Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Communists Are Hebephrenic, Shrill, Apoplectic and Scream A Lot When They "Talk"

It's a universal constant in politics. When your arguments stink, you try to make up for it in volume and by waving your arms a lot.

The current administration is so evil they are like supervillains out of a James Bond movie. Apparently they have been stoking the violence in Mexico to justify a gun confiscation in the U.S. by funneling guns to the Mexican outlaws. By creating crisis they would then organize new gun laws and a possible invasion of Mexico to "restore order." (Institute U.S. Hegemony)


Anonymous said...

Another edjumificated consensus idea debunked:

A neanderthal link perhaps, since neanderthals were known to be matriarchal and hold women in high status?

Anonymous said...

You know a country is soon going to hell when the only concern of its government is to to pass laws protecting perverts and speaking against genocidal murderers.