Monday, October 3, 2011

At Long Last, Here We Are

Americans who have been occupied by their internal fifth column are so hyperfocused on the U.S. being the center of the universe that few of them have taken notice of what has been happening on the rest of the planet all around them.

First a tree grows old and feeble then termites eat at its substance from the inside and then external forces destroy it. It is a pattern of decline repeated again and again for empires.

The traitors inside the Kwanstain have merely softened it up for the coup de grace by external enemies. The complex social decay that has occurred to the entire macrostructure of the U.S. is what has upset the balance of power that has kept its foes from attacking it and tearing it to pieces.

Vault-Co says there will be nuclear war between China and the United States and it will be much, much sooner than you think. I laugh at suggestions that China only has 250+ functional nuclear weapons. They have manufactured more nuclear cruise missiles than that in any given month of the past ten years.

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