Saturday, October 1, 2011

EPA Just Makes Up Sh*t Out Of Thin Air That Arbitrarily Destroys Vast Swaths of Industry and Manufacturing

You couldn't make this stuff up. Unless you work at the EPA.

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Anonymous said...

There are too many motivated to destroy the industry, manufacturing and killing huge numbers of people in the process (as the regression and new 'green' laws means people end up dying).

Some want to do it for simple money profit, some do it for power, others seem to want to do it because they despise humanity and want to wipe it out. All the worst of humanity banding together for various motiviations but under one banner to advance and freely indulge in their fantasies.

It is an evil group full of sick, crazy and evil people. When the Bible warns you about evil and liars they are warning you about these kinds of people. Just because it is an old text doesn't mean it is 'outdated' or somehow no longer relevant. Insights into human nature, dangers and societies are timeless.