Monday, August 8, 2011

Maximum Improvementation in London

Yawn. Feel like Bill Murray in GROUNDHOG DAY. Another day, another country. I can't even keep track of the riots anymore. It seems like all I have been doing is breathing in smoke from riots for the past twenty years. All the while, people are telling you the multikult works, it just isn't being done properly. Sounds like the apologetics for communism over the past century. The world is a museum of marxist failures but it will be a tomb of multicultural failures, someday soon. You don't see the causality now (I know how you think, even if you don't) but all this will culminate in worldwide nuclear war, the same way that the fragmenting Rome went out in a sea of anarchy and warfare on all fronts. When you're falling apart internally, it's the perfect time for your external enemies to ramp up their expeditionary efforts, always ending in desperate Clausewitzian conflict.

I've watched them go out screaming as the mob tears them apart complaining it's all just a big misunderstanding. Yes, that's what it is.

There ain't no misunderstanding here. Unless you count the people who expected moving people from one soil to another would change their nature. Thinking your country exudes a magic gas from beneath your feet that alters genetics is a misunderstanding. That's not how real life works at all. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Whatever you've been told to the contrary may have become an emotional imperative for you but that still can't make it true. Nations die over misunderstandings like these.

You keep trusting in Oprah and thinking positive. That's the way I'll remember you. Part of me wishes I were as ambiguous and confused as the rest of mankind. I bet my life would've been a lot easier over the past half century if I was as pleasantly daffy as the average Sapiens.

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