Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dinosaurs Visited Saturn!

They must have, because oil comes from dead dinosaur bones and rotting ferns! Edjumfacated peeple took a vote and they said it was totally true.

Thinking is less important than just getting a consensus from a bunch of mediocre idiots. Brainpower is cumulative the more of them that are mumbling in the same room at the same time. It's cortex resonance and that's scientamajific indeed. Right up there with voodoo and tarot cards except it's a vote and the majority makes it true.


The Mysterious Dr Q. said...

Mr Texas, your blog posts are appended by naught but a solitary email icon. Were you to install a plugin to add share-buttons for such services as Facebook, Twitter and the like, it would aid in the dissemination of your material to other interested parties.

Anonymous said...

Tex you are a fool. Don't you see how this proves the global warming problem here on Earth? The dinosaurs visited Saturn and all the other planets, their space rockets and motor vehicles causing the global warming on Venus and the oil on Saturn to be produced later on. It all makes sense if you stare at it for long enough and listen to Gore on a loop.

You need to get some edjumacation before you really embarass yourself!

Anonymous said...

what about the chalk rock? according to your logic that also formed 'abiotic' then

Anonymous said...

Until I saw this story, I thought your theory on oil was a bit strange, because all my life I had been taught different.

Only Vault Co and places like it, where the social dissenters and "weirdos" hang out, are where you can get a real education.