Thursday, August 18, 2011

William Cooper Was Right - About Everything

William Cooper shifted gears in the middle of his career as a writer and began to tell people there were no UFOs and no aliens - that this was a disinformation campaign conducted by the government deliberately to keep the public busy fighting straw men and imaginary conspiracies that didn't exist.

Cooper said the Federal Government would soon conduct a series of false flag attacks on their own citizens in order to curtail all liberties under the Constitution as part of an "anti-terrorism" campaign and then they would proceed to label all political dissidents as "terrorists." He was right.

Cooper said that because his writing albeit obscure was too insightful into government plans he would soon be dispatched by a government hit team in his own front yard. He said that because he would soon die anyway, he would reveal every single thing he knew about the real government. He was right.

I like the part where the deputy in his sworn affidavit described Bill as "running towards officers firing both barrels" requiring them to "return fire," having neglected to mention that Bill was a one legged man who required assistance just to get from his front door to his car seat.

Cooper blasted Alex Jones, David Icke and many others as the best "opposition" money can buy.


Anonymous said...

You were asking if that new troll is Zionist. Well it seems a lot of people, are asking that same question.

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers

Incogman is a Jew obsessive, but tells it like it is.

Zionist Jew HasbaRATS are Everywhere

From what I can tell this guy is trolling to get a reaction and then funneling it all in the direction of Nazis and Jews.

They always try to make everything about themselves, because that is where the donations are.

Keep the ordinary Jews in a state of perpetual terror and they will donate millions to support the ADL, AIPAC, SPLC and Israel.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me. They want their New World Order and will do whatever it takes to get there.

From Al Gore's latest rant, it looks like creating a global currency (like the Euro led to the EU), using the Global Warming scam as cover, is going to fail.

Now the only way to get it, is to create an outside threat, for everyone to unite against.

I have seen people on the net, talking about a Project Blue Beam, as a way to create this non-existent threat.

So look for funny lights in the sky. It will be a fantastic laser show, but it will be complete and utter BS.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe that had Bill Cooper been alive in the post 9/11 world things would have been much, much different in what has to do with revealing the truth and reaching a wider audience than what they are today. He was the only one who got it right right from the start and even warned about it, when other "truthers" and MSM were searching for Ben Kenobis in the desert. That's why they had to remove him. He was too influential and outspoken and he wouldn't hold anything back, right or wrong.

His interpretation of 2001: A Space Odyssey had a great effect on me and particularly what he says from 9:35 to 10:00 of this video shook me and changed my entire worldview:

Anonymous said...

Bill's prediction of 9/11 just about 2,5 months before the attack where he even identifies the scapegoat in OBL:

And his memorable broadcast right after the attack when he was the only one to get immediately what it means for the future:

Anonymous said...

How do I know William Cooper was the real deal?

Because he was assassinated.

Alex Jones is a pimp. Cooper despised him. AJ got rich and famous. Cooper got dead.

See how it works?

Now, let's consider other outspoken, currently popular leaders that haven't been killed.....


Anonymous said...

So 9/11 was a false flag? I'm dubious. Far too much credence is given to conspiracy theories when the reality is usually much more boring.

Anonymous said...

Tex (and other readers), what are your thoughts on the Disclosure Project? It seems to have a lot of credible people involved. Are they right, being mislead or are they all actively trying to mislead the public?

A lot of things seem to hint that we've either got these creatures roaming out there or the elite have got technology that is far in advance of what the public has and has been hidden away, over generations the public only getting the dregs trickling off.

Solsys said...

"So 9/11 was a false flag? I'm dubious. Far too much credence is given to conspiracy theories when the reality is usually much more boring.

August 18, 2011 9:15 PM"

So you mean you can't make up your own opinion about the event ? You know, research the facts, learn about physics, that sort of thing ?

You prefer to guess which theory sounds right, or bluff / counterbluff ?

Why then should we listen to you, since you have no opinion of your own ?

Anonymous said...

((So 9/11 was a false flag? I'm dubious. Far too much credence is given to conspiracy theories when the reality is usually much more boring.))

I disagree entirely, and must deride your pretence of ignorance. Reality is actually far more interesting than governments, espionage agents, organised crime, and special ops types would like others to know. I've been part of that world, and I assure you - conspiracies DO exist, always have, always WILL. Any fool who claims otherwise, and can't recognise a controlled demolition n or an obvious false-flag operation such as occured on 11th Sept 2001... is just that, a FOOL. Take your braindead shill carcass elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Demonizing Ron Paul by equating him to Nazis (all-time favorite boogeymen) and drug dealers:

This comes from an industry run by pedophiles:

Anonymous said...

"Why then should we listen to you, since you have no opinion of your own ?"

I am not sure there is a "you" behind the comment you mention. It is so generic, it could have been written by a spam bot.

However, describing something as "Conspiracy theory", is what they use when they are trying to shut down a discussion, they do not want people to have.

Of course, Marxist psywar tactics like that don't work anymore. They are old world, pre-information age. These says, anyone can start doing their own research, in seconds.