Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Has Stability In Their Long Term Interests?

A different perspective from Nyquist on the developments in Europe.

How is stability going to be a common interest for major players in the world given the current situation? The collective push is going to be for instability that leads to a third world war. Despite what the average man may think of his own importance in life, the people who make these decisions have already decided their own welfare is dependent on the continuing instability of other nations and their inhabitants. The critical element to grasp about the Russians is that their own instability internally and feuding factions means that going forward we are not dealing with a monolithic state any longer like during the Cold War. We're dealing with a huge fractured cabal of gangsters and mobsters who are packing nuclear weapons. There is no deterrence there any longer because all of these undercurrents are driven by very selfish short term goals based on local needs, which depends on what gang is driving the decision making at that time.

This is why Vault-Co says the third world war is inevitable. There isn't a scenario you can come up with where it doesn't happen. The Kwa will be driving a lot of the conflict that leads to this global war that is coming precisely because of the economic turmoil they are entering.


Anonymous said...

"We're dealing with a huge fractured cabal of gangsters and mobsters who are packing nuclear weapons."

Seems that the CIA-Mossad-Murdoch propaganda finally got to you, Tex. Perhaps you'd expect Russia to sit back and allow the thuggish KWA to bully it into submission like it does with the rest of the world and achieve sole military supremacy on the planet:

You need to get your facts straight. The pro-western globalist thugs and their pitiful apologists/enablers like Nyquist hate Putin exactly because he removed this pro-western "cabal" ( like Khodorkovsky) from power and nationalized the resource industries for the benefit of Russia, stripping the West from its major assets in the attempt to control Russia politically and profit from its resources.

The article is pathetic. Seriously, blaming the "evil KGB" and Russia for the Middle East upheaval, the Euro Crisis, Polish airplane tragedy and even the Norway massacre (!) This registers as "analysis" now. The old boogeyman was unburied and we can blame all the troubles caused by the US and the Globalists there. We all know who is responsible for this and it surely isn't Russia.

Moscow isn't trying to "split Europe from America". It is rather America that is afraid that a politically strong and unified Europe would split itself from America and form closer ties with Russia (something that William Engdahl pointed out as an almost unavoidable future development). What the western imperialists are terrified of is the integration and co-operation of different geopolitical and economic entities (comprising most of Eurasia but also South America) that would make the US irrelevant. Which is why they engineered the Euro and Middle East crises to prevent this from happening so that they remain subject of US influence. And if anyone will be to blame for the upcoming nuclear war it will be the thugs of the the Jew-Ass-Ay and their Globalist handlers, who will simply never accept the fact that huge parts of the world will remain outside their sphere of influence and not participate in the looting of their land and people in order to fill the coffers of parasitic bankers and western elites. Not a "cabal of gangsters" and the "KGB plotting everywhere" or whatever else exists in western - and Nyquist's cold-war ridden and limited - imagination:

I fully endorse Alexander Dugin's ideas on how to deal with America-Globalists, since these two now form an inseparable bond - a reality that Nyquist seems to miss completely:

Texas Arcane said...

I agree with some of what you're saying, RZero.

The problem with linking to any J.R. article nowadays is you're going to get a lot of crap mixed in with the useful information.

I think the core of the article is that Russia is no longer a monolithic state operating on certain terms with the West. Putin is running it to win and he is using every trick in the book to take the Kwa and Europe out of the equation.

Anonymous said...


Putin isn't trying to take anyone out of the equation. He rather tries to prevent the Globalists who run America take him and anyone who stands in their way of global dominance out of the equation. And most of all he doesn't see a strong Europe as a threat that he would want to eliminate. No way. He knows that it would only be a matter of time for a politically strong and unified Europe to split itself from US hegemony and seek closer ties with Russia and other geostrategic partners. All by itself without Russia forcing itself upon it. No it is the US that resists change and has trouble of letting things go the way they're supposed to. It is the US that tries to take Europe and everyone else out of the equation by keeping them weak and divided in order to subject them, either by financial warfare, or by fabricating threats like the Iran one in order to rally Europe behind America and neutralize Russia's defensive ability with the missile defense, allegedly aimed at Iran (how stupid are they to expect Russia to fall for this). It is them who use every old trick in the book not to allow nations to form mutually beneficial relationships but be dependent and submitted to US will. Russia and Putin stand for national sovereignty and the right of a nation to determine its own destiny and use its resources and wealth for its own good. The globalists will have none of it. Can you really blame Putin for being a hard-liner against these kind of people? How is he supposed to deal with a force he has identified with the Anti-Christ, Tex?

And I'm not Rzero btw.

Anonymous said...

Nyquist never met a Russian who didn't scare the shit out of him. They're all supermen, even two year olds.

Anonymous said...

A nice article which clearly proves why a nuclear confrontation between US-NATO and Russia and its Eurasian allies is inevitable:

"Americans think their victory over us in the early 1990s was irreversible and final. They will not accept that they were wrong without some dramatic events, such as wars."

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 10:35

I agree with almost everything you wrote.

Nyquist is apparently a poisoned well with so little credibility I can't even link to him now.

I know Russia is reacting largely to the initial attempts by the U.S. to take over the country after the Soviet Union collapsed. I still think Russia is playing hardball because of what they did and the U.S. thinks there are no hard feelings about it. Putin is just going on the offensive in many areas because the Kwa is trying to surround him.

Anonymous said...

Look at what's happening right now for instance.

The Greek/Eurozone crisis is a scam engineered by the Anglo-American financial elite and their whores in the press (FT, WSJ, etc), much like the "War on Terror", to distract form the real approaching doom which is the collapse of the dollar:

In this war the so-called "PIIGS" (a derogatory term created on purpose to enhance the smear campaign by the said elite-serving press) are being smeared and demonized as the cause of the trouble and "slowing down world recovery" in the same way that in the past, for the purposes of other kinds of warfare, the same press invented and demonized accordingly "dictators" (Milosevic) or "KGB thugs" (Putin) and "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (Hussein). The Euro-crisis is hype. The US-UK crisis is the real doom approaching. The heart of the problem lies with the fact that the world currencies are tied and valued according to the dying US dollar and that the US will use every means available for the dollar not to lose this status - ie financial warfare. Take out the dollar and you have solvent currencies and an amount of debt that is payable without a crisis. Similarly, all the wars today and the threat of a future nuclear war exist because the US isn't willing to let go of its status and accept a multipolar world that has no need for it. Accordingly, you proceed to nuke the shit out of US/UK/Israel and you have peace, prosperity, and an earthly Paradise that will last for a thousand years. It is only fortunate that the top echelons of Russian/Chinese leadership also think this is the only way to deal with these functional psychopaths.

Texas Arcane said...

You guys are preaching to the choir. I agree wholeheartedly.

Sorry, that's the last time I link to J.R. it's apparent he gets owned too easily nowadays.

I knew the article was the truth, just skewed around the wrong perspective when I linked to it. I believe that Russia knows it is going to have to nuke the U.S. eventually in order to achieve any security. This was the reason I linked to that article.

You're right, however. Amongst nations that have fomenting instability amongst their game plans it is the U.S. that is the chief culprit, Russia is just trying to keep up.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say all his articles are garbage. It's just that, as you said, yout need to focus on the good parts (if any) and ignore his pro-imperial rhetoric. For instance, in the article I linked to, his exposition of the Dugin/De Carvalho debate is honest and helpful and understanding their theses and differences. It's his own assessment that sucks.