Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kweer Kwa Askew, Kwuality Kwompromised

Toldya. Perfect symbol for the "former" nation once called America. They should get some hydraulic jacks and lift that side a little more to make it look really odd. Sort of funny and tilted off to one side like it just can't get right. That's it. Think of the Kwa, think of this monument.

In addition to all-knowing omnipotence and all-powerful mercy, God also has a supercharged sense of humor. Everything is tongue-in-cheek and hoisted by its own petard. This is why everyone loves (and fears) him.


Anonymous said...

Uh, no, you didn't tell us. What you told us was that the monument was leaning. It's not. You didn't make any claims about a crack near the top.

Anonymous said...

Tex. Off topic. Just so you know, has been somehow "hijacked," but Robert Felix is now using iceagenow.INFO as his site.


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:19am
Tex is still THE earliest,most reliable source of real news on the net.
Tex may not have been 100% right,but he was still the first to let me know there was 'something' wrong with the Washington monument.He is consistantly the first to publish real news and even it's only 85% right I'd rather have a few hours notice ahead of the crowd and complete clarification can always come later.
Tex gives an honest assesment,unlike the 'mainstream' media which just outright lies and deceives,and does so knowingly.

These are the mob that 'anonymous' posters want 'citation' from,as asked for in one of the Neaderthal threads

Tex has ALWAYS been very liberal with publishing comments,I recall back in the Aus-survival days when as a mod. he deleted one post,one time only.I know it's not your normal style but Tex,if you want to start not publishing Trolls it's fine by me

Chris from Sydney

Texas Arcane said...

Lately I have deleted a few posts because they were ten paragraphs of strictly ad hominem directed at me personally. If they had just been ridiculing my ideas or saying I was crazy I'd have approved them but this was all just you,you,you for three pages with nothing else mentioned so I deleted them. I otherwise think anybody who wants to post here can have their say, I don't care what it is.

Anonymous said...

"but this was all just you,you,you for three pages with nothing else mentioned so I deleted them."

You have been noticed by a certain psychopathic ethnic group. They do not tolerate freedom of speech and are determined to shut you down.

Freedom of speech is a European predilection and is the only reason the United States has it in its Constitution. And freedom of speech is under attack, as the United States becomes a non-white country.

The chest beaters on the net keep saying, they can't wait till a "race war" begins. Sorry to break it to these dumbbells, but they have been in a race war for 50 years and they have lost it, every one of those 50 years.

Words correctly used, are just as powerful as guns and bullets, but the chest beaters never think about that.

Anonymous said...

There is no "NWO". It's a term coined by the elites to divert attention and ascribe vagueness to the fact that the scheme is the product of this certain ethnic group. "Jewish Utopia" or "Jewish World Imperium" is the correct phrase.

America was never a "nation", it was never allowed to develop a national ideal, but only to serve as the military and financial arm that would spread the Globalist Jewtopia around the world. Unless America is utterly destroyed there is no chance for the world to see peace and progress ever again. All this "the U.N. wants to destroy the US to establish World Government" is complete bullshit spread by shills. It was going to be America all along, as the likes of Manly P. Hall and Goethe suggested.

Here's a good read:

Anonymous said...

PS. And this is the reason why men like Lincoln and JFK died. Because their governance threatened and was opposed to this predetermined path.