Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zombie Epidemic Just Waiting To Happen

So much new tech like that described used to be the stuff of exposition in the first ten minutes of italian zombie movies. Now it is real research conducted in the name of maintaining military parity.

This is why I have always thought that any researcher thinking of doing this sort of work should first be subjected to a 24 hour marathon of Fulci films. That should dissuade him.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they want to make Blade Runner replicants. A slave race with a kill switch? Have these people heard of ethics?

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Anonymous said...

Why do I suspect Umbrella Corporation are involved in this....?

Anonymous said...

I don't live in America, so I am not as experienced with Knee Grows as our American cousins, but I do know Americans (Whites) that were forced to go to school with them, often talk about the amount of noise and chaos they create, even in the classroom.

Until now, I didn't know what they meant. The noise in this video is so loud, the microphone just gives up.

Imagine being forced to go to school with these people, as the American government forces White children to do in America and how it affects their ability to learn?

Passing laws to force White children into the same environment as these people is not anti-racist, it is anti-white and quite clearly it is child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Here's another article on Sapien/Neanderthal interbreeding.
Interesting isn't it that spoken language is thought to have arisen during the same time period?
Slowly the hypothesis that modern humans emerged "Out of Africa" fully formed unravels.

It was established last year that a small part of the human genome can be traced back to Neanderthals.

But Prof Peter Parham, an expert in immunology at Stanford medical school in California, has now proved how this instilled a “hybrid vigour” in Homo sapiens that allowed them to go on to populate the world.

According to the Out of Africa hypothesis, around 50,000 years ago[37] a group of humans left Africa and proceeded to inhabit the rest of the world, including Australia and the Americas, which had never been populated by archaic hominids. Some scientists[38] believe that Homo sapiens did not leave Africa before that, because they had not yet attained modern cognition and language, and consequently lacked the skills or the numbers required to migrate. However, given the fact that Homo erectus managed to leave the continent much earlier (without extensive use of language, sophisticated tools, nor anatomical modernity), the reasons why anatomically modern humans remained in Africa for such a long period remain unclear.