Friday, September 23, 2011

The Majority of People Are Mentally Unstable, Cowardly and Delusional

Every choice they make is based on the path of least resistance. Any claims to the contrary are foolish vanity piled on top of delusional thinking. It's like letting the inhabitants of a mental asylum vote on what therapy they should undergo to get better. Any consensus they come to is worthless.

It was so obvious there was something fishy going on 9-11-2001. So obvious.


Rowan said...

Hello Tex, perhaps you could share your wisdom with me.

I wanted to convince a group of people to test a theory of mine. I set out the theory in a short document, explaining my reasoning step by step. I then explained why proving or disproving this theory was good for them.

The responses have been shocking, straight out of idiocracy. I have noticed four kinds of response. The first doesn't understand the theory, the second assumes the consensus on a truth is absolute despite not understanding why (Plants crave electrolytes), the third just kind of goes off topic, almost as if they are replying to the wrong email but it happens when talking face to face too. The fourth often starts by telling me what a good theory I have but they prefer something else, presumably for personal reasons because no actual objections are raised.

All of these people stand to gain greatly from proving my theory. Disproving it would at least rule out what is not possible. Some people would lose money if this theory was true, but I did not ask those people, I only asked people who would gain from it.

Why are people like this and can anything be done about it?

I'd get better results by telling people that a cow wandered into a cave and discovered an ancient alien temple, where she learned all their ancient knowledge by staring at a crystal skull (Reference possibly too old now for people to assume expert status on ancient alien skulls by watching a film) and promptly learned to speak English so as to explain a particular theory to me.

Anonymous said...

they *should* let the inhabitants of mental asylums determine their own treatment. obviously not with a vote, either. but separately, each.

a different metaphor would have been better

Texas Arcane said...

I think your cow in the alien temple with the crystal skull is a goldmine, specifically because it doesn't make any sense. Those sorts of ideas have a broad appeal across the board because the argument is simple : "The crystal skull told the cow it was true."

I see a book and movie deal in this somewhere for you.