Friday, August 12, 2011

Was Tutankhamun Human?

No, I don't think he was. That skull is not Homo Sapiens.

I don't believe in aliens or UFOs. That's not what I think this is.

I think there was a race of masters with heads shaped like the Tut. King Tut may have been the last of this line when he died.

I have gathered there were four different hominids in the last million years.

1. The rulers. Skulls like Tuts. Big elongated melons, huge brains. Limited mammalian characteristics, very cruel and domineering. They appear in carvings all over the world in every culture, always depicted as the masters. Skulls of them found all over South America, Africa and Asia.

2. The Neanderthals. Mousterian peoples. A tightly knit xenophobic race that was very inventive, creative and highly intelligent which was tolerated to live wild in a pastoral setting until it became obvious they could pose a threat to the big heads just by existing. Too bright for their own good. A product of cold weather climates. The Amuds were the last of their breed. Monogamists.

3. Homo Sapiens. Slave races made from Neanderthal starter genes but designed to be incapable of harming their masters. They survived the destruction of most of the ruling race and eventually destroyed their genetic root stock in the Neanderthals, literally committing patricide. Vicious, mindless, relentlessly aggressive. Where any intelligence appears amongst them it is a result of hybridization with Neanderthal women. Very promiscuous and profligate. Polygamists at best.

4. Cro-Magnons. Freakish gigantism offshoot of Homo Sapiens which lasted briefly and then was subsumed into their race in small numbers.

The real question for me is ... how much surviving stock do we see today which has some remnant of these four races? All of them? Two or more? A puzzler. Some people are convoluted mixes of possibly all four sets of genes.


Anonymous said...

So, is there any reason why you don't believe in the possibility of intelligent alien life forms? (Please note I don´t believe they have ever come to Earth)

Anonymous said...

Enter 'starchild skull' into Google Images for a bizarre set off photographs.

- deadman

Djanar said...

Actually, the Neanderthals themselves also had the exact same large elongated skulls as ol' Tut here.

Check out the picture of the Amud skull from the website above. It says that most of the 'derthal remains from the Levant, such as that skull from Amud turns out to be more recent than the earliest modern human remains from the region. No hugely pronounced brow ridge, ape-like elongated face in that skull. It even looks quite similar to that of Tut himself.

People initially thought that the Amud types were some kind of human-neanderthal hybrids, but later realized that this was not the case after finding out about their age and the rest of their robust, unmistakably neanderthal skeletal structure.,2933,516039,00.html

There were many Neanderthal races around, as much as four co-existing within the vast territory they have occupied for almost half a million years. They haven't remained the same creature they were in the beginning after they've evolved from the robust Heidelbergensis.

Late Neanderthals became physically more gracile probably because some of them have moved further south to Mesopotamia near the end of the big IceAge and adopted a more socialized way of life in relatively larger communities.

They were already using highly advanced hunting tech even in the very small social units they had in the past. I imagine the late Amud types living in larger social units who were rapidly becoming less "feral" and more "socialized" in the co-operative sense could have developed a more complex civilization. A semi-agrarian and pastoralist Amud Neo society spending less time hunting big animals and more time creating things. A force to be reckoned with indeed which could have easily disturbed the "Gods".

Alas, it was not meant to happen. Just as the Neanderthals both as a species and a society were evolving into something full of potential, massive hordes of hyper-socialized, hyper-gracilized, polygamous, extroverted and more ambiguously facile doublethink-oriented race of hominids have poured into their lands and wiped them out & absorbed their DNA. Their newly-developed mastery of projectile weapons proved deadly effective, indeed.

It's strangely suspicious that this extremely divergent, almost artificial race of hominids coming from Africa have finally managed to overcome their Neander-neighbors to the north after trying and failing for thousands of years, just as that one type of Neo's were starting to develop a new way of life. What exactly has opened the flood-gates from Africa at such a prodigious moment in history, and armed them with super advanced spear-throwers and the ability to use them tremendously well?

Perhaps the "Gods" have driven their slave race to eradicate an entity becoming too dangerous for them. I wonder if the mixture of the two types resulting in the hugely advanced civilization we live in today was an intended or unintended consequence of that decision to turn the scions of Enkidu into "living ghosts". Loyal to their comrades and fiercely independent, pure neo's just weren't cut to adapt to a fully agrarian life. Even the latest Neo strains could not have gone fully-agrarian to sustain huge populations, hierarchical structures etc. even if they had the chance.

Were the ones with the elongated skulls here actually the product of the late Neo strains like the Amud, Neo-hybrids or an entirely different race, the "Gods" or their special overseers, the creations of Enki with the little hands, too weak for labor yet very good at bossing others around & acting as conduits between the slaves and the "Gods"?

Anonymous said...

Remnants of the rulers are still among us and are the true hidden force behind secret societies which they use to influence world events.

Neanderthals are still among us through the genetic strain they left on a part of mankind. People with strong genetic link to the Neanderthals are hated and feared by the ruling race because they are considered as the only ones capable of ruining their plans, even if themselves, in many cases, are unaware of it (although I have reasons to believe some of them have joined them - "He would be a great asset. Can it be done? He will join us or die, master")

The reckoning is due...

Anonymous said...

Tex have you read "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes?

Here's Phil Dick's interesting opinion about the book, on how the "Gods" communicated with the "slaves" and how he implemented the idea in his novel VALIS:

Anonymous said...

King Tut and half of European men share DNA:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, check out Tut's dad, too.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 12:02

Sure aliens have come to earth. We're them. The universe is seeded with a soup of probiotic organisms with self-organizing qualities. Fred Hoyle was right. Everybody else was wrong.

Djanar :

Brilliant synopsis. Loved it, I can see you and I have been following parallel paths of deductive reasoning. I am familiar with all of it, was discussing it in another thread on this blog. It was easy to see why the "gods" exterminated "Enkidu" (Amuds) in the Epic of Gilgamesh. This rodeo clown who lived in the woods was starting to manifest way too much independent thinking and creativity to be permitted to live.

I have just started to stray into the exact same conjecture you have in the past six months ... namely, were Homo Sapiens manufactured for the express purpose of exterminating the Neanderthals? Did the "gods" create biologically replicating death machines and release them onto the Neanderthals in order to destroy them?

More to the point, why is keeping the Amud secret so important to modern scienmajists? You'd think it was the stealth bomber of anthropology. If you didn't know where to look you'd still think Neanderthals were the ape-like critters they show in the museums.

Anon 4:48

All of these hominids share common DNA together and all of them would probably fit the definition of "sons of Adam" each in their own right. It's in the finer points of their genetic expression that the differences come out, the same way between a wolfhound and a chihuaha. They're both "dogs."

Texas Arcane said...


Seriously, until you put those links up I had no idea that these findings had been reported in the popular media. I have a contact in the U.S. who sends me PDF files that other people are never permitted to see. I had not realized any of that information had been made public.

Anonymous said...

'I don't believe in aliens or UFOs'

Tex, would you consider that Aliens and UFOs are simply Humans from the future?

12:02 PM

'(Please note I don´t believe they have ever come to Earth)'

That notion is stranger than complete non-belief, that is like saying, 'I blow $50 a day on morphine sulfate, but I won't feel like a shot tomorrow'

If 'they' do exist and have visited Earth they would have to be able to travel faster than light or travel using 'stargate' type portals OR they are just Time Travelers, aka Dr Who.


Texas Arcane said...


Why is it so important that they be from outer space or the future?

As you can see, they were hominids. Different sorts but all hominids.

If we push back the first modern men to a million years ago, you will see there is plenty of time for all kinds of humans to have lived on the earth.

One of these races had large brains and were regarded as an elite above the common throng. One day they decided to start referring to themselves as "gods." They even began to engineer servants from other hominids to perform their great infrastructure tasks.

With just a slight bit of conjecture, we can account for the whole history of mankind relatively well (compared to what we may never know) without resorting to UFOs, Time Travel or aliens.

It's like a guy who wants to explain everything by blaming it on Bigfoot. Not everything is caused by Bigfoot. What we don't know for sure, we don't have to assign to UFOs or Time Travelers.

A million years is a long, long, long time. Who knows what dreams may come, in a sleep of a million years? So much history we will never know exactly what happened.

Anonymous said...

Mr Texas, without discrediting your other theories, I don't believe that Tutankhamun was a different class of hominid as evidenced by his skull shape. If he was, why didn't the females in his family exhibit the same type of skull? His father Akhenaten did, yes. Tutankhamun was the result of an incestuous marriage between Akhenaten & his sister.

This would account for his physical abnormalities, which also included scoliosis and a club foot. He walked with the aid of a cane. When Tutankhamun's wife died, she did not want to marry one of her own countrymen/sunjects, instead writing to the king of the Hittites (a caucasian race with an Aryan language) asking to marry one of his sons. I'm certainly no expert but could it be that they were badly inbred because they were trying to maintain a caucasian bloodline?

Anonymous said...

Side with tex on issue. Imagine what that would look like with skin ahdn hair .. something is wrong there. His dad was worse.

If it is inbred then why are similar skulls seen in ruling classes everywhere on temple walls and sculputers as mentioned by tex?

If inbred you mean bred together with humans I say like tex, maybe the last of the "others" mixed so much with homo saps it is in-between. Imagine the originals.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:57- I can't explain why similar looking people would be seen on temple walls elsewhere, except that such drawings are often very stylised.

By inbred I meant deformed due to his royal family's incestuous breeding proven by recent DNA tests, and having the same deformity as his father (but notably absent from his mother's and grandmother's skulls, which you'd expect to be the same if it were some form of speciation). You can see people with that type of deformity around today, where the bones in their skull have fused at too early an age, preventing it from widening properly.

A facial reconstruction of Tutankhamun's skull was made, which was howled down by the American Afrocentrists, who criticised it as being "too white". IMHO he was a member of a ruling class of caucasoids who was deformed by too many generations of inbreeding. Ultimately, when he married his own half-sister, they couldn't even bare children that weren't stillborn.

Anonymous said...


New evidence suggests that Fred Hoyle was right indeed:

Anonymous said...

Do you think that head binding or other such ancient body modifications could go a long way to explaining some of the odd skulls that are found? We know the practice did occur and was quite widespread (reaching across the continents from America to Africa). Some of these people, while appearing inhuman in form, could still be human DNA. It could be the mechanical deformation rather than DNA differences (not that I deny that we must have variation thanks to the Neo, Cro-Magnon, etc. variation in various individuals and groups).

It (and natural mutation/disease) could explain away many or perhaps all of these cases.

Perhaps again they were imitating something else? Something they looked up to which displayed these properties? What gave them the idea that these elongated skulls were attractive when previous generations obviously picked mates for countless generations to give the human forms we recognise as the normal range (as opposed to these freakish skulls)?

Could it be all some sort of binding or modification fashion and disease? Could it be DNA and subspecies divisions? Could it be both or a memory of these leader/god subspecies? I cannot say without more information, but I'm open to any ideas with some good information to back it. Certainly it's an interesting topic as always, Tex.

Anonymous said...

They created short-lived slaves:

Djanar said...

"This rodeo clown who lived in the woods was starting to manifest way too much independent thinking and creativity to be permitted to live."

The rodeo clown was moving out of the woods, stopped wrestling with the Aurochs and started to domesticate them. There is ample evidence for the Amud types actually "seeding" fields to supplement their normally carnivorous diet with other stuff. Enkidu's progeny had stopped being simply amusing to the "Gods" the moment they've evolved on their own and started storing food in such a way which would eventually lead to them organizing themselves in ever larger and more co-operating communities. They've started becoming dangerous, that much is obvious.

Hard to control and hard to manipulate due to their strong "in-group" psyche as you put it, coupled with the fact that they were both mentally strong enough to develop technology, domesticate animals and plants on their own and were physically strong enough to, well... wrestle with giant bulls like Enkidu himself! That was actually one of their main hunting techniques for pinning down large prey as understood from some of the fractures quite frequently observed in their skeletal remains. So what if they weren't quite built to utilize "throwing" weaponry very well and had poor hand-eye coordination, if they could eventually start developing things like crossbows at some point! Just point it towards something and pull the trigger: BAM! No need to be DiMaggio for that...

As I said, it really is very suspicious that they had to be invaded & wiped out the moment a particular breed of them has started evolving to leave hunting-gathering behind for a more complex way of society and civilization.

"They even began to engineer servants from other hominids to perform their great infrastructure tasks."

That is quite plausible if this particular kind of humanoid species have perfected the slavery of other hominids to almost an art form. It could have easily become science at the hands of such ruthless creatures, who have practiced this for such a long time, turning it into a fundamental way of their lives ever since they've ended up with large brains and cruel souls at some point in history. They could have even created certain slave races not only from other hominids, but from their very own stock. Turning some of their kind into pariah classes and degenerating them into slave creatures. Punishment for war or blood feuds between different factions?

"More to the point, why is keeping the Amud secret so important to modern scienmajists?"

Keeping the social Darwinistic dogma of the "Advent of Man" going almost un-consciously? Ancient and shadowy cults & cliques pulling strings? Stupidity and incompetence?

These people should be ashamed but it is obvious that they know no such thing as "shame". There's no excuse for such pathetic travesties yet there is no end to them found in all fields of science. If you can pull Globowarmthinkery from laughable "computer models" and cherry-picking data solely from stations in urban heat pockets and many more manboonery like that, the sky is the limit for your "scienmajistic" types. You were quite right in suggesting that we should only look at their simple findings and ignore their conclusions most of the time. They're only good for digging stuff and putting them up somewhere, assuming they haven't screwed up with even that. I suspect lots of stuff just gets to be kept buried & out of reach. Science in service of the monied interest groups with an agenda feeding them with grants = fail.

"I have a contact in the U.S. who sends me PDF files that other people are never permitted to see."

Heh, any chance you can upload them somewhere for us poor folks here with no special contacts so we can also take a look?

Anonymous said...

I'm with tex. Dude would look unbelievably strange in real life. Head shape just too huge perched on tiny stalk neck looks like a Whitley Streiber nightmare. This is a hybrid of something.

Texas Arcane said...


Sadly, I would say the desire to keep Amuds out of the papers is important both to creationists and to darwinists, both of whom believe in a slope of man, they just disagree which direction the slope leans in.

Amud says there is no slope. No ascent/advent of man. It messes up centuries of implied order and blows creationists and darwinists right out of the water. I predict it will be decades before this is discussed anywhere and only then after many current adherents have died off.

Djanar said...

Totally forgot about the creationists... Their whole existence is so ridiculous like some dumb joke of cosmic proportions that they didn't even register in my mind as a viable faction worthy of mentioning. Yet there are so many of them, especially in the "Krisschan 'Kwa" and with so much money and people behind it, actually making them a major player in the field.

Isn't it funny how fundamentally similar the "darwinist-creationist" to the almost equally laughable "left-right" hegelian paradigm, both ready-made packages tailored for the sheeple?

@ Anon 3:12

Artificial cranial deformation goes back to such ancient times and is so widespread around the world from the Mayans to the Mesopotamians and the Huns and apparently even some of the late Neanderthals themselves, it really makes one think...

If this was just the kind of stupid cultural quirk stemming from some superstition or such nonsense, this thing would not have been so universal all around the human and even not-so-human cultures around the world. If the "Gods" really did look like melonheads and were obviously superior creatures dominating over all else for quite some time, it would be natural that they would want to emulate them in some way.

Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tutankhamen don't look like they've been artificially deformed to me, though... Tut has both a high forehead AND an enormously large and elongated back of the skull. That shape would not be possible to achieve with artificial deformation and none of the examples of artificially deformed skulls found from around the world look like *that* anyway!

Tex, what's your take on the findings of "Artificial Cranial Deformation" in the Shanidar cave Neanderthals? Why would some of the late southwest Asian Neanderthals would want to emulate the melonheads?

Texas Arcane said...

Clearly some races all over the world were trying to increase the chances for their offspring by making their heads resemble the rulers. Their artificial attempts result in completely different looking tube-shaped heads.

King Tut was not a result of skull shaping. Look at that natural swell to the back. What is that guy, like a 4000cc brain?!? The only people we see with those size brains are on the walls of temples depicted as the "gods."

I'm sorry, I imagine that thing in real life and something that doesn't look human at all comes to me. He would have been distinctly "other" in appearance and capabilities. The only thing I can imagine close to that is the traditional E.T. head shape.

Having said that, I believe this could have been a very ancient and distinctive race of hominids who were sophisticated and extremely advanced more than a million years ago. Where they came from or how they may have a history that goes even farther back into antiquity is a mystery.

It's important to point out that it doesn't take aliens or bigfoots to explain them. Remember the time scales we are talking about. The Earth could possibly be trillions, not billions, of years old.

Texas Arcane said...

Note the real God didn't care for all these melonheads going around referring to themselves as "gods" like Tut calling himself the incarnation of Amun, Amun-Ra ... they seemed to have lost their commission and been slated for destruction because of it ...

Jer 46:25 The LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: "I am about to bring punishment on Amon god of Thebes, on Pharaoh, on Egypt and her gods and her kings, and on those who rely on Pharaoh.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane...

My intuition tells me your a Graham Hancock fan. Me too.

I believe the Tutankamun skull is of a different species of humanoid. I personally don't see any reason why the genetics can't be E.T or homegrown, so to speak. Clearly, we live in a universe full of intelligent life. You don't need hard evidence to prove that. All one needs to do is look up at the night sky or at a hubble space photo to know the truth. Anything you can imagen is true and exists as a reality. It all depends on what your willing to integrate into your belief system. How wide do you want reality to be?

Time travel, light speed, teleportation etc - these aren't obstacles for todays science anymore. Linear thinking is what labled and created these concepts. It's all easily overcome when you understand that everything is consciousness.

If you wanna find out what happened thousends of years ago, journey though your 3rd eye and see for yourself ;-)

Seliz said...

Hi All,

Really enjoying your comments on the topic. What do you all think about the possibility that the shape of Tut's head and the heads of all the others depicted on temple walls were a result of Binding and not a genetic characteristic, perhaps done as a sign of royalty and to set them apart much like the foot binding of upper-class Chinese women ( or like the neck rings of the Kayan People in Africa (