Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reality : Always The Opposite Of The Consensus

Completely different picture of the ancient world, more in line with history as taught before World War II - "diffusion," the migration of the ancient kings of Arya all over the world.

Turns out modern people don't even know what their ancestors knew fifty years ago and what little they think they know, turns out to be even more incorrect than if they knew nothing at all.


Jaego Scorzne said...

And they spread too far, conquered too many peoples - their genotype lost amdist the dark skinned throngs. And even when they tried to remain separate, they ultimately sucuumbed over the centuries, or getting their throats cut in violent revolt.

There may have been a previous Aryan expansion as well - into the New World and Oceania. These Nordic Red Heads did the same thing and ended up getting slaughtered by Incas, Maya, Utes, Easter Islanders etc and their women enslaved.

When will we learn? Compare the expansion of the Han in contrast. When they conquer something, it stays conquered. In other words, they don't conquer lands they don't really need just for fun, treasure, or adventure.

Texas Arcane said...

I have a feeling that everything we call civilization and humanity, we get from the genetic legacy of the redheads. Anything else is mere dilution of the original good points. The more diluted we become, the less human we become. The dream of multikult ends up with the complete extinction of the redhead genes (Neanderthal) and the return to beast-with-two-legs on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane is a Daywalker? A ginger supremacist? What a twist! Is this guerilla marketing for the next season of South Park?

Anonymous said...

Tex turns out to be right again. Dont bet against TA.