Thursday, October 6, 2011

AWESOME!!! 200 Years Of Cranks Turned Out To Be Right About Egypt!

This is an absolute game changer.

Since Napoleon's era, fringe cranks have written volumes of conjecture that most of the pyramids were actually built by other societies much earlier than the Pharoahs. They suggested that the ruling classes had in fact removed earlier corpses and placed their own children into them to give them a truly royal burial.

If this is true, it means that 99% of the historical re-enactments and documentaries you have seen on ancient Egypt are all rubbish. To think of the tax money wasted by public television on this gibberish is galling. A lot of money and propaganda so academics could pretend to have it figured out and give the impression there were no questions left. In fact, they had no answers of any kind.


Anonymous said...

Yeah this doesn't surprise me at all. Hyksos and Jews were one and the same. I wouldn't put it past them, to reuse the graves of their enemies.

According to Flavious Josephus, the Hyksos were Jews, is there any other historical support for that idea?

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with the pyramids. The pyramids were not tombs and no mummy has ever been found inside one. This proves nothing in regard to the pyramids.

Anonymous said...

Tex, could the story of David and Goliath in the Bible and that of Ulysses and the Cyclops in the Odyssey allude to the same event? That of the stone/spear/arrow throwing sapiens (Ulysses was an archer) using trickery to overcome from afar the stronger Giant/Neanderthal cause he couldn't engage him in close combat? I think in mankind's ancient writings these myths are used to point out the transition from the age of the Neanderthal to the one of Sapiens where heroism and strength are being substituted by trickery and deceit. Besides, in the Iliad it is the trickster Ulysses who conquers Troy, not the last of the demigods Achilles who, like Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh, dies. I'm also certain that the Nephilim of the Bible and the Apocrypha and the cannibalistic Cyclops in Homer's epic are the same creatures.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 4:11

At the risk of speculating too deeply without enough evidence, here is what I have gathered from fossil evidence, archeology, myth and legend :

There have been four different species of hominids in the past million years :

1. Rulers, huge skulls and physiques puny. The most intelligent of the three.

2. Humans, a wide variety, all of which were created by genetic engineering to be slaves.

3. Neanderthals, a genetic accident which escaped outside the cities and lived in the wild for a half million years or thereabouts. Desired as slaves by the rulers but regarded as too intelligent, xenophobic and too dangerous. Regarded as a strange and comical creature for a long time until the threat became apparent to the rulers.

4. Nephilim, a hybrid of the rulers and Neanderthals in an attempt to beef up their breed without compromising their intelligence. Very evil creatures and quickly overthrew their rulers in many places.

There has been cross-breeding, interbreeding, hybridization and genetic drift in all of these species in the past 100,000 years, a great deal of it taking place after the genetic bottleneck at 80,000 years.

The Amud Neanderthal was another accident who was considered to be the most dangerous creature who had ever lived, having some of the brains of the rulers attached to a superhuman physique. To exterminate him, a strain from Africa was modified to make it more aggressive and warlike, prodigious and superb at launching storms of projectiles from a distance.

Like the Cane Toad in Australia, the human strain we are descended from went outside the penicillin ring, exterminating both the Amuds and possibly every other breed, including eventually outbreeding and displacing the rulers. The spectacle of the black pharoah ascending to the throne because nobody else was left as Egypt collapsed is very instructive as to how this played out.

Texas Arcane said...

It's interesting to think of the amnesia induced in all humans by the passage of time, including the Rulers themselves, who found themselves at last in Tutankhamen's strain, losing power over their mob of slaves and many of them unable to remember how things came to this state. I doubt if Tutankhamen knew for certain where his royal strain had come from, watered down through progressive inbreeding and cross-breeding over countless millennia. He probably sensed something was ending but didn't know what it was.

The reason I do not believe that the Amud could have been Nephilim because all indications are that the Nephilim were as aggressive and warlike as humans themselves, driven to conquest and domination. The Amud like all strains of Neanderthal were shy, retiring and pastoral, extremely defensive of their own territory but without evidence they went on military campaigns. They wanted more than anything to be left alone in their own lands and they hated outsiders. No charity for strangers in their hearts, as Esau was described.

Texas Arcane said...

In order to understand the vast sprawl of lethe water that is history, you have to keep in mind that the Rulers themselves would have had countless factions and in-fighting, divisions and different goals wherever they were found.

I'm sure that when Neanderthals finally became an obvious threat to them, there was one guy saying "What did I tell you? Didn't I tell you it was a bad idea to let that strain roam free in the wild? My father used to say it as well. Now the Neanderthal has killed one of us. I told you we should have exterminated these creatures a long, long time ago. Let's fix our indulgence in this mistake by deep-sixing every one of these rodeo clowns wherever they are found."

Texas Arcane said...

I see a Monty Python style skit about 100,000 years ago.

The supervisors are going down a long rank of slaves passing out tools. "There's a hoe for you! Here's a rake! Get busy, gents!"

He stops before a gigantic barrel chested creature who towers over the other slaves.

"Where's this 'un come from! Oooh, he's a stocky one! Give'em that gigantic mallet, he ken drive stake posts for scaffolding."

An overseer who looks faintly like John Cleese steps into the frame.

"Where'd 'ee come from?!? Sir, this is not Homo Sapiens! This is a Neanderthal, look at 'im! These creatures is totally unfit for manual labor! You put a mallet in that beast's hand he'll break 'iz chains, bash your 'ed in and escape to the woods! Whatever you do, don't give him a tool!"

"Neanderthal? Ee' was sold to me as Homo Sapiens, fit for various labors and ready to work! I dont believe it! Ee's stocky, iz all!"

"Sir, if you give him that mallet, you'll be signing your own death warrant! Them creatures is wild and completely uncontrollable! Don't you dare! I'm warning you!"

"I don't see the harm! Here's a good boy, the mallet for you!" (Hands mallet over to Neanderthal)

The Neanderthal promptly breaks his chains and bashes the heads in of all the supervisors then runs off into the woods. The other Homo Sapiens slaves just shake their heads and go back to their various assigned tasks, babbling about the latest performance of LEMURIA's GOT TALENT.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply. Tex.

Where does Cro-Magnon fit into all this? Is it possible that he didn't fail to evolve but that his cities were destroyed and his race was wiped out either by geological catastrophes or by war? The Tarim basin mummies found in China (!), point to a red-haired race, with Nordic features, who were wearing clothes that look modern. It only makes sense that in the case of war/catastrophe the first thing to suffer the consequences would be his major cities/settlements and that he continued afterwards to live a Mad Max type of existence in caves (where the art found shows that he was sophisticated) until eventually he went extinct.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the pyramids

It is impossible to cut through red granite as if it was butter with "bronze" tools.

Sam said...

A nice little factoid about the The Pyramids. The better finished stones were cast.
They were made with a material now called geopolymer. A man made mineral structured somewhat like plastics but made of stone. No aliens needed.
See the book "Why the pharaohs built the Pyramids with fake stones" and "The Pyramids: an enigma solved". Both very good books. They explain the granite coffins and the hard stone jars found in Egyptian tombs.


A number of years ago, the History Channel (I believe) had a special on ancient Aliens and Giza. Near the end, a priest identified as a Vatican archaeologist said that a gallery had been discovered under the Great Pyramid, containing what appeared to be computers and other equipment, which looked like NASA's Houston Control. They also saw channels in the stone, as if heavy equipment had been transported to the surface. I can no longer find links to that program.

Here is a link to a Site of "channeled" information, where the chart of hominids is strikingly close to Texas' elucidation of the family tree.


Fascinating view of who the Annunaki were and up to, and of other engineering programs that ended in us. The site also purports to tell who built the Pyramids, and what else lies beneath Giza. Of course, this could all be creative writing to sell books, like so much on the Web. However, the consistencies in the story are overwhelming. If this is entirely fiction, the author should rank as one of the great story tellers. He writes in French, and this site is based on translations and conversations with the author. A good read for Texas when he needs a break from coding his survival software.

Anonymous said...

So homo sapiens was genetically engineered to combat the dangerous neanderthals, who could be bested simply by a race that could throw stones well?

So a race or rulers capable of genetic engineering couldn't didn'[t have the smarts to defeat the neanderthals directly but had to breed aggressive, strong-armed homo sapiens?

Don't you see how crazy that is?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 11:48

Don't you realize how herp derp your comment is? You've led a sheltered life.

I'd like to take you to Harlem sometime, a place I worked in every day for years. You would be one of the highest IQ people in the neighborhood for blocks as soon as you stepped off the train. Alas, you would find very quickly that a tribe of apes who outnumbered you a thousand to one, were far more aggressive and simply threw bricks at you from a distance could easily exterminate you and any Star Trek nerds speaking Klingon you might bring with you.

There's nothing wrong with you that couldn't be fixed by you living through a real riot. Nothing. I'd make a savant out of you in one hour. Just waste your time trying to reason with them, you'd see about how well that works out for you.

Quality has been destroyed by quantity again and again in nature and it will never change. The Mousterians were a highly intelligent anomaly that may never be repeated again on this planet, certainly not by the current crop of pro-wrestling fans, who are shedding brain mass as I type in this sentence.

Anonymous said...

Anon October 10, 2011 11:48 PM

Then the fact that the subtext of the following movies (and a great amount of literature), that implies such a thing as a reality, must be just a "crazy" coincidence:

2001: A space Odyssey

Blade Runner

Star Wars

Conan the Barbarian

...and many many more

Oooooops Ridley Scott is at it again:

A "coincidence" I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Mind. Blown.

Tex must be getting the new energies before others. His mind appears to have expanded ahead of the 2012 event. Mayhaps we shall soon see if we know what he was writing about. I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

P.S. The plot of Blade Runner in particular is so blatant that only a complete ignoramus would miss it. A race of "replicas", designed as slaves for various tasks, eventually turns against its creator(s), while another weaker but more cunning race is designed/recruited to hunt them down cause they were deemed dangerous and volatile.

It's a no-brainer that there is something more than a mere movie plot here.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty generous interpretation of Blade Runner.

Anonymous said...

On the geopolymer front, here is the site of someone who has designed a survival shelter from "earthbags".
Granted, the shelter itself has problems. But are the materials and/or construction process worth considering?