Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vault-Co Warned You : False Flag Alien Attack

Yes, it's ridiculous. The thing is, modern people are stupid enough to fall for it. They are more ignorant than Dark Age medieval peasants. Worse, they have had their vanity flattered for most of their adult life by media telling them they are all geniuses. These are people who can barely read and write and have trouble speaking in complete sentences. This is the reason Bill Cooper said they had been stoking this UFO myth for the past fifty years, when the plans for a world government were laid.

I think they are going to do something with this. I think they tried to build a propaganda basis for it last year and they failed. They won't be giving up, however.

Look at the money they are spending promoting this absurdity. There's big funding trying to create a buzz for this.

* Check out this bizarre, cryptic BBC commercial agitprop for Bluebeam/False flag Ops ... Never explained by BBC what it was about or why it was on?!? ...


Solsys said...

"* Check out this bizarre, cryptic BBC commercial agitprop for Bluebeam/False flag Ops ... Never explained by BBC what it was about or why it was on?!? ... "

It's about "the power of the internet", where it turns out that the strange creature is in fact a normal user.

If you thought TV was bad enough, watch as AI and paid posters change what is being said on forums, facebook etc.

Hitler used modern communications to unknown limits (Goebbels practially invented modern marketing), now this is going to be the worst totalitarian thing ever.

Of course it will backfire. East Germany was a nazi's wet dream, and they basically stopped making children at one point, and were steering towards economic collapse.

The whole point of survivalism is to survive societal failure.

Anonymous said...

Solsys said...

Tex, if you agree with the following, could you post it on vault-co as a guest article ? I think it is important enough.

Whatever the next “attack” will be, it will resort to the same basic characteristics of the 9/11 attacks.

First of all, that “something” will happen in the real world, with an evident result : a building is destroyed, people dying etc.

If we go the “alien” scenario, then some technology or reasoning will be used that is difficult to understand or to explain.

The official story behind 9/11 is ludicrous, and there is ample evidence, and even scientific proof about it. Yet most people will stick to it, and even people knowing better remained silent because of this. They didn’t want to alientate colleagues, friends or even family.

Now a false “alien” event would be even more difficult to debunk, or to explain. Not only because of its strange character, but because we would be deprived of the very scientific laws that could debunk 9/11. After 9/11, the official report practically invented a parallel state of physics. Now with aliens, using something that looks like antigravity for instance, physics as we know it could be useless as a counterargument or proof.

This would make it extremely difficult to counter whatever propaganda / distorted reality will then be imposed upon us, by a random asian physics teacher with an Einstein haircut or anybody else.

In the 9/11 case, many people had doubts on either side of the story. The social pressure is immense, and although people would know better, they decided to side with the offical version and buy peace of mind. With “alien” technology doubts towards the alternative (true) version will be even stronger, and harder to overcome.

An “alien” event would primarily be used socially, so we have to build on our experience of 9/11 and similar false flag /engineered events to act properly (whatever that would be) when it arrives.

Solsys said...

Now my personal view on such a scenario (not linked with my contribution above). This is merely a play of the imagination, a crude “Kriegspiel” scenario, but , hey, we have to start practicing scenarios somewhere.

An alien attack would have to be global (it would be suspicious if it targeted only the USA, or Tehran…). This means that the most probable targets worldwide would be affected.

As suggested in the Discovery Channel trailer (haven’t found the complete video yet), that could involve blackouts or EMP bursts. The best targets, viewed from space, would be dense urban areas with advanced technology

Sounds sci-fi enough.
-> The attack would have to be consistent with pre-implanted notions of aliens that have been implanted over egnerations in our collective memory). As a side note : the last book written by C.G. Jung, in the 50’s, was about aliens as a new archetype in our industrial world. This is an important read if you’re interested in the subject, also to be linked with social engineering (which uses what is already preexisting in the mind).

Coordinated attacks on electricity / communications networks would leave people isolated, on a very local basis. I could even imagine some really strange “cyberattacks” on each person’s PC or mobile phone. It has to real (tangible) and it has to be local.

Now try to reason panicked people around you with your own scientific credence, like people tried on the very Tuesday, September the 11th 2001, and you’ll soon see the limit of it.

If there is a pre-established “fifth column” hysteria, à la “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, the people speaking with the voice of reason, and incriminating the US government or whatever, might be seen as potential traitors, and jailed, or lynched. It was already there during 9/11 (every Paki & Indian looked like an evil terrorist to Joe Sixpack and his mom).

Of course, for countries not benefiting from these global attacks, it would amount to a declaration of war, so their military and political capabilities would have to be neutralised in some way. Space-based weapons, EMP weapons, and stuff we don’t even know about, but would recognize as alien (“Death Rays” !) could destroy technological capabilities of those opposed to the global attack.

Also, known weapons such as nuclear warheads could be used, and blamed on the aliens. When local communications fail, when the central government and the capital jhas been vaporized whatever remains of local governements would be hard pressed to inform their population.

To hit the political fabric of most states, one or several plagues could be unleashed simultaneously. A global alien attack would be a “kill-off” kind of attack, akin to the Microbian Shock that hit the american continent after 1492. This is consistent of plans of massive depopulation.

This might sound a bit over-the-top, but after all we’re talking about an “alien attack” here, so it’s not me that started the damn topic, but the Mass Media :) .

The end situation could look like : remnants of humanity cartered in “safe heavens” (mines, underground cities, with next to no access to the outside world, living in a totalitarian nightmare while still being useful in some way), and the select few living on the surface in remote, paradisiac places with automated factories & robots to care for their every need.

Anonymous said...

Goebbels didn't invent anything, his tool box of agit-prop came from Bernays, Freud's disciple.

Anonymous said...

Tex, what you don't realise is that alien attacks are what the top super edjamacated jeeniuses are recommending for solving our economic problems:

Caught on camera saying it no less.

Isn't it spooky how often you post something like this about almost any subject (in this case false flag alien attack and story continuity in the media) and then within hours some talking head or government expert will follow the pattern or place the next piece of the puzzle down. Someone suggesting it as a solution and how we will react.

False flag aliens is their trump card to everything. They have no real answers or solutions any more.

Anonymous said...

Don't click this link if you are sensitive. Very graphic images.

Unfolding Mexican Decent into Chaos: Decapitated Bodies Spoil Fun at Acapulco Tourist Strip

Funny how when we cross the border from America (a country controlled by White people) into Mexico (a country controlled by brown people) this becomes the norm. Yet the only thing that has changed is the jurisdiction. Perhaps there is something magical in the soil brown people control?

Whenever these issues are raised, anti-Whites first scream Racist to intimidate people and then tell them to stop being "afraid of change" - you need an education (re-education, brainwashing).

Is the above the change they are talking about? Perhaps anti-Whites aren't nice people at all? Perhaps anti-Whites intend White people harm and PC and "anti-racism", is another scam like Global Warming? What should we do about that?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Solsys said...

"Goebbels didn't invent anything, his tool box of agit-prop came from Bernays, Freud's disciple."

Thanks for the link, very interesting indeed.

It's amazing how many things lead back to Freud and CG Jung.

Solsys said...

Regarding false events : as I like to confront sources, I went to the Libyan news agency site, and read something interesting

it seems Al-Jazeera created a false "central square" in Qatar, to mimick the real place in Tripoli.

On this video, the camera pans around, and indeed it looks like a deserted dockside or something, definitely not the center of a city.

If you tell people this without video support, they don't believe you and brand you as "conspirationist". But it's not me who builds replicas of whole streets !!

Anonymous said...

It's ironic. Tex thinks Americans are stupid and will believe anything, and he's the one who thinks there's a conspiracy to fake an alien attack.

So who is the gullible one here?

Anonymous said...

Anon August 21, 2011 7:32 AM

Are you trying to establish yourself as a pop-culture influenced manboon on this blog?

Just because Goebbels had Bernays' books in his library doesn't mean he got everything from there. In fact he got nothing but was just interested in studying the enemy. Bernays spin stood for completely opposing values such as freejum and in-jew-vidualism for the sake of empowering the corporations and turning people to consumer units, as well as justifying "wars for freejewm and democzrazy by demonizing "evil" regimes and dictators - a spin employed up to this day - than those of Goebbels and the Nazis. The Nazis got their propaganda techniques from the British and from studying history and famous orators. Hitler by the 1920's already had a clear opinion on the importance and technique of propaganda, as Mein Kampf testifies.

So perhaps in the future when you want to sound cool for "debunking" a popular notion by, ironically, liking to wikipedia, you might want to check some facts first.