Saturday, August 13, 2011

Was Noah's Ark A Vault?

Really fascinating essay by Robert Bast.

Will make you think about the entire scope of human history. The ancient Vedantic writings have a chain of ownership that assures some consistency going back around 12,000 years. There's an element of truth in here somewhere that is vindicated by identical accounts found on the other side of the planet with completely different races of people.

I was aware of this thread running through ancient writings when I first started to think about building my own shelter back in 1997. The Avesta describing a terrible poisonous snow aboveground that would kill all living things not deep in the "ark" beneath the ground. The ancients mentioned "the burning sky" and the "black ashfall" again and again in the dreams of Gilgamesh.

Look at the colossal underground cities in Turkey and around the Fertile Crescent. Somebody engaged in a huge engineering project to create these places. Unbelievable in scope and logistics.

Note "Ark" can also be translated as "Sanctuary" in Hebrew.


Anonymous said...

They found Noah's Ark at the Durupinar Site near Mount Ararat. It was a boat as the Bible described.

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Thanks, Tex.

That's one of the most fascinating articles pertaining to Noah's Ark that I've ever read.

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Mr T

another awesome info link


the older I get the less I know


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Neanderthal males had Popeye-like arms even without the spinach:

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Brilliant article. bet is gets some Christians noses out of joint.
Dare you to post it at Frugal Squirrel's.
John will get all stuttery and red faced......