Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Solar Madness Is Real & Quantifiable

Followup on this article.

Human beings are as much a part of the biological continuum as all other animal life. It is only their vanity that makes them think otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Or simple ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Also, interesting to note that the study of these phenomena started in earnest (at least for this cycle of history) almost a hundred years ago. Tex, I'm quite sure you're familiar with the work of Alexander Chizhevsky. If you've mentioned him before, I must have missed it.
Or forgot.

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Anonymous said...

Stay out of the sun Tex

Texas Arcane said...

I knew there would be hordes of zombies at some point, probably fast moving as opposed to slow. Instead of Fulci they'll be Boyle, pinwheeling limbs and all.