Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your Tax Dollars Will No Longer Be Wasted On Airing Facts That Do Not Support Our Conclusions

The difference between the BBC and Pravda in the former Soviet Union is that the inhabitants of Russia were well aware that Pravda was naked government subsidized propaganda to increase government power and prestige.


Anonymous said...

Lmao. The English are so screwed. And you know what? I once felt bad about it, but now I say the hell with them.

Let the lamebrains run your science and politics. Let millions of sub-humans into your country and watch as your leaders make you idiots pay for them to breed you out of existence.

Goodbye Magna Carta, hello Sharia Law!

Global Warming? Hell, why not believe in it! Might as well, as you will be living in the 8th Century pretty soon. And then you'll believe anything your Muslim masters tell you or you will be killed.

Bye-bye England!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's what happens when scientism is allowed to supplant inquiry. Scientism happens to be just as dangerous as all the other "isms" if not more so, because its adherents falsely believe that they have skepticism on their side. Or worse, they are deliberately misusing the data.

Notice I said "inquiry" instead of "science." This is to emphasize the fact the even the word science is being abused. "Science" is not a consensus of scientismic beliefs. Nor is it a monolithic authority to be cited in propaganda pieces. Science is a method. A technique. A tool.

And any tool, even an innocent screwdriver, can be a weapon in the wrong hands!

Anonymous said...

Science is dead and the world is run by pyscopaths. News at 11.