Monday, September 5, 2011

European Replay of Bolshevist Seizure of Russia

The key is to put the diagnosis into the hands of the State and it's "experts," which means the power to institutionalize people for "being sad" and "having insomnia" becomes an arbitrary fiat power. Living under a totalitarian government that was never elected can do that to a person so eventually this diagnosis can apply to anyone at random.

If you get this stage consolidated you are now ready to do as the Soviet Union did and pop dissidents out of bed in the middle of the night and commit them involuntarily "for their own good."

It is believed that the Soviet psychiatry system performed upwards of 80,000 lobotomies for purely political reasons.

First you get the power to diagnose unchallenged.

Then you get the power to commit unchallenged.

Then you get the power to "cure" unchallenged (drill out their frontal lobes.)

What lays the groundwork for this sort of madness is a parlor psychology spearheaded by television hosts like Oprah and Dr. Phil. All of the prerequisites make what follows seem like a natural extension of the "therapy" that is to be imposed. I firmly believe that Oprah and then Dr. Phil's careers were funded and promoted for the very purpose of normalizing this insane marxist bullsh*t.


Anonymous said...

Another statistic very likely to go up in the near future everywhere:

Anonymous said...

They tried it already in the USA with the lobotomy craze starting after WW2. A terrible period fuelled by the nonsense pseudo/wannabe science that is psychiatry. Tens of thousands had their brains chopped up by these butchers. Thankfully that died off, but if they can't do it with knives or icepicks then a pill can be used now too. With everything they are trying to push (everyone has a "condition" and they always have another pill for it) it can't be too long before things slide back to that lobotomy craze, powered by pharma this time. A big revenue generator. It can easily happen in the USA again. Those who think bad things only happen elsewhere are in for some interesting times.

Everything seems to have started going wrong in the 20th century, especially after WW2. Ties up with you always saying that the space race and electronics were the last peaks of the current civilization before the long slide down. The failure of today seems to be the same thing as the past amplified severalfold as the echos carry on in time. The signal to noise ratio increases as it goes on.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the stupifying Western diet. It is almost inevitable that the high sugar, high carb, low fat and protien diet that is the norm will lead to some sort of conducive impairment, which can then be 'treated' with a pill. A billion westerners walking around in a sugar-induced brain fog will hardly stand in the way of anything so complex as tyranny, especially if they're then medicated into cheerful passivity.

Anonymous said...

Depression is a normal reaction to failure of this world.

How can people be happy if so much wrong things are going on around them?

No way to be calm these days.

Dave, RN said...

And thus we have a problem. Modern wheat is rightly implicated in many of our "diseases of Civilization", including schizophrenia, depression and manic depression. Not to mention heart disease and arthritis. Without wheat, the psychiatrists and big pharma wouldn't be so busy. And with the government putting wheat at the base of the food pyramid and telling us that it's "hearthealthywholegrains" almost like it's one word,the population at large will stay sick, and pharma will stay busy.
This is due to the recent (last 60 years or so) of dwarf wheat, created during WW2 to feed Europe and the growing world population.
So the quandary is this: most preppers rely on wheat as their staple. Since it's beyond a doubt that a diet high in wheat will do you in early, food storage becomes an issue.

Anonymous said...

"The failure of today seems to be the same thing as the past amplified severalfold as the echos carry on in time. The signal to noise ratio increases as it goes on."

The signal to noise ratio gets worse because of the internet and the millions of websites. Instead of trying to read in a balanced way, too many people lock themselves into an echo chamber and only read blogs that they agree with. Liberals read liberal blogs and conservatives read conservative blogs, and their information starts and ends in those blogs.

You you get a lot people of all stripes bleating the same doom and gloom stuff over and over.

Orion V said...

The plans and devices of men (as we know them) are destined to come to naught. They will have failed before they even begin. Their ranks are indeed filled with those who are like their common father, who conceived and executed his inherent mandate to steal, kill, and destroy. There is no illness present in this organism. Rather the organism is the illness.

Texas Arcane said...

Dave, RN

I have taken to blurting out "rat poison slave food" whenever anybody mentions carbs or grains. I like it for its shock value.

Protein has always been reserved traditionally for the ruling classes, the servants and slaves eat grains because it can be mass produced. Somehow this crazy system ended up advocating carbs over protein as the healthy alternative, which is truly insane.

It is a big problem with preps but hard to work around. The reason I like white rice as the great filler is that it complements any real food you can pour on it, including meat with gravy, melted cheese, soups, etc.

It is a diet which will keep you alive in a famine but is hardly optimal for health.

Joseph Dantes said...

Amen Tex. I achieved full remission with 50/50 meat and rice, with meat coming 30-50% from scallops and the rest being low-fat fish and occasional beef. Liquidized fat and insufficient shellfish were my two remaining mistakes.

Joseph Dantes said...

By the way, my body at 27 is fatless, muscled and sculpted, and I haven't exercised in months due to an ankle injury, and havn't lifted weights in years. I pretty much don't do anything but sit at a computer and occasionally walk to the grocery store. And eat whenever hungry. And smoke a lot.