Thursday, August 25, 2011

May You Live In Interesting Times

Despite the never ending hush of the mass media constantly downplaying these events as "unrelated and merely incidental" there are more people waking up to what is happening than at any time since this blog was started.

It is going to be starting up in places you never expected, like the Eastern seaboard. It has not even kicked off yet. When it does, it is going to be spectacular.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated, found a gold mine of interesting info:

Anonymous said...

I'm witnessing typical Kwazian behavior with my fellow New Englanders right now. Starting on Thursday, when the news said that Irene was going to hit NY and NE, the panic buying of water, plywood, generators and all the rest began.

I can hardly wait until the storm passes and all the areas out of power are restored. Then there will be a flood of used generators in the local papers at bargain basement prices.

The Kwazians never think beyond a couple of weeks, or a month into the future, at best.

Just like children.

Solsys said...

Anon 4:20

Perhaps they don't have the ressources, financially speaking, to do so.

Many suburban people remind me of third world inhabitants, always short on cash, indebted to an unforgiving money lender, and wasting whatever surplus they can make in trinkets.

Many can't actually afford a generator, because of their lifestyle they would have to sell it at firesale prices just to fuel their monstruous White Elephant of an SUV...

Anonymous said...

Solsys.....good point.

Anonymous said...


Good point. It is like a third world. Especially as the depression gets worse and worse and people are drained of all they have.