Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A "Rally" Where The Only Buyers Are Rubes

Mid-October, it's going to crash and burn along with commodities, derivatives and shipping futures.

This is it. This is your big boy, the one we've been warning about since 1998.

Kiss the Kwa goodbye, it's going to leave an oily sheen on the sidewalk when it is over. There isn't enough capital in North America to service these debts.

They'll admit to 14 trillion dollars. The real figure for obligations is more like 150+ trillion dollars in debt that is about to get called in. That's endgame for the nation formerly known as the United States.


Anonymous said...

Nation means people, an identifiable national group. The USA hasn't been a nation since 1965. If that NWO monstrosity collapses, then good riddance!


BTW I have a question. What do the blog readers, think of this Anonymous hacker group?

They are starting to organize large numbers of people for 2012 and are calling it Project Mayhem.

They say they are going to dump a lot of information concerning some very powerful people and organizations, implicating them in criminal activities. It will all be released on a network, they claim cannot be censored.

So what do you think? Are they for real, or yet another NWO Problem, Reaction, Solution?

They keep talking about "freedom" in their videos and that worries me, because they never define it.

They also appear to be friendly with the Zeitgeist cult, which makes me uneasy, as Zeitgeist are NWO.

Anonymous said...

Tell us the date so I can organise to short it!