Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh Snap. You diddin. Kwa Atomic Fail.

S&P downgrades Kwanstain credit rating, ZOGBux soon to be on par with old chinese firecracker paper.

Choose your baby salt preference:

A. Chicken flavored
B. Iodine Enriched
C. Kosher Rabbinical Approved
D. Salsa Spicy

Australians stand by for one of the biggest investment booms in our nation's history. Assuming we can get rid of Gilliard, our future is so bright I gotta wear shades.


Anonymous said...

Salsa spicy with a side of mayo.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Oh man, what a perfect image to go with the "babies-the other white meat" thang...

Monday is going to be real cute on Wall Street.

The bloodbath begins at the opening bell.

Anonymous said...

Bright future? I thought the world was going to be engulfed in nuclear war with China invading Australia?

Make up your mind Tex.


Not a Dullard fan said...

We gotta ditch the witch. Through no special endeavour of our own, we're standing in the right place at the right time for the coming investment boom, but that'll all be blown to sh*t if that f*cking reptilian butt-puppet in Canberra gets her carbon tax through. That would shaft us for generations to come.

Anonymous said...

Stromboli erupts:

a few days after the eruption of Etna:

Anonymous said...

The US dollar is backed by better than Gold.

It's backed by a ballistic missile submarine fleet, cruise missiles, and squadrons of nuclear bombers.

Any country that questions the reserve status of the dollar ends up on an "Axis of Evil" list.

Anonymous said...

Julia Gillard is, easily, the worst prime minister in Australian History.

Yet, when I say that in public, people say:

"You can't say that, it's sexist."

Right, just like how when we say Obama is the worst president in American history, people say:

"You can't say that, it's racist."

These people always talk about equality, but, they're actually being the racist, sexist ones by saying stupid shit like that.They don't even practice what they are constantly preaching.

Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.

Anonymous said...

Where's my Strontium-90 seasoning?

Anonymous said...

Just got to be "Sweet chilli"
washed down with "Earl grey tea"

Anonymous said...

The entire seals team that allegedly killed Bin Laden was wiped out in an "helicopter crash".

Anonymous said...

Massive stone age tunnel network spanning the entire European continent, original one much more complex and enormous.


Anonymous said...

Mt Etna super-volcano erupts. Sicilian airport closed briefly. Tex starts eating babies. No one else notices.

Anonymous said...

Dig it anon 3:29. That's why they hold the positions they are in. Complain and the sheeple say "BA, ba, racist, ba, ba, sexist" while those who really run the world win.

Anonymous said...

Ancient tunnels? Are they filled with Hadal- sounds like the plot from Jeff Long's 99 novel, "The Descent"

Anonymous said...

You've probably heard of this already but if not, it's interesting. The article is short and the essence of it is this:

"According to complex statistical analysis of the so-called "Perigord" region of southwestern France - which has the highest concentration of early human and Neanderthal sites in all of Europe - the earliest human immigrants to the continent instantly outnumbered the Neanderthals by a factor of 10 to 1."