Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Start Prepping For All-Out Thermonuclear War

It's really coming now. Aren't you glad I was a paranoid bastard warning you really early back when it could do some good?

I'd say Q4 they will crash most of the West, excepting their strongholds intended to provide them with a refuge in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Sometime before Christmas there will be the start of provocations and an attempt to demonize somebody as the source of all evil, perhaps a player that has previously been kept in reserve until now. Later next year, very like the first shots of WW3 will be fired in the Middle East, followed by many standoffs leading finally to a first strike as a pre-emptive measure by somebody who sees which way the wind is blowing. This initial limited exchange will turn into an all-out Clausewitzian struggle for survival between different factions with heavy use of ugly weapons like the neutron bomb and deeply salted cobalt-60 payloads. Most of the civilians of the Western world will be sacrificed like pawns on a chessboard with targeted nuclear, chemical and biological attacks.

During this period, the governments of Canada, America, Britain and Australia will clamp down on their citizens with an iron hand. It is highly likely the first boxcars to FEMA camps in the U.S. will be loaded at this time with internal "dissidents" who might pose opposition to the coming "war effort." They almost got to this stage during the campaign to make Iraq safe for vultures by eliminating the humans. In any event, you will see the jackboot come out very soon for casual critics of the government. It will no longer be possible to say much without getting yourself on a watch list and most people will be afraid of being blacklisted for a job with the economy vaporized. In general, the sheeple will fall in, tuck their heads down and do as they are told in all circumstances. They'll tell themselves it's patriotism but in fact it will be terror, pure and simple.


Solsys said...

This picture has an esthetic quality of its own (like a zombie / horror movie).

BTW, the guy is not a victim, he is on the "wanted" list (see the rest of the site)

Anonymous said...

Russian Politician Blames Britain's Riots On Multiculturalism

The chair of the Russian upper house's international affairs committee, Mikhail Margelov,
says he knows exactly why the London riots started, reports Ria Novosti.

They started because of the European "Myth of Responsibility" to immigrants from third world countries. Multi-culturalism, he added, is dead.

Margelov also said that these third world outsiders would never want to give up their positions in Europe, so that, plus the financial crises, means that Western countries better dig in on this problem for the long haul.


Getting these people out will be harder than scraping barnacles off a ship.

They don't want to live in countries controlled by their own people, because countries they control are always poor.

They want live around white people, while resenting us and Demanding to control all of our countries, which will turn them into the same places, they ran away from.

There is nothing magical about the lands white people occupy, except for the fact, white people occupy them.

Anonymous said...

Its a multicultural rogues gallery.

I'll bet the whites among them, have no loyalty to their fellow whites ("anti-racist") and rationalize their destructive behavior, by saying they are striking a blow against "the man".

Of course if their own dwelling was burned down, they would be first to demand "the man" provide them with free food and shelter.

The rest from what I have seen elsewhere, are rumored to be criminal underworld types.

Anonymous said...

You're a disaster-fantasist Tex.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you worried you will be on their list?

Anonymous said...

Preparing for the apocalypse in America. An interesting video from RT about survival preparations:

Anonymous said...

No money for a vault. Wife has a very high "normalcy bias".

What to do...

Anonymous said...

Late 2012, WW3.

I'm going to remind you about this in january 2013.

There will be no WW3. Nukes will NOT fly. Why? Because there's no profit in a world of radioactive glass. And profit is what powers the elite.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:25. My husband suffers from the same bias... what to do indeed.

Solsys said...

No money for a vault. Wife has a very high "normalcy bias".

What to do...

August 11, 2011 11:25 AM"

1. You are earning your own money.

2. A vault ought to be the cherry on the cake. When radiations start to hit you maybe want to have manual digging tools at the ready, so as to elaborate a contigency protection based around a hole in the ground and bags of dirts. That contigency situation may improve with your continuous effort.

3. But realize that starving to death in your vault is not solving anything. You need food, immediately available bottled water, and a way to filter more water for drinking, cooking and washing.

You'll need heat, to stay warm during the winter, to cook your food and sterilize water through boiling.

If your deprived "normal" neighbours and friends-of-yesteryear turn into london rioters, you have to anticipate about it as well.

All these things do not cost a lot, and there are many situations where a vault wouldn't be needed, but these other things would.

4. You are earning your own money.

Anonymous said...

Three is the magic number. There will be the third world war, if only for that reason. There are also much too many people in the world, according to the ruling elite, so the war will be nuclear. I don't think it will touch continental Europe much if at all (only France being nuclear, and the EU being their grand project), but it will leave parts of Pakistan, India, China, Russia, and the U.S. a smoking cinder. All signs point to the war starting in the next ten years, likely the next two. It's quite possible the war will be the least of our worries in the next several years.

Anonymous said...

from "what to do..."

I have prepped some. I'm an RN, so I have a good medical kit and am getting a collection of antibiotics. We do have at least 6 months or more of food. I now have a shotgun, pistol (CCL holder) and a newly purchased Mosin Nagant with scope and ammo for all. I'm a good shot and have taken Karate and Krav Maga. Although I'm 51, I'm in very good, even great shape and have eaten only "Real" food (veg, fish, grassfed beef raw goat milk) for the pst 5 years. I've made Ghee and tallow and have that stored (fats are under stored for preppers). Also have a crank shortwave radio and some nice 100 lumen flashlight and plenty of batteries. Have about $3,000 in junk silver and $10,000 in other silver and some gold as well (in case that will serve as money post economic collapse). I don't keep much in the bank in case of a bank holiday. My son (who is more on board) even got me an Israeli gas mask for fathers day).
What I need now is a solar backup for the freezer. I've started the planning stages for building that.
So I'm not as bad off as I think, I just would like a place not in a neighborhood that will allow me to build a small off the grid place with a well and the ability to keep chickens at least. Wife still thinks I'm a bit nuts and balks at freeze dried long term storage, but goes along with all the other that's listed, just doesn't have the same sense of urgency I do. She's the type who thinks that everything will always be OK. And honestly, we are both Christians, and I think that she thinks Christians will be spared via rapture before anything really bad happens.

Not one of our friends or relatives know that I've done all this. I do have one friend who's not a prepper, but has a nice collection of about 6 AR-15's and various shotguns and pistols... I need to explore his thoughts someday without giving anything away.
And I still feel like it's totally not enough.

Anonymous said...

"When radiations start to hit you maybe want to have manual digging tools at the ready"

Where I live, digging a hole with a shovel is impossible. I once dug one 3' deep and 10" in diameter for a wholw house filter. IT took DAYS just to do that. Like digging through rock in this whole region...