Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At Last, An Efficient Means Of Peasant Disposal

Hear, hear! The toast of the Bilderberger conference this year.

Imagine a filthy peasant demanding to be interred in the earth as his ancestors were.

From dust ye came, to greasy brown syrup you will return and be promptly flushed into the sewer to mix with feces as is your place.

Sooner or later, somebody will point out this brown syrup could go back into feedlots for added nutrition for cattle.

UPDATE : Heart organs can now be removed while still beating. Once you accept government control over your health, you will be regarded as a meat resource sooner or later - and nothing more.


That Monstertruck Guy said...

You posted about this device a year or two ago, I remember.
Flushing human bodies into the sewerage system to "cut carbon emissions" is as sick as it gets. An approval of this procedure in your state is an official declaration that your state government regards you as a number, devoid of any right to be treated with human dignity.

Of course you are right - a chat later between the politicians and their agri-business buddies and the by-product will be added to animal feed. And that's when the fun begins.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think they can't sink any lower...there you go.

Solsys said...

From 1:00 on


Anonymous said...

Pro White, talking point of the week.

What is a person who says race does not exist, or race is a social construct, saying about WHITE GENOCIDE?

He is saying that genocide is IMPOSSIBLE.


Errr.... Der... Uh....

Race is a social construct! I don't care about race! :D

Duh.... Dribble.... Drool...

Pro White:

If race does not exist, then Genocide is IMPOSSIBLE.

Anonymous said...

Ho hum, old tech. This is how some components of dog and cat food is made already, boys and girls. The city strays that reach times up are killed in a decompression chamber and their carcases are sent to a rendering plant in . . . where they are reduced in vats to a disgusting but protein-significant slurry that is denoted (I think) as 'rendered animal byproducts': part of some dry pet foods. Cats into dogfood and dogs into catfood, or some such. Pets are an industry, and now you know where the strays end up. (Real case.)