Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Savage Neanderthal, Tossing Himself Onto The Sapiens Barbie And Forcing Them To Have Sex With His Wife

A savage beast! A monster, I tell you! Like those fiends in Iraq, plotting with their yellowcake to kill us all! Thank heavens we were pro-active! They were getting ready to rush us, in between their pastoral husbandry of goats, their mouth flute choirs and weaving flower chains of daisies to bury their grandfathers with! But in between ... savage monsters! Luckily our pro-wrestling skills and spear chucking powers saved our tiny skulled sunken chested ancestors from a fate more hideous than death. Naturally, to the victor go the spoils ... if you insist! We might have to mate with their hideous gorilla bitch females out of pity, even if it means ignoring our actual Sapiens women for the next 4000+ years! Somebody has got to do it!

Imagine the last thing you see before you die is a mob of one million Sapiens looking like the lads above. That's what it was like at the Neanderthal Alamo.

P.S. Notice the changes that have occurred in the depiction of Neanderthals over the past five years alone. They have gone from looking like squat gorillas to Roman nobles in only five years of revisionism. Take a good look at that skull at the link above. That could be taken from any random human, except that modern humans don't have brains that large.


Anonymous said...

Why always the references to wrestling tex? The real world is faker than "pro"wrestling. At least they admit that its fake, whereas the sheeple and politicians keep going through the motions pretending everything is ok

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks but Tex is making more sense than all of you put together. Read the links and just look at the facts and you will see what Tex is talking about. Its not like a tough conclusion to reach.

Anonymous said...

Tex, could it be that the line of Esau mingled with the followers of Horus (Horites), better known as Shepherd Kings (Hyksos), while the line of Jacob remained "pure"?

If we assume this to be true then:

The Hyksos are connected to the Amalakites since the latter come from Esau's line.

The Hyksos worshiped Set-Typhon with whom they replaced the worship of Horus. Set-Typhon (Satan) wasn't supposed to be an evil God until then but became afterwards in what seems like a swap of positions between the Evil and the Good God(s). Meaning the "Evil" God is evil because he's the God of the conqueror and oppressor.

In Jewish mystical tradition the Amalakites are connected to the serpent of Eden, Samael, who is responsible for the Fall of Man.

Samael is also the leader of the Angels who descend on the earth to mate with the daughters of men and give birth to giants aka Amalakites aka Neanderthals.

Or, others could say, Samael seduced "Eve", repeatedly, and gave birth to creatures that didn't have human form or had certain genetic deformities (think of Tout's head)

So staring with Esau we wind up to the Neanderthals through Hyksos-Amalakites-Samael. Could the genocide against the Amalakites be an allusion to the fate of the Neanderthals?

And could these people be the first crossbreed between "Gods" and mortals?:

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 4:14 pm

This is exactly what I believe happened - many tribes of Esau turned to Set worship, which led them to mixing with Nephilim themselves. References to it are in plain sight in scripture once you read it for the first time and pay attention.

Note that many of the line of Esau were mighty, very intelligent and of great craft and this did not prevent them from falling away into all kinds of pagan and demonic worship. Nothing is of avail with God except the right heart, no birth or bloodline can save you or damn you. The individual always has a chance for forgiveness with God.

Anonymous said...

Things like these are in plain sight not only in Scripture but even in major blockbusters and Hollywood movies. I mean if the name Anakin (Vader) in Star Wars isn't an almost direct reference to the Anakim or Anakites (Nephilim) of the Bible then what is it? His transformation to a half-machine with immense powers is just a metaphor for the powers these races acquired due to their genetic heritage. And what is the "turning to the Dark side" other than further proof of what you said about some of them turning to Set worship? They also tried to convert even the most righteous among them as the attempt to make Luke Skywalker one of them shows. And again, confirming what you say, Luke chooses to stay pure at heart showing that you're not doomed in the eyes of God due to your lineage or "destiny" as his father puts it meaning the bloodline.

And What is Conan the Barbarian if not a retelling of this replacement of the "evil" God with the "good" one? Enki-Enlil, Set-Horus, Saturn-Jupiter.

The sheeple only get the surface of it. "A movie for children" or "an Arnie movie". Bill Moyers once said that for his son the Star Wars trilogy had the same role the Bible had for his and the previous generations. I believe these movies where made so that the younger generation, which for a number of reasons lost touch with its religious-cultural heritage, could find its way back to it through pop-culture. Knowing that George Lucas was a disciple of Joseph Campbell, or that John Milius is a mythology buff who wanted to make a movie about Quetzalcoatl, and that these two had a long standing friendship since their student years, the similarities in their movies are more than just superficial. Thulsa Doom and Palpatine, for instance, are one and the same character - personifying the ruling race we've discussed before on this blog.

Pity that the audiences of 30 or so years go were deemed capable and worthy to being exposed to such concepts and truths with subtlety and allegory. Today the sheeple are only deemed worthy to be exposed to crude Illuminist propaganda, growing in intensity and quantity, by people like James Cameron or to movies justifying the war-machine ideology and made by the likes of CIA-assets Ridley Scott and Kathryn Bigelow. Just different aspects of the same Illuminist agenda coming from the same source, interconnected and interrelated as the plot of Ridley Scott's next movie shows:

The former movies of Lucas and Milius aimed at being explanatory and serve as exposition, while the latter of Cameron, (post-Blade Runner) Scott and others to brainwash and condition.