimacy of the current elite.

Anonymous said...

Grotesque. Montypythonesque. Looney psychopath Rick Perry addresses audience without having taken his medication. Hilarity ensues:

Djanar said...

I really like the retarded "Oxen-Driven Warship" design by the guy who was "apparently a higher-up in the Imperial bureaucracy".

The "Monkey-Driven Mangonel" design by this guys' nephew who was also a higher-up in the bureaucracy was unfortunately lost during a Visigoth raid, the page from that book used as an improvised toilet paper by one of the marauders.

It was a really cool illustration though, complete with the monkeys wearing little legionary helmets and banana stalks hanged at specific junction points of the siege engine. I want to travel back in time to convince the Monthy Python crew to do a skit about this.

Texas Arcane said...


"Monkey-Driven Mangonel"

We're saved! The invention that rescued the empire.

Texas Arcane said...

I thought that Udo Bardi comparing Jeremy Rifkin's hydrogen economy to those designs was spot on. The latter day Romans were apparently off with the fairies and didn't really have a clue how to deal with any of the problems around them, very similar to Rifkin's academic dreams of this science fiction economy based on devices that do not exist or work anywhere in a nation that can't even keep it's road system functional and the potholes filled in.

Anonymous said...

Europe is doomed. The euro crisis can't be solved when you have countries like Greece :

Anonymous said...

@October 31, 2011 5:47 PM

After about 2,500,000 articles on the subject you still chew the shit of recycled europhobic/hysterical tabloid press articles aimed to prejudice-prone morons like yourself. Congratulations, consistency is a good thing.