Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Australian Prime Minister Serves Two Masters and Neither One Of Them Is Australia

Just ... pathetic. So much for democracy and government by the people.

I can only imagine what Julia Gillard was promised to push this through. She was probably assured that even if this country became uninhabitable for her because of her treason, she would be well taken care of by concerned interests.


Anonymous said...

The question is: When the day of reckoning comes, all these traitors that the NWO/ZOG has installed around the world, and who each one promotes the NWO/ZOG agenda according to their regional mandates, be it a a carbon tax in Australia, a bailout or the cancellation of a mutually beneficial natural gas pipeline agreement with Russia under "enviromental" pretenses elsewhere, or actively encouraging/enabling "minorities", with the help of the local US embassy ,to rebel so that the "International community" and "human rights" NGOs to request a "humanitarian intervention" in order to strip a given country from its sovereignty, will then these concerned interests provide these traitors with a helicopter on the roof of the local US embassy to escape, or will they leave them at the hands of the crowd so that they meet the fate they deserve?

Anonymous said...

and the duped just go on fighting for their team- oh, when abbott gets in etc aaaahahaha.
just like how labour, so anti gst, overturned it when the maggot howard was removed.
it's like watching two retards fight over a biscuit.

corporatocracy - you're livin' it.

Anonymous said...

makes you want to puke

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wish I could change the weather even if it did take me 300 years to change it by 0.02 degrees and cost $52 Billion per year to do it, it would be WORTH it.


Glenn said...

They pushed it through beceause they know they will have to have an election soon,too little too late Tony.
Even looks like they'll go for the sypathy vote,like,they are grooming big kev up ..arn't they?

Anonymous said...

Paul Craig Roberts' article explaining the treason in the US:

Anonymous said...


The way they rammed this carbon tax through is similar to the way Obamacare was rammed through here.


Anonymous said...

Passage of a carbon tax is going to leave Australia uninhabitable? Given to hyperbole much?

Hot August Night said...

"Passage of a carbon tax is going to leave Australia uninhabitable? Given to hyperbole much?"
Talk like an American sitcom female much?
If you can read at a highschool graduate level, he said Australia would be uninhabitable for Julia Gillard, due to her treason. As in, the reptile will not be welcome anywhere it ventures outside within Australian borders.

Anonymous said...

You mean Australians would kill her because she pushed a carbon tax?

Glad to know you're not engaging in hyperbole!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:55 PM

Tomorrow they might decide that you eat too much and you are fat and therefore a danger for the earth, so they proceed in seizing all the means with which you sustain yourself and let you rot away. However I'm certain you'll try to convince them as they drag you away from your food storage room that their reaction is hyperbolic since you've never in your life been fat by any standards, before of course they correct you and tell you that fat now applies to anyone who doesn't keep to the optimal weight guidelines - about the weight of an Ethiopian child suffering from chronic malnutrition. You are nothing but a useless eater for Gillard's masters and for them global warming is a good enough excuse to commit genocide against your kind.

Anonymous said...

"You mean Australians would kill her because she pushed a carbon tax? "

Gillard barely got elected on a promise she would NOT introduce the Carbon Scam Tax.

Gillard has no mandate to introduce it. Quite the opposite. She is an undemocratic, leftist elitist, much like yourself.

Next election the unpopular Gillard and her hated Global Warming Scam tax, will be defeated in a landslide.

It will be a devastating blow for the Global Warming Scam and will reverberate in the halls of power around the world.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone seem to think that jooliar being ousted at the next election will teach her a lesson?? Read some of the online comments all over the web ie labor = new democrats, political wilderness, meg lees type comparisons etc.

Why would they give a fuck???? They have successfully implemented a scam to channel money back to their masters. This treason no doubt comes with enormous individual payments. The pay is cool, the pension is a bottler, where's the downside??

Australians have demonstrated that they will tolerate and endorse this type of treason, the tar is cold and the chicken isn't plucked.

Anonymous said...

It rather easy to solved why haven't anyone done it i don't know.

All those in power that are demmend corrupt, with holding information, or say one thing and do another against the wishes of the Australian people are to be killed

This is justified by the Treason acts.

Hot August Night said...

Anon 1:52AM:

They haven't successfully implemented the scam if Abbott scuttles it as soon as he's elected. Barely any money will have been syphoned out and the crooks will have suffered a major defeat on their only frontier left that showed any promise. Watch now for Turnbullshit to make another push for the leadership before the next election, given that barely half the libs actually oppose the carbon scam tax.

I think Australians have spoken loud and clear in opposition to the global warming scammers, and will continue to do so at the next federal election, provided Abbott can keep attention focused on the one issue and avoid a Latham style surprise last-minute meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Look at this: It's the most pathetic and disgusting thing I've watched in my life and almost made me puke. These people are the lowest and filthiest form of life that has ever existed anywhere in the universe. Watch their pitiful, hysterical and cartoonish behavior as they're called to answer for their actions. These people are entrusted with deciding our future and even charge nations with false corruption accusations in order to push austerity and promote a genocidal agenda under the pretense of saving the economy.

Anonymous said...

quote 5.55

They haven't successfully implemented the scam if Abbott scuttles it as soon as he's elected. Barely any money will have been syphoned out and....etc

end quote.

you have been deceived, there is only one party and you foot the bill. there is a reason we do the 3rd world shuffle and vote in pencil. the money is going away, we get to cover the losses of the empires other less affluent vassal states, and the odd war.

if by some miracle abbott gets near the job, and by some flukish alignment of possibilities he does get rid of the carbon tax (remembering there are NO consequences for lying to the voters) then the wingnut fucktard will double the gst or some other underhanded shit. it goes with the job.

putting your faith in politicians will only bring disappointment, they do not work for you.