Wednesday, August 31, 2011

!! MUST READ !! Excellent Summary Found Here

You could spend twenty years of your life reading about paleoclimatology - or you could read this short summary of the science as it currently stands.

This is the Vault-Co core premise. I will probably put a permanent link up to this article tonight.

Now, starting from this premise, how did we draw our other conclusions over ten years ago?

* ----> Go here to see.


Rowan said...

I have an odd question.

We know magnetic fields affect biology. Is it possible that the declining magnetic field is affecting men's testosterone levels?

Common answers to the problem all sound plausible but people seem to have come up with exceptions to every answer.

Could it be nature's way of thinning the herd to give a few the best chance of survival? I can't imagine many people could live off cave fish.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

CERN my ass. It was Paul LaViolette who who first discovered the impact and importance of cosmic rays on the earth. I did link to him before but, apparently, you didn't pay much attention. Now the the "authority" figures at CERN finally "discovered" it they get your attention. Falling into your own trap, Tex?

Anonymous said...

Here's a direct link to the article from LaViolette's Starburst Foundation website:

Solar flares the cause to the Pleistocene mass extinction:

Anonymous said...

Rowan, you may be onto something there, my libido is kaput, I exercise every day get plenty of sun, eat well, yet the urge to root escapes me for the last few years, though my opiate intake has increased dramaticaly.. go figure..


Anonymous said...

It seems even the sheep are starting to notice something is wrong, years after it was too late to prevent it...

From one of the comments there: "As a WW2 pilot is reported to have remarked in the last years of his life. "We have been betrayed""

Some of the other comments are downright apocalyptic in theme. It's like you said, give it a few years and soon everyone will be talking like Vault-Co.

Anonymous said...

@September 2, 2011 8:22 AM

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