Sunday, August 7, 2011

Please Protect Me From The Hollywood Visions, Mr. Good Cop Pharmaceutical Corporation!

I see now that only your vaccines can protect me! Do you accept a credit card? Can I pay for it in installments?

May only be anecdotal but apparently I am the only person in my 200+ employee company on 3 floors who was not sick a single day in the past month when nearly the entire staff came down with it, some of them out more than a week from illness. The company pays for the flu vaccine for free for employees who want it and almost all of them got it.

I breathe an aerosolized solution of hydrogen peroxide each night and take garlic every single day. Total cost for a month's supply of both was $6.00 or so in change.


Joseph Dantes said...

Interesting. I used to have debilitating allergies, smoking took care of it. I don't really get sick beyond digestive issues. Going back to ketosis... just discovered that "carb" cravings can be eliminated by eating shellfish.


Solsys said...

Anyone noticed the Obama-like posters reading "Prophet" and "Profit" ?

-> Social engineering.

Anonymous said...

Why hydrogen peroxide?

Texas Arcane said...

Proven in countless studies over the past 100+ years to disinfect the tissues of the body including the inside of the lungs, in addition to increasing the total volume of oxygen available in the body.

Only use food-safe brands and never stronger than 3% in an aerosol cut with clean water. I breathe it in all night, when I wake up in the morning my skin is pink with blood circulation.

Never be widely promoted as it is one of the cheapest things you can buy. Therefore it doesn't exist.

Otto Warburg's Nobel Prize was for his studies of Ozone and Oxygen on cancer cells. All forgotten science now.

Sam said...

Tex I'm really interested in this. I would appreciate more info. You said,"Only use food-safe brands and never stronger than 3% in an aerosol cut with clean water."

What is the final percent? How much do you breathe in? How much garlic? Any links? More tips would be appreciated.

Here's some links on H2O2

Some different stuff. I like to read Mangans.
Curing Chronic Fatigue: My Story

Texas Arcane said...

Put it in your vaporizer or cpap well. Should be 3% or thereabouts cut with spring water one to two parts ration.

If you have it too strong, you may sometimes wake up with red eyes. Too weak you won't get any microbial action.

Otto Warburg's research showed that H2O2 caused macrophage activity to increase significantly on tissue surfaces - good bacteria easily overthrew and replaced bad ones with the help of some hydrogen peroxide. Many different studies have shown people sleep and awaken with higher levels of oxygen in their blood as a result, which Otto Warburg pointed out as being the kinds of tissue environments that made fungus, mold and viruses either die or suppressed their reproduction. Warburg won the Nobel prize for essentially discovering the exact metabolic processes of cancer cells, which should have led to complete cures for all such conditions with a year's time.

If you feel this therapy is absolutely working, you might consider ozone insufflation through your ears, also a Warburg idea.

Sam said...

Thanks. That's new to me. The way I've heard of using H2O2 is in a 1/2 to 1% solution sprayed with a fine mist and inhaled. Some have used 3% after building up.
More health tips and info you've found would be appreciated. That way you wouldn't just be writing about Doom and Gloom. Might cheer up up a bit. Thanks again.