Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now This Is The Stuff of Satire

This is so over the top it is Monty Pythonesque. What the hell is wrong with these people? Meekly stripping down because the guy told you to? Where are the shotguns leveled on this guy? That's right - the British people meekly submitted to disarmament.

Riots rip across UK in an orgy of uncontrolled violence

Britain's "Leaders" Sound Like Effeminate, Flimsy, Inept Sheltered Pansies

Hearing the Brits threaten to "break out the water cannons" is lulz-worthy. They need to do some serious hanging for a couple of weeks until this mob are under control.

David Cameron has decided to "fly back to Britain" after three nights of this. Cheerio. What luck to have such leadership. I can see where his priorities lie.

One night in 1989 in New York city, I discovered the guy next to me under the bridge had been stealing brand new paperbacks from my book locker while I was out during the day. These were mint condition books I had been planning to sell for a big profit. This guy weighed at least 350 pounds plus. When I saw him, I broke a concrete block over his head and he fell unconscious out under the 59th street bridge near the wooden pier. His two friends showed up and began screaming, I tied them together with some old packing twine and threw them into the Hudson, then stood on the pier and kept pushing them off the ladder when they tried to climb out of the river. I told them they had to swim to New Jersey on the other side or I would drown both of them. I never had a problem with any of them ever again and when the guy I broke the concrete block on his head woke up he wandered off. After that whenever I saw him he addressed me as "sir" and "boss." It doesn't take much to right this situation but you need to know this sort of thing is strictly darwinian. It's you or it's them. There's no in-between. Half measures are not adequate. They don't understand restraint. It's perceived by them as weakness. Of course, Britain is only in this situation because they do not understand what they are doing to begin with.


Solsys said...

Concrete block ? that's nothing, I used a whole MOTOR BLOCK to instill respect to 4 Hell's Angels.

Monty Python- Four Yorkshire Men

And you try and tell that to the young people of today, they won't believe ya !

Anonymous said...

The shooting incident is suspicious to say the least:

PS Enricher MP who doesn't know the difference between answer and question 1:10. Another victory for multicult

Anonymous said...

Only RT isn't afraid to tell the truth about the riots. The truth that the corporate politically correct western media will not tell. That the riots are perpetrated by ethnic minorities:

Anonymous said...

You macho man, Tex. What an amazing story, brimming with manly visuals and homo-erotic insinuations. Stripping off his clothes, indeed! They would at least need to buy you a drink first. Oh, and pass the DNA test to confirm Neanderthal genes. Yeah?

They call me Moe! said...


"I broke a concrete block over his head"

I like your style.

It's in the same vain as this gents most excellent advice -- -- methodology.

1). Don't go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things.
2). Always have a method to defend yourself.
3). Avoid if you can.
4). If you cannot avoid, attack...brutally and viciously.

Solsys said...

Interesting (sort of) interview of a black "Community Leader".

Apparently it's an insurrection.

Didn't know Foot Locker had such a high political symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Here's a picture from the UK riots that says it all. A white man is told to give his shoes, his pants and his shirt to a negro and he obeys.

If any white eunuch out there still supports multiculturalism at this point, they should be put on a small island, with nothing but a manual on political correctness and a fully armed Anders Breivik. lol

Anonymous said...

I see you already have that picture.

Well its worth looking at more than once, to let it all sink in...

Oh yes white man, this is what you have become under Cultural Marxim aka Political Correctness.

You are a Eunuch. lol

Anonymous said...

"There's no in-between. Half measures are not adequate. They don't understand restraint. It's perceived by them as weakness."

After talking to these people almost daily online, I have realized they aren't on the same level as Europeans. Researchers say they have a low racial IQ and from what I have experienced, they are right.

I am not surprised the Imperial British were so harsh with them. IMO they were not strict enough.

In the future we must give them no technology, no medical help, no jobs and certainly no food, they don't hunt and grow themselves.

If they can't invent and maintain a technology, they certainly don't have the intelligence or maturity, to handle it.

They are thousands, possibly 10s of thousands of years behind us developmentally. So its time we realized that and let them evolve on their own.

They are not us. We should stop projecting ourselves onto them.

Anonymous said...

"brimming with manly visuals and homo-erotic insinuations."

Another way you can tell a Jew online. All of their enemies are "homosexuals".

Anonymous said...

"Oh snap", I didn't realize being smart meant abandoning others.
On the other side, at what point do you give up trying to enable others further?
Some folks just ain't the learning type, almost irrationally selfish the whole lot really, WE, is.
But hope, WE still have.

Also, looters with intentions of harm within 20 feet are subjected to wounding. Looters within 10 feet, with intention to harm, will receive a double tap, from a 12g with 00 steel buck shot.
Ever heard the expression "explody head"?

Thank you, that is all.