Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Worldwide Unrest and Anarchy

Tip of the iceberg. I could add a hundred other links in the U.S. alone to local regions where enrichers are going on spontaneous flash mob rampages. Facebook and Twitter are proving to be extremely effective tools in the human quest for anarchy and chaos.

As Freud said ... what goes up must come down because humans ultimately seek a simpler level like water. The simplest level being kill people and take their stuff until they kill you. Remember when you see these riots that these people were deliberately imported during better times with the honest belief they would turn into Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. It's like somebody screaming there are zoo animals in the streets running wild, who later admits he is the zoo keeper and he unlocked their cages.

I'm deadly serious when I say, the fault is found with the man who throws a bottle of cockroaches on your kitchen floor. Not the cockroaches. They're just being cockroaches. The question is, who emptied them on your kitchen floor? Who was crazy enough to applaud them while they were doing it? The answer is found by looking into the magic window on the wall of your bathroom, in most cases. If you live in the Western world, that guy you see in there is apparently not wrapped too tight.

I bet you that you will find the people who did this to our society when you find the people who did this and this, probably deliberately so as to lead to this.

Now it's time to face facts and man up.

If you weren't smart enough to recognize this when it was going on, you are not smart enough as a population to do anything about it now. I'm not trying to discourage you, rather to tell you where to focus your energies. For ten years on this blog, I've been telling you to concentrate on your personal survival and the survival of your family and loved ones. I think I have the big picture and I don't think ordinary people can really do anything but ride all this out. Imagine somebody as bright as I am except thousands of them working together as a super-wealthy cabal and in control of most of the political levers of power in the world. You're not going to march around with a placard at a protest stopping these people. It's futile. Seeing how they timed all this to coincide with the Apocalypse Trifecta in the natural world, you must recognize by now how much brighter they are than you. You don't stand a chance trying to resist this evil using the means they permit you. It should be obvious to you by now that without faith in God, your capacity for your own intellectual self-defense is close to nil. They can play you like a fiddle. All your hope is to be found in self-reliance and faith in God. Everything else is just airheads who misunderstand what the actual problem is.


Anonymous said...

"These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact? "
by Katharine Birbalsingh

Only a non-white living in a white country, could tell the truth about race and get away with it.

If it was a white person saying exactly the same thing, they would already be screaming, naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews! naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews! naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews! and she would be out of a job.

Make no mistake folks,

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would not give too much credit to the 'elites'. They are only taking orders and receiveing guidance from Satan and his legion after-all.
The fact that they'll be destroyed just as easily as anyone else by their spoilt brat of a 'master' is an indication of their foolishness.

- deadman

Anonymous said...


Why are you so racist ang bigoted? You should read some history books and watch some documentaries and then you can understand their suffering:

Anonymous said...

Globalist Launch UK Race Wars Using Zombie/Braindead Youth - Alex Jones Tv

Alex Jones utters the magic words in the first minute:

“The average Brit is a politically correct anti-white….”

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it is still going on folks.

Now they are going after the rich whites. White anti-white elites, only care when their own suffer - so we might see decisive action real soon.

White man nearly beaten to death for confronting rioters.

"Terrified residents described how their multi-million-pound homes were broken into while they slept as marauding gangs used the cover of the riots to commit burglaries as thinly stretched police lines tackled trouble spots elsewhere.

One large 200-strong gang, scarves pulled over their faces, surrounded a block of flats and banged on the windows and doors."

Anonymous said...

Why did the NWO engineer the nightmare of multiculturalism? I would have thought a stable, docile population would suit their purposes better.

Rowan said...

You're right Tex, the world is going to hell in a handbasket and the only realistic solution is a vault. I really do agree. You have a family to protect, a good wife and children. What of the rest of us who don't have anyone to protect? Why should we go to such lengths purely to save ourselves?

Anonymous said...

We're at that awkward moment when your brother-in-law in Fallujah sends you a voice-mail and asks if you are safe.

Anonymous said...

I tought you were man with sane ideas, but saying that belive in god and thou shall be saved just crushed my views about you Texas ..

Anonymous said...

Europe on the verge of collapse:

Texas Arcane said...


You see the result of faith. If you believe in God, whether he exists or not, you appreciate the life he gave you as a gift.

Easy to see why people with real faith tend to survive better in these situations no matter where they are or what they are doing. Don't drink the koolaid, your life is worth something. Fight and work to preserve it.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 4:12

That genetic stock is too smart to manage reliably as a slave population. The plan is to thin them out and replace them with lower IQ less independent stock that is much easier to manage in a farm environment. The imports have already proven they would rather run from problems in their own country than fight and many of them come from centuries of passive easily ruled sheep who accept whatever reality they are given.

The Euro strains have too much randomness in their genes and produce the occasional genius, therefore they must be phased out.

Anonymous said...

August 9, 2011 10:32 PM

Anti-white, in your opinion I am raycist and bigoted. You are just saying that because I am white.

"should read some history books and watch some documentaries"

We can solve this "racism" problem with education.

Don't you mean re-education? Brain washing?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you somewhat, but the way you seem to despise those that are not prepared is wrong. A lot of good people will die, not exclusively because of ignorance, but because of circunstance. What of those do not have the means to build a vault?

I use myself as an example. I am a 28 year old single father of two with a wheelchair bound mother. I hardly have enough money and time to support and take care of my family. I have a gun, a makeshift tornado shelter and a year of food. That is the best I could achieve.

Was it my fault that my wife had stomach cancer and died? Was it my fault that I spent a small fortune in medical expenses while trying to save her? Was it my fault that my parents were always on dire straits? I will fight my way through everything and leave nobody behind, but if the blastwave hits us I will feel no guilt. And I will most certainly disregard the offhand comments of those that had the means to prepare better.

Anonymous said...

"then you can understand their suffering:"


Oh I see what you are doing. From clicking around, I see you are posting videos that question the Holocaust. What naughty thoughts you have! lol

But seriously, if Jews were the only people that were anti-white, we would have no problems at all.

Unfortunately the whole world is anti-white, non-whites and the majority of white people included.

With white people, it is a guilt and self hatred fetish. A large number of whites get off on self hatred and the thought of white people being wiped out for our "sins". It makes them feel holy. They think they are Jesus crucified on the cross.

With non-whites, it is resentment and jealousy. You can't imagine what it is like for them, to compare their achievements to those of the white man. We tower over them and they hate us for it.

We can't afford to obsesses over a teeny, tiny group, that is anti-white, when the whole planet is anti-white.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 6:43

I am sorry to hear of so many misfortunes being visited on you at once. You sound to me like one hell of a fighter that with this kind of grief and circumstances, you have still managed to build a makeshift shelter and put up a year's supply of food. You're probably doing better than I am for preps. My shelter is currently filled with black mold, I have had an ozone generator running down there for a month trying to disinfect it. I have finally completed my rotation and have yet to actually move my new food and supplies down into my shelter.

Don't give up until the fat lady sings. It sounds to me like you are looking out for your children and doing the very best with what you have. I bet it will turn out that might just be good enough. I am sure your wife would be very proud of you that you are doing the best you know how to take care of your family.

We have somebody close to us who might not be able to easily enter our shelter and I spend a lot of time trying to think of a way to jimmyrig an entrance that they can use if they need it when the time comes.

I don't despise people trying to prepare at all, brother. I despise people who say there is nothing to prepare for and nothing to worry about. I am sure if you are honest you might admit that you sometimes despise such people as well. If you think about it, the biggest problem with such people is that you will likely end up fighting them off when the time comes. That's what gripes me the most about sheeple types. They laugh at me today, tomorrow they will not think twice to try to take what I have by force. They're bastards either way.

Anonymous said...

I have a serious question. Would annexing someone's vault and supplies be considered a legitimate strategy for SHTF? We are talking about survival here. No Bruhaha about "not before my entrance is stacked 15 deep with dead bodies" etc, please. We've seen entire nations venture out and do it. If you are worth your salt, you've thought about it too.

Anonymous said...

Tex, for ventilation, some of the high-end old-home rehabs install high velocity forced air using 3 inch PVC piping as ducts (because it will fit inside of old walls with a minimum of disruption). Seems like it would be a bit power hungry, but could give you the air and dryness you will need, and perhaps mechanical and electronic filtration components. Such contractors work in 'exclusive' neighborhoods; for work or info.

Kill the mold that you have now, as it will get worse: 2 gallon garden sprayer half filled with water, + 1 cup beach + 1 cup white vinegar. Wear a real gas mask while you are down there, spraying everything carefully down, or you'll tear-up and gag and pass out. Simple and works.

Anonymous said...

I misundertood you and you are a good man after all. Sorry.

I agree with you about the sheeple, it's just that sometimes you sound like you wish misfortune upon others. After your reply I know for sure that is not what you mean. The truth is that some people have a hard enough time living as it is, they don't have the freedom do prepare. Actually, they don't even have the peace of mind to see that something is coming. Not everyone that is ignorant about the situation is to blame.

When something bad happens, the people responsible will be safe and sound. The dead ones will be both their disposable goons and their victims. Perhaps some of their victims had it coming, but only God has the authority to claim that. We should pray for them regardless.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 9:53

I think this is the strategy of around 50% of the people in Amerikwa who believe owning a gun will make them the king of their block when TSHTF.

It's like people who say "if there's a hurricane or tornado I will just hit the open road and take what I need with my gun." I think this is kind of a really stupid plan, in fact it could be looked upon as an easy way to get rid of a lot of sub-par people very quickly with them all fighting and killing one another topside. Aside from the fact they are clearly amoral monsters at heart, they are almost assuring their own removal from the equation by making no plans more sophisticated than this.

Anonymous said...

I agree that initially, the panic looters will be weeded out very quickly. But someone who holes up for months on supplies and then ventures out once the majority of threats have been eradicated would probably do well to seek out and occupy established strongholds.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13
It occurs to me that you could be describing exactly what happened the LAST time the cyclical cataclysm hit. I mean, if that's the personality type that survived... that would go a long way toward explaining why today we are a society of mostly psychopaths! We could be descendants of those short-sighted grasshoppers who favored bullying as a strategy over cooperation and planning!
Oh, well. If Mr. Felix (and others) are right, all the DNA on the planet is about to get scrambled anyway, so maybe THAT will break the chain. Probably not.

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