Sunday, October 23, 2011

Animal Kingdom Showing Evidence Of Increased Awareness, Altruism, Perception?

Reptiles demonstrating social awareness and notions of collective survival? I didn't think there were structures to do that kind of work in the reptilian brain.

A lot of the New Age people claim the increased cosmic background radiation that's now streaming through the planet is changing the biology of everything it hits.

I'm on the fence.

I will say I see more things I can't explain in my own backyard nowadays. I think there are changes taking place. I don't know for certain what they are. I know enough about the complex inter relationships between biological organisms and their electrical and magnetic environment to keep an open mind. Especially because I have sensed changes taking place in my own biology for a while. You shouldn't scoff at this sort of thing, there may be something substantial to it.


Anonymous said...


That gecko has bigger balls than me.

Jaego said...

Have you heard about "the Hum"? A jokey story on Nightline about how people in certain areas all over the world are now hearing a deep Hum - mostly at night.