Friday, September 23, 2011

Europe Will Crater And Leave A Smoking Hole

Panic across Europe as the entire idea of the union becomes such an obvious mistake. So close to global governance, yet so far. These kinds of utopian schemes always end in catastrophic crashes and every generation relearns this lesson because humans are incapable of learning from the past. Ten thousand years could pass in the blink of any eye without a single Homo Sapiens being able to focus on anything relevant during that time. Humans just don't learn, period.


Anonymous said...

Europe follows Geithner's "advice" and proceeds to solve the crisis the American way, by bailing out the banks with trillions of taxpayer money that will fund the new ESFS and turn European nations into debt prisons. Compared to the US, Europe still has a real economy, industry, infrastructure, production. The plan of the Banksters is to turn Europe, like they did in the KWA, into a Zogbux debt-slave colony, destroy its real economy and completely subject it to Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

The bankster scam:

Anonymous said...

The insanity in Sweden just took a turn for the worse, if that was even possible.

The Centre party, who are in coalition with the ruling party, are suggesting that Sweden should grow to *40 million people* through migration. Just look at population now and you can see that would mean the vast majority of people living in Sweden would not be Swedes. The multicult dream.

Where should these folks come from? Why Africa of course!

Here's an out take from the new party program regarding immigration:

"If we had the migration policies of Canada, our population today could have been as high as 40 million. This would mean a boost in our work force, which is needed for future welfare. Many of the problems in rural areas might have been solved by this aswell." (page 3)

"Thanks to large migration, from for example Africa, Europe today has been populated and been able to develop economically, socially and culturally." (page 4)

Here's the source (it's in swedish though):

I'm starting to think the Vikings were a fairytale.

Europe will crater and leave a smoking hole.

Anonymous said...

They are laughing in the face of the sheeple. It is so obvious now that they are speaking it plainly on the mainstream TV news:

Notice that it was still a *surprise* to the peanut brained presenters who are meant to be well informed and backed by researchers and giving information to the public. They do more harm and spread more ignorance than a man who simply says "I don't know".

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21 PM

Treasury bonds and US dollars are "safer assets" now? This guy is a tool.

Funny how this worthless paper became again a "safe asset" overnight for the "markets". Which just go to show how much staged by the US this Eurozone crisis was in order to hurt the Euro and reinforce the dollar as part of the ongoing currency war.

Ashley Williams said...

Yes i agree with the above fact that this is gonna really hit our economic stability not only in European countries but globally !!

Ashley Williams said...

Thank you so much for the informative blog!!