Saturday, September 17, 2011

Never Trust A Man Who Has Never Been Punched In The Face

Absolutely spot-on must read article.


Anonymous said...

Lets get real.

Liberals know about as much about the real world, as a Monk knows about the outside of his monastery.

Liberals go to universities all over the world, just like monks can visit monasteries, all over the world.

A university like a monastery, be it in Europe, Asia, or America, is pretty much the same, where ever you go.

Yet unlike monks, liberals view themselves as "worldly wise", and talk down to anyone who is not "re-educated" (brainwashed), like they are.

How can you know anything about reality, when you've spent your whole life, wrapped in cotton wool?

Liberals are such provincial rubes, it amazes me anyone takes them seriously.

Liberals.... Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Liberals don't make policies, so it's pointless to direct anger toward them. Few of them are particularly insane, from my experience. They kind of function as a group that can be blamed for insanity that would otherwise be inexplicable to most people (and the anger would have to be directed toward the political class, something TBTB don't want), but mostly what functions as that false opposition is a caricature that doesn't even exist beyond the internet, media, and a few Jews pretending to be liberals. The mistake was letting America be dragged to one war after another, the first world war being the first big mistake. Who wants to blame "the liberals" for that? Wouldn't it be time to get real and get a real enemy for yourself?

Anonymous said...

"Evolution involves brutal and often violent natural selection..."

The whole "red in tooth and claw" is civilization's violence being projected on the natural world.

Our deification of labor is fundamentally irrational—the Protestant work ethic the logical result only from the assumptions of a cruel and capricious god ruling over a clockwork universe. Calvinism removed grace from anything a human being could secure, so emphasis shifted to evidence that one was among the elect. The Protestant work ethic emerged from the view that constant activity in building up the kingdom of G-d reflected the fact that one had recieved grace; idleness, evidence that one had not. The result was nothing short of asceticism, and the glorification of work for its own sake as evidence of G-d’s grace.

Such an approach is obviously at odds with the basic nature of the world, but similar themes were nonetheless picked up by Darwin, who set the tone for our view of nature "RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW." Darwin saw his theory of natural selection arising from the incredible lethality and ruthlessness of the natural world. This narrative has remained in place, even while the evidence to support it has eroded completely away.

In Praise of Laziness
by Jason Godesky | 5 June 2007

For a more accurate depiction of evolution, try Idle Theory.

Anonymous said...

@September 18, 2011 8:18 AM

I don't regard liberals as an enemy. I don't take them seriously enough to do that. I mock liberals for their foolishness and mock anyone like you, that takes them seriously.

As for liberals not making policy, they Demanded massive immigration and forced integration for all White countries and only White countries.

At anyone that objected, they shrieked


America 90% White in 1965 to less than 65% White today, without a popular vote or discussion allowed.

And it is happening in all white countries and only white countries.

It is White GeNOcide.

Liberals and the Respectable Conservatives that prop them up, are all guilty of this GeNOcide and deserve nothing but our scorn.

Liberals don't make policy you say? You must be a clownish rube if you think we believe that! LOL

Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White countries for everyone???


As for neocons, they are just Jews and former Communists, calling themselves "New Conservatives", so they can say liberals were right about everything in the 1960s.

And it was Neocons and the traitors that agreed with them, that dragged us into these never ending wars for Israel.

There is no effective opposition from "liberals" against the never ending wars for Israel, unlike the massive violent protests they organized, when we were fighting Communism in Vietnam.

Funny about that.

Join the dots people!

As for you 8:18:

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

@3:40 Those links helped break an ugly train of thought Arcane was leaving in my head. If Utopian visions are doomed to anarchic horror, Cthonian visions are doomed to chaotic delight just as surely. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"Never Trust A Man Who Has Never Been Punched In The Face"

That's the krav maga motto.

Oops, guess I just outted myself as a zionist agent ;)


Marcus said...

Very good article Tex. Similar to the saying you dont respect fire until you get burned, violence is the stone cold reality that surrounds us all, ready to burst out at any moment. I for one say fortunate is the man that leaves the fight with a black eye now, as he has tasted cold reality in a survivable dose and learns from it. Pitiful is the man who has never tasted the sample of cold reality, for he shall someday experience reality in full and find himself unprepared and perish.

Anonymous said...

Dear liberal-mocking anon,

With whites such as you, who wouldn't want to side with whoever wants you dead? Do you believe that your indulgence in arrogance and infantilism equals performing a service to true civilisation? Might it cause misanthropy in those of us who know and understand something? It's the enemy that uses divide & conquer as its primary weapon. What do you do? Why are you siding, in your deeds, with the enemy?