Saturday, September 10, 2011

China's Ghost Cities : The Marxist Disease

Fiat economies build cities in the middle of nowhere that nobody will ever live in, then declare a housing boom on the books. These communist bubbles always end the same way.

I heard somebody say recently that Russians don't need to play the video game STALKER, they can step out on their front porch and live action roleplay STALKER in their own town. It's just thousands of miles of abandoned industrial works that are crumbling into rust everywhere you look.


Anonymous said...

The idea of dispersing the population and/or creating backup cities was floated in the early days of the Civil Defense program. Robert Heinlein mentions this in his 1945 essay "How To Be A Survivor", and dismisses its quarter-trillion dollar cost as too much for peacetime America to pay.

China has about this amount (inflation-adjusted) of otherwise worthless treasuries, and doesn't have the bread-and-circuses American economy. China also lacks certain...groups who pillage and burn empty buildings, so they can afford to build and mothball whatever they please.

The Horse said...

Sounds like north Korea a capital that is basically a ghost town. Read a report from someone who visited there a few years back. He stayed in a brand new looking hotel in Pyongyang. They gave him a room on the third floor. As you do he asked for a room on a higher floor.

The check in desk operator said, that's not possible we only have one floor.

The Chinese if they are doing this, its not entirely surprising. Remember they do have to provide work for the world largest population, which if serves me correctly will still continue to expand for some time to come.

Basically welcome to a world where everything is controlled by the government, and the truth depends on who you ask.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like Keynesian economics rather than a communist thing. Keynes advocated paying people to dig holes one day and then paying them to fill them in the next. There's evidence that it works as a short-term stimulus when the economy is in a recession or depression, but of course it's not sustainable in the long run.

Anonymous said...

"Basically welcome to a world where everything is controlled by the government, and the truth depends on who you ask."

You were born into that world.

The greatest trick they ever pulled, was making people think they are free.

The truth is, you have never had a choice in anything of consequence.

Anonymous said...

Paul Krugman Wants Manufactured Threat From OuterSpace to Revive Economy

WTF is it with these elites and space aliens? Why bring up space aliens in an economic debate on TV of all places? lol

Its almost like they are sending coded messages to each other.