Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Kwa Is A Failed Regime

Anybody who takes advice from Kwanstainians on any subject or listens to their ideas about the world deserves to suffer a similar fate. They are an utterly lost generation living in the ruins of what was once the greatest nation the world has ever seen.


Anonymous said...

"They are an utterly lost generation living in the ruins of what was once the greatest nation the world has ever seen."
This is indeed true, but just for some perspective, remember that the greatest nation the world has ever seen is still just that... a nation. I happen to believe that this is all part of a process, and the institution know as "nationality," like ALL human institutions, must fall by the wayside once its purpose has been served and its lessons learned. Unfortunately, humans have to contend with HABIT, an insidious challenge. We tend to fall in love with our institutions and cling to them with white knuckles long after they have ANYTHING AT ALL to offer us as individuals. So, what is it to say that Amerikwa was ONCE the greatest nation on the planet? I'd much rather be a member of the most successful species on the planet. So, I guess I want to be a beetle. Kafka, anyone?

Anonymous said...

I had someone try a home invasion on me this weekend. We live on a busy street - this guy only waited 30 mins after we went to sleep and sawed the window screen open. He was within 30 seconds of being in my house when I interrupted him. I heard him, but I thought it was my kids. Went to check and when I yelled at him he bolted.

This was a message from God for me. I have known this was coming for a long long time, but I never thought I would be one of the first guinea pigs for the crash. Wakeup call.

I am mostly angry at myself because I was not anywhere near ready enough. Best thing is it put the wife & me on the same page. She understands now that the old way of life is gone.

That guy had a knife and my kids were in the very next room. I screwed up badly but got incredibly lucky.

I think what this was, was God, the universe whatever letting us know in spades that the rubicon has been crossed. Keep in mind I have lived all over the world in lots of dodgy situations for over 50 years and never ever had anything close to this. Whoever did this was incredibly desperate and stupid and dangerous all at once. The economy here is most certainly collapsing - the company I contract with has just fired most of their employees (for a second time in 3 years).

You don't have to go thru what I did to learn from it. I know we will be far more ready next time (and there most certainly WILL BE a next time).

Time's up.


Anonymous said...

#2 anon, you need a shotgun. I keep mine with 5 shells in it loaded and in arms reach, but still out of site, when in bed. Just the sound of racking a shell in is unmistakable to intruders. And if at that point there too dumb to leave, you and yours are protected... And if I use all 5 shells, my pistol is nearby. On down the ladder I have a 4' long Bo staff. And Karate and Krav Maga training. Can't be too careful you know.