Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kwanstain = Brick Wall Coming Up For The Train Wreck Nation

Working in the Kwa doesn't mean "working." There are no jobs left. It means groveling and precious few are needed for that privilege any longer. Kwanzanians, are you paying attention yet? Or does all this political stuff bore you? Let's step it up a notch and see if we can get you interested. Hunger is a wonderful motivator ... at first.

Everybody knows ITZ coming except the Kwanzans themselves.

EPA shutting down coal plants, rolling blackouts coming for whole nation after Texas.

Texas is just the state where policy makers told the truth about the impact of these new laws.

The elites have decided to take nuclear power away. Sheeple can't have such techy toys.

Kwanzanian police are Mexico's police, except relocated north.

Television dreams of tomorrow ... we're not the ones who have to borrow ...

Everywhere you look, Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY is proving to be the truly prophetic dystopian vision of the final fate of the Kwa. It's a joke country, inhabited by joke people. Their lives have been made into an ugly punchline.

Failure enforcible right up to the moment of death in the Kwanstain.

Kwanstain "law" is whatever the government wants it to be

All of you idiots who approve of the treatment of Ed Steele, I really want to see if you are still laughing when they handcuff you to the central posts in those boxcars and turn out the lights before your long journey begins. It is funny, come to think of it.


Anonymous said...

From the railroading of Ed Steele, I guess TPTB don't need to kill anyone anymore, they just change or ignore "The Law" anyway they want. I was amazed he hadn't been suicided before. Maybe they want to make some new examples of 'evil-doers'.

I like your image of the idiots who are loving Steele's demise, swinging from shackles in the boxcar on their way to the 'Refugee and Re-education Camp 12A' in the Mojave desert. Hanging there in the suffocating heat with no water and their own excrement running down their legs, and some crying "I didn't do anything wrong, oh boohoo". And at the end of journey the door opens to men with machine guns and guard dogs, both which are barking and snapping. Now that's the ultimate Reality Show!

The Kwa reminds me of the huge turkey farm that was down the road from my childhood home in Maryland. The place was crammed with tens of thousands of turkeys that were just strutting around, eating their fill all summer and then suddenly, a little while before Thanksgiving, the place was empty. Just a few dust devils spinning around among the turkey crap littering the ground.

My Mom used to call it Turkey Auschwitz, lol. She didn't know any better in those days, she believed the myth.

"The United Turkey Farms of The Kwa". Has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

President Camacho is a genius compared to this crackpot: