Thursday, October 6, 2011

Edjumafacation : Print More Paper

This is all they got.

Man is not a learning animal.

Decadent, degenerate, diseased, decaying, debauched, deranged, devoid.


Anonymous said...

This is probably the most important thing I've read recently. According to the Russian and Chinese secret services, economic chaos, war, world-wide upheavals, bio-attacks, all to be unleashed against humanity over the next year in the last effort by the Globalist KWA not to lose its status and maintain control of things by offering "solutions" to these events.

Anonymous said...

Kwanzanian army preparing for all out "tank-to-tank" warfare as top official expects something "conventional and big".

Anonymous said...

The best part is watching those in power in the multicultural crater that is England defend this printing when the same people said it was a bad thing to do when in opposition.

These edjumacated clowns can't even stick to the same stories for more than a couple of years.

People still think that everything is okay and will be okay. They think that we've been in a "recovery" all this time. A recovery where people lose jobs and money and debt goes up? Oh boy.

Tex, do you ever try to discuss or explain the economic situation to people (outside of the blog), even for your own amusement?

I do find the occasional person who will pick up the information well and is probably put on the right path but 90%+ are impossible to get the information through their skulls. I find they'll go round in circles and simply refuse to believe that anything bad can happen to them. It doesn't matter even if the heads of the banks themselves are shouting it from the rooftops, they'll still refuse to believe anything can go wrong or bad will happen. I don't understand how anyone can think in such a way, but they do. I can spend forever going in circles trying to explain it, showing links or repeating quotes from experts and prominent figures and providing information, but it's like they have a mental block that prevents it from sinking in, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I've posted this before. Explains economy/debt/inflation etc very well. Oh course this guy still thinks we can somehow get out of the trouble coming, which is strange. Anyway enjoy!