Thursday, September 22, 2011

Einstein Didn't Know What He Was Talking About

Fake. Fraud. Cagliostro. Poseur. Charlatan. Mountebank. Swindler. Plagiarist.

Never trust a "scienmajist" who has ten mistresses. Not much time left for science. He's a scam artist who is fronting for certain. More interested in pursuit of carnal needs than intellectual fulfillment.

It's a living if you are too lazy for honest work.

People like this have been holding the entire human race back for a long, long time. They are stumbling blocks thrown at the feet of mankind. Sometimes you have to wonder if they were built that way for a reason.

If Homo Sapiens was a custom genetic product designed to destroy Neanderthals, what steps were taken to assure that Sapiens himself would never be a problem? Was he assigned a natural predator of his own to see to it he would never get far before he was knocked back? I think the Neanderthal was considered the Cane Toad of the Neolithic and when his extermination was conceived, the planners made certain that his replacement would not itself come to be a problem in time. They would make sure that Sapiens would be like crabs in a box, never getting high enough to climb out before his fellows pulled him back. He would wipe out the Amud and then enter a cycle of existence that would be a locked phase loop, with no danger he'd ever amount to anything that had the potential of the Amud Mousterians.

I reckon nobody is worried about Homo Sapiens ever getting off this planet or going for too long without a war that tears it all down again. Anybody that knows him well knows these men could not schedule a picnic without it ending in madness, bloodshed and famine. Sapiens couldn't organize a bowel movement. He ain't no danger to anyone but himself.


Anonymous said...

Talking about the particle discovery live. Hope you can get a chance to see it.

Anonymous said...

Between this and the Higgs Noson, CERN is proving to be a very productive place.

Is there anything they could discover that would gain favor for the electric universe model?