Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fred Hoyle Is Not Mentioned In This Article

Vault-Co says that people who are actually smart, as opposed to pretend-smart, will find there is no place for them in the declining civilizations of Homo Sapiens. Sapiens has no use for any man who tells the truth about anything. It is actually anti-social to speak in this fashion around Homo Sapiens. Humans hate the truth and they hate hearing the truth out loud. The truth never flatters their vanity and so it is unwelcome in all quarters.

So, if every single thing the great astrophysicist Fred Hoyle believed turns out later to be right ... it means that most of scienmajistics over the past fifty years is by and large IDIOCRACY-style garbage.

When you think of the millions of dollars spent on propaganda documentaries for public television teaching billions that crappy ideas based on self-serving rubbish are more credible than good ideas motivated by a desire to discover the truth about our existence ... it's enough to discredit the entire field of modern science, permanently.

I encourage you to read the biography about Fred Hoyle and his colleague to truly understand the extent of the humiliation, ridicule, career destruction and virtual banishment of Hoyle from the field despite his enormous contribution. People were laughing and sneering at them for most of their lives, they were widely regarded as cranks and not welcome in any scientific venue anywhere.

Fred Hoyle should get a posthumous Nobel prize for his work on this question. He earned it many, many times over. Everything he was ridiculed for ("Hoyle's Fallacy") has now been revealed as sober, levelheaded scientific inquiry against a background of gammy-eyed morons and dribbling village idiots posing as scienmajistic types.

Watch the revisionists rework history on this one the same way they did with Linus Pauling. "It wasn't that we thought he was a crank and laughed at him in public and destroyed his career. We had some reservations about his theory of course ... no wait, actually I agreed with Fred on most points come to think of it. I was just posing as opposition in order to expose the whole rotten system from the inside. In fact, it was me originally who suggested the theory of panspermia to Fred that triggered his hypothesis. Yes, that's it. Good old Fred, he deserves a modicum of respect and perhaps we'll even concede he may have been correct in a very limited sense."

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