Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pod People Announce New Initiative To Be Real

Sure they're real. This week, as any other week, they'll be whatever they need to be to regain the trust of the rubes one more time to screw them all over again.

The problem with pod people declaring themselves real at the core is that they have no core and no reality. They are infinitely malleable shapeshifters who conform to whatever is supposed to be the dominant standard of the hour.

If "honesty" is being promoted as a virtue again, then they'll present themselves as "honest" - in the queer stilted fashion they think resembles their interpretation of what an "honest person" would talk and act like. Last week they were bashing Christianity, this week they'll extoll the Christian virtue of honesty and plain speaking if that appears to secure the trust of others. Until next week, anyway.


Anonymous said...

You REALLY need to watch this :

"Despite 10 years of war, many Afghans have never heard of 9/11"

Note especially the Amercian soldier's comments - the evidence is right in front of his face and he still cannot add 1+1 to get 2.

This is America in a nutshell.

It's like every moment of life now is scripted by the staff of the Onion - hard to accept how bizarre this all has become.


Texas Arcane said...

Crazy. Madness. Monty Pythonesque. Black satire. Peter Sellers-style lunacy.

This is what regular folks call life now.

Texas Arcane said...

They're fighting for our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Who are the "pods"? Do you mean politicians?

Anonymous said...

*They're fighting for our freedoms.*

absolutely. if it's in any type of uniform it's automatically heroic. this is depicted multiple times per night on my teev, has to be true right?

Mike Stortz said...


I apologize if I'm crossing the streams here, but I don't know of any other way to contact you. Grimoiresystems is down; is the dream dead? I had hoped to play it one day...