Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Sick Dreams Of The Leftists Are Collapsing Worldwide

If you show me a grand secular utopian ideal, I'll show you rivers of blood in the offing. Secular utopias always end in war, famine and mass death.

These people will never change. They are incapable of learning. They will never be able to adapt in any sense other than delegating responsibility to the State. It is all they can understand and it is all they will ever be able to understand. They cannot benefit from the lessons of the past because they cannot concede there are lessons in the past.

"The last man blinks and he says to himself, formerly, all the world was mad, you know. The last man always believes his generation is the first to see clearly, when in fact it is the last generation for the very reason it is incapable of seeing anything altogether."

- Friedrich Nietszche

Nietszche celebrated the appearance of the last man because he always believed it was a sign that a tired, senile old world had come to the end of its lifespan and was about to collapse and give birth to a set of new possibilities. Friedrich regarded the last man as the most horrible of all creatures because such people not only believed themselves to be the last men but thought they were the best men as well, when in fact there is never any human being worse than the last man and no fate more terrible than the goals that the last man seeks. If you've ever spent ten minutes in a socialist hospital or stood in line in a bureacracy you'll know why Zarathrustra was right.


Anonymous said...

Half of European men share King Tut's DNA

First time the story came out, I wasn't sure if it was a scam. (07-21-2010 )

Now Reuters has the story and there is more information.

Up to 70 percent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh. Only 1% in present day Egypt, share his genes.

So the pyramid builders were white and the destroyers of that civilization, were non whites.

Eqypt fell into decay, for exactly the same reason Western Civilization is falling into decay.

Egypt ran out of Egyptians.

So we have ancient Europe, Egypt, India, all built by whites and those civilizations that fell into decay, now have non-whites living in the ruins.

The collapse of the West, is not like all those other times. It is exactly like all those other times.

Anonymous said...

So, a Europhobic, proponent of "American Exceptionalism" (ie kosher-trotskyite world government), doesn't want a European superstate under the pretense that it is a "leftist-big government project" when his real reason is that a European superstate may, gradually (since Europeans are still fully subjected to the US), not just simply breakaway from US influence and challenge its supremacy, but pursue its own agenda and even form closer ties with Russia. Just imagine the political power of a European superstate combined with access to the resources and military might of Russia and spreading to the borders of China. Neocon imperialists like this idiot article author would go nuts. It's why the previous 2 world wars happened. The Anglo-sphere not wanting Germany unifying Europe under its influence. Then after the war the Anglo-sphere kept it divided (which is why the division of Germany also had symbolic importance) under its grip with the threat of communism. Silly anachronistic reactionaries like the article author have to realize that no one needs "protection" from communism anymore as much as no one needs protection from Islam, fascism, "evil" and "undemocratic" dictators "violating human rights" or whatever other fabricated bullshit threats the Anglo-American elites invent to rule over both their people and other nations. Perhaps the new Iron curtain in the 21st century will be between Europe and Russia on one side and the Anglo-sphere and the Anglo-sphere on the other. Trotskyite-imperialists know that if they lose Europe, and being already at odds with Russia and China, it's game over. This is their true fear, not "left-wing big government" threatening our precious "free markets". If that's the case then I'm all for a European Superstate.

Anonymous said...

The new Globalspeak to wage constant war and enslave nations is called "Freedom from fear"

Aldus Huxley prophesized about how the government would use the terrorist threat to manufacture consent 40 years ago:

Anonymous said...

The Eurozone financial crisis was engineered by the Obama administration in order to secure capital flows to the US by making the European economy dependent to institutions like the IMF, through which the US dictates policy and manages the capital flows to the US. A capital flow of such magnitude could be done only through institutions like the IMF and the EU so a crisis had to be created in order to for these institutions to gain full control in implementing the US mandate. It was orchestrated by a US-state apparatus that included the rating agencies which attacked Greece (primarily) Portugal and Ireland while at the same time employing US puppets like the Greek PM who was condemning the country he supposedly represented as corrupt and bankrupt in order to make these speculative attacks seem justified and timely.

The US wanted to send a message to countries like China which was rebalancing its currency reserves byuing Euros at the expense of the dollar. 2009 was a turning point for US economy because it was then that the balance of capital flow to the US, that was ensuring the defense of the dollar and the financing of its deficit, turned negative. This also explains the hunt against tax evasion that the Obama administration adopted within the US. Although the second may seem legitimate, while the conspiracy against the Euro may not, they both have the same economic basis which is capital and the re-financing of the US. The end of the road is a transatlantic economic union, under the full control of the US, something that would also be in the interests of Americas partner in crime, Germany, which in order to compensate for the reduction of purchasing power within the Eurozone, as a result of the austerity measures required for the bailouts, it would now have to rely more on transatlantic/global markets for its exports.

However this will not be achieved, as many people, including the article author, wrongly believe, through the consolidation of political power into a superstate, but rather in the complete dismantling and dissolution of any political initiative, ensuring this way the absolute supremacy and dominance of the markets and explains the complete lack of initiative and decisions by European leaders.