Sunday, October 30, 2011

Added New Site - "Heretic"

Absolutely awesome site. I read a dozen articles on it and have added it to trusted frequencies.

Funny how as IQ goes up, people tend to reach the same conclusions independently of one another with the same facts.

Read the article about how a low-carb diet apparently produces various superpowers of imminent usefulness in an Ice Age environment, like the ability to dive deeper, tolerate cold better and maintain lower energy requirements. Two guesses as to why the human body works like that.

EDIT : Just perused another dozen articles on it. This site is excellent. Proud to add it to my elite list of blogs actually worth reading.


Anonymous said...

Mr T


Older I get the Less I Know

Outside of Science and Medicine [now passed away] that is the best fundamental biochem lit I've seen in years. Sci and Med archives are still available


Anonymous said...

An additional expert's website on fats and fitness:

Djanar said...

I have just specifically perused his articles with the "anthropology" tag and found this little gem here. Gotta admit I've found this one pretty amusing after your mighty praise to that blog, because the article is so "complete" with a caricature of the classically retarded depiction of a "hairy-as-a-gorilla" Neanderthal holding a crude bone spear straight out of the Frank Frazetta drawings of the "crude Neanderthal monster".

Here's a part of a comment by him to his own article:

"As is widely known, aggressive Homo Sapiens (Cro-Magnon) murdered all Neanderthal people and ate them for supper.

That excellent theory has been dealt a heavy blow yesterday on Discovery Channel. Most Neanderthal sites has been already very well researched and the chronology is known, where did they live and when disappeared.

So, it turns out that there exists a strong correlation between consecutive onset of glaciations and consecutive extinctions of the Neanderthal people from the individual sites. That is all the evidence is pointing out that the Neanderthal were killed by glacier not by humans.

There is a suspicion that Neanderthal were forest dwelling ambush hunters that thrived in the forests, but when glacier advanced, the trees died and the land became an open tundra.

The last known site is Gibraltar at the southernmost tip of Europe where Neanderthal lived only 24 thousand years ago, and they disappeared during the most recent glacial advance.

Reasearch on their teeth indicate not only chronic malnutrition but also practiced cannibalism - probably out of hunger.

Excavations suggest that Neanderthal was a local settled species. All tools found in all caves were made out of local materials. They all died when food ran out."

Damn, we've got one hell of an avid "Discovery Channel" follower here, dealing heavy blows to Neand. extinction theories left and right, eh? I have also observed from the linked photos on the blog that the guy is extremely puny/scrawny in the classic "nerd" type compared to the mighty Amud type despite his paleo diet and is bald and ugly (facial symmetry wise). Like an exact opposite of Van Buren, bet he lacks his passion and imagination too. I do know that this guy and his type does not and CAN not create superb abstract paintings and sculptures like Konrad Zuse in his "free time" and actually enjoys it a lot more than droning in front of a computer, Heretic's much valued "technical skill". Zuse once said that he liked creating art a lot more than computer programs. Von Braun just wanted to reach the stars, the boring technical and scientific stuff were just a means to an end for him.

The sole reason for sharing this observation of mine is these questions to Tex: Are all the perceived "Asperger-types" the same? Can certain types within a very mild autism-spectrum be actually both very similar and different compared to the TRUE "Asperger" type a.k.a innate Neanderthal Gene Expression which might not even be anywhere within the "autism-spectrum" but often mistaken to be within the spectrum?

There ARE a lot of Silicon Valley nerds out there who are physicists, programmers etc. who are more akin to "actually intelligent" robots lacking the liveliness, creativity and passion of the "rodeo clown", Enkidu's children. They share a lot of traits with them in the thinking department but something is usually lacking. This is my observation. I prefer reading/following the "Texas Arcane" type rather than this "Heretic" type I've seen a lot of its kind elsewhere on the Internet. Sure, there's *information* to be gained from this type but not much *knowledge* and unique ideas/theses. Also, they're boring. A little too "autistic", you see...

Texas Arcane said...

Djanar -

I don't agree with the person at that blog on everything. I don't have to. I saw the article you are talking about. If I only communicated with people I agree on all things with, I'd never leave the house or speak to anybody every again.

Many of the things on there about Neanderthal are characteristic of ideas that are simply reflections of popular misunderstandings. Of course if you tell people that, their vanity will suffer a blow. That site prides itself on original thinking and if you pointed out many of the notions are just rehashed versions of the garbage that comes off televison.

Any site that agrees with me about 1% of anything is worth linking to. The stuff on diet and general coping mechanisms for survival is brilliant. It represents a huge insight. Just because I have already made it doesn't mean it is worthless.

Texas Arcane said...

Dj -

I would say without certainty that whenever we see people with any capacity to absorb ideas different from the mass consensus, we are seeing either a little or a lot of Neanderthal gene expression.

I absolutely agree with you that normally it is merely a little. We could say as a general rule that where it manifests as a general difference in basic character, i.e. independent thinking or unique ability to make associations, it is often accompanied by a lack of the passion necessary to make anything of it. In these cases, it's a "little." An especially important indicator is "dryness." If a person lacks nerd zeal that borders on a fit of romantic love for a subject, it's usually a smidgen of Neanderthal mixed into otherwise Sapienish physiology.

By the time we start to see clear physical differences, like a cube shaped head, stronger bones and a thickset, muscular waist and general appearance of robustness, we are usually also moving into genius territory. When this is accompanied by a thick shock of healthy, curly hair well into old age and strange excitability, enthusiasm and playful nature coupled with regular cycles of depression and fatalism, we are starting to see full blown Neanderthal and have crossed the threshold where we can label this merely a Homo Sapiens with a bit of Neo expression.

I would say the fellow at Heretic is almost certainly Nee-ish mentally. Physically, not at all.

Anonymous said...

This blog has lots of articles about Neanderthals:

Texas Arcane said...

I had a read of that site. Poor dude still trying to force that square peg of "Out-of-Africa" into the round hole of the evidence. This is equivalent to the people still discussing Percy Lowell's maps of martian canals in the 1940's as though they were real drawings of things that existed on the surface. Some people take a long time to absorb sea changes in human thought. A long time. Me, I take about 5 milliseconds.

Djanar said...

Why does he have to trust the "Discovery Channel" so much? I remember all those embarrassing "Human Origins" documentaries they've aired which are pretty much in absolute garbage status now after all the new discoveries, ugh. They were garbage even when considering the existing discoveries at the time they were aired. The "periodic Neanderthal extinctions during the glaciation periods" part was great, where did he or the D. channel pull that from?

I of course agree that a lot of his ideas are cool and valid. One can never discredit those in any way possible and that wasn't my aim. I just used this guy as an example for asking the questions about the very fine line between "aspie-ness" and "mild autism".

My father who is an accomplished machine engineer is a bit like this guy. I am both similar with and different from my father, physically and mentally.

Texas Arcane said...

About that glaciation/Neanderthal extinction cycle ...

You would recognize that during shifts to very cold climates with resulting shortages and ends to agricultural yields, Sapiens would find these the perfect opportunity to stage raids on Neanderthals.

You live in the valley and normally survive on your minimal farming efforts with cycles of conquest and war. There is an obscure race of herders and cave dwelling people living in the mountains who keep to themselves and are formidable warriors, so you leave them alone and attack mostly other humans like you who live nearby when times get tough.

Then the climate really gets cold and you are starving. Those weird people living in the mountain are reportedly doing pretty good keeping their flocks alive even in deep snow and you experience a shift in cost-to-risk ratio. All of a sudden attacking those strange people who live up in the caves becomes an attractive proposition despite their legendary strength and fierceness in defending what they have. Plus if you win in addition to not starving you get access to their amazingly hot babes, their wives and daughters. Ratf*ck Sapiens goes on the warpath and even starving he still has the mountain herders outnumbered ten-to-one, good odds.

Texas Arcane said...

The reason I think this model is such an obvious conclusion is that Neanderthals rolled along for a half million years with temperatures so cold that no other hominid would stand a prayer of surviving these climates. Cold temperatures were like throwing Brer Rabbit in the briar patch. The Neanderthals could do 20,000 years in subarctic conditions like he was staying at Club Med. There is no evidence of cyclic extinction at all during this period.

Then the climate shifts to warmer temperatures and a brand new race shows up on this continent. Now everytime the glaciers advance, they retreat leaving the Neanderthals taking huge losses with their numbers dwindling and living in ever more remote locations. Seriously, do I need to go to college for 20 years to figure this one out?

The scienmagistical types come on public television and tell us all that this is evidence that the mighty Neanderthal, the all weather indomitable race, magically changed into a race of pussies who couldn't take a little cold weather anymore. Well, yeah ... and then there's the fact they now share this region with a race of carb-eaters outnumbering them exponentially who rely on agriculture during the good times. What are we supposed to think Homo Sapiens did during the bad times? He didn't have a backup plan. If he couldn't eat grain, he had to eat people. His ability to cultivate animals and practice animal husbandry was nil during this period and this is widely conceded by anthropologists in the mainstream.

What did he eat during the bad times? I think it's obvious. He ate Neanderthals.

Seriously, this stuff is so obvious it almost makes me blush to articulate but modern scienmajists seem to have real problems thinking clearly on any subject. I guess if I didn't spell it out it wouldn't get brought up.

Texas Arcane said...

People always ask where Cain got his wife from.

At this stage we know the answer to that question. We know with certainty.

Cain killed Abel and took Abel's wife. The proof of this is in our genetic code.

Djanar said...

Here's the famous "Hard Times Among The Neanderthals" paper by Trinkaus. He talks a bit about the formidable physical strength of the Neanderthal females. Sure, they weren't as strong as the males but they were pretty close. They were "in all respects as strongly built as the males".

They might have had symmetrical facial features, beautiful skin and bright red & blond hair but these were no dainty little flowers. A Neand. female could have pulverized any Homo Sapiens male with her bare hands.

Then again, even the elephants can be broken and subdued by superior numbers and cruel weaponry. I don't think they were ever taken as solo trophy wives and were always kept at the side of a single human male. The guy could be crushed at any time the female got angry.

I'm guessing they were always subdued by a large amount of human warriors and gang-raped. The one doing the actual copulation could be the human chieftain because they knew she would bear STRONG children for him. The female captives could have been kept in pens and forced into submission by holding their small children as a ransom element to be used against the mothers. "We'll kill em' if you don't put out!"

Seriously though, in an unarmed physical confrontation between an adult Neanderthal female and a Homo Sapiens male, there is not even a real competition here. I'd bet all my money on the Neand. female in a heartbeat. Those "hot babes" were TOUGH and STRONG!

Joseph said...

Tex - could this be where that archetypal fear of the zombie horde comes from? Starving sapiens.

Texas Arcane said...

Classic work by Eric Trinkhaus had a huge influence on me on this subject.

Notice in the interests of professional courtesy to others, Eric doesn't come flat out and say that the majority of all people involved in this huge hoax over the past 150 years are appalling frauds who should've been stripped of all honors posthumously and permanently discredited in this field for doing things like "accidentally" using the shinbones of orangutangs in skeleton reconstruction to take six inches off their height for display - or the fact that major opposition at the British museum argued that the archetypal skeleton being used was obviously a man in his nineties with the worst case of bone-warping rickets ever seen in a human being. Instead he suggests these were all honest mistakes made by people who suffered too much zeal. I am a layman who does not have to maintain good relations with people in this field so I can come out and call them the common criminals and swindlers that they are. 150 years of lies about Neanderthals is ten times the length of the Piltdown man hoax, making the Neanderthal the biggest scandal in the history of Western science. Fini, no controversy at all.

Anonymous said...

Some of Eric Trinkaus's research press releases (I'm a 20 min walk from his department's building).











Anonymous said...

"with their numbers dwindling and living in ever more remote locations".

In Norse mythology,Freyr, a solar deity, one day sees from AFAR the jotunn (Giant) Gerd and stunned by her beauty becomes lovesick for being away from her. He sends his servant Skirnir to gain her love but in exchange he has to give him his magic sword which fights on its own "if the wielder is worthy".

Solar deities. Freyr. Horus. Worshipers of Horus "mingling" with the line of Esau. Israelites raping the women of the Canaanites (Giants) while the conquest of Canaan is connected with extermination of the Giants. Shepherd-kings raping their flock's women in the Gilgamesh epic. The Trojan war fought over the "kidnapping" of the "most beautiful woman in the world". Solar deities in Norse mythology becoming infatuated with "giant" girls and sending their "servants" to get them.

When a tribe wants to multiply quickly it either steals children or it steals women. Children belonging to a another race are useless (except as slaves) so they steal women. In Roman mythology the Sabine women are raped to multiply the population of Rome, while terrible slaughters are committed so that the tribe of Benjamin to come to possess women and not go extinct.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 11:16

Ditto all.

People are arrogant enough to believe these stories are without value, just mythologies. They fail to understand that these are the only thing you would expect to remain from an oral tradition. After the same story has been told ten thousand times it has not become unrecognizable. It has become a metaphor. That means it is true, only not in a simpleminded literal sense. It relates a true story about an event that really happened and that has been a major event worth transmitting from generation to generation. To expedite this, it has wisely been converted into a form far more likely to survive intact. You could try to tell the story of Neanderthal genocide by trying to get people to memorize the names, places and times. Or you could be realistic and tell a story about two brothers named Jacob and Esau. The person who changed the story into a metaphor is the smart one - the proof is that the truth survived intact across tens of thousands of years whereas the guy who tried to get his sons to memorize the facts has been utterly forgotten and unsuccessful in retaining the information.

Anonymous said...

I think what was most useful on the heretic site besides the diet stuff - was the BABOON research and that Stan has come to the same ideas that many have - that there are two different types of humans - those that concentrate on social status and those that focus on creativity and technological progress.

When you read those posts there about how the baboons concentrate all their time on maintaining the social hierarchy and fighting amongst theirselves, you have the perfect representation in the natural world of corporate life.

Matters not what you accomplish, matters only that do everything in your power to maintain and strengthen your social position.

Then you have those who actually think and create.

I personally think what happens is that the social climbers dominate the society because the are parasites who overwhelm the host - like a viurs (Matrix) - then they crash their society straight into a brick wall at 1000 mph (exhibit A : the current ongoing collapse).

So you have the depressive fatalistic creators who can see the future and they survive thru the centuries because the homicidal social climbers periodically OFF themselves (and their societies along with them) and the prophets get a chance to start over with a clean slate - until of course the homicidal social BABOONS collapse it all again.

It's the best explanation I can come up with as to why people like us exist. Certainly no one listens to us - they love taking our ideas and our accomplishments, but usually use them towards bad ends - building better weapons mostly or using them to spy on others to consolidate their social power.

You could even make the argument that the system is semi-symbiotic in that it takes lots of non-thinking robot types to follow the orders to mass-produce the civilization that we now have. We come up with the ideas - they force them down everyone's throat. LOL

Bu they sure are good at killing tho arent they. 200+ million murdered in the last century, I bet we see billions dead this next time around.

It is Inevitable (see theres that fatalism LOL)