Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Konrad Zuse

See the classic "haunted" look in the eyes? That's what your eyes look like when the brain behind it is not divided up into three different components : a subconscious, conscious and a persona. When it's just one big continuous chunk, it gives your eyes that look. Sapiens sees that look, they instantly know at a very deep level who they are dealing with, although their conscious mind never concedes it.

Zuse believed the entire universe was a computer simulation over seventy years ago, running on hardware beyond our comprehension as an infinite series of cellular automata. I discovered his books when I was in the military.

Any major development in human history, you look behind it, you'll find a guy with this characteristic look and similar bone structure in his face, invariably with a line of descent that goes back to the original Toxic Lozenge.


Joseph Dantes said...

No comprendo.

Are you saying he's jewish or neanderthal? What's the toxic lozenge?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex!
Since I've always been a seeker of advanced ideas from unorthodox thinkers, from Giordano Bruno to Tesla to Reich to McKenna, I gotta thank you for bring this guy to my attention.
Before now I'd never even heard of Keyser Soze...
I mean Konrad Zuse!


(I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I mean, it was sitting right there!)

Anonymous said...

That's a deep rabbit hole there, have a look at this list, not too many blondes, betcha most of them had that wet dark hair with the celtic auburn fringe when exposed to sun, or that one violently red cowlick.

Name me the top ten composers of all time, look at their portraits, same geographical epicenter, same physical make up.

If I recall correctly you surmised in several posts that the longevity inferred in the bible to some of it's more prominent characters very well could be neanderthal related.

Piece it together and it falls in your lap...


Great blog by the way, your number #1 canadian-neanderthal fan.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like The Matrix!

Texas Arcane said...

Joseph ...

The Toxic Lozenge was an area running from the Rift Valley to the Northern Caucasus, out of which two opposing tribes of Neanderthals emerged on different sides, one of them merging with Homo Sapiens into modern man as the Europeans, the other side exited by a divergent group who were the proto-semitic peoples who eventually became the core of Judaism. These two factions have been feuding since, mainly because both groups have different kinds of superpowers found in no other races on Earth, neither Cro-Magnons nor anywhere else. They are in opposition because they are branches from the same original tree. The proto-semitic peoples drifted into a different character where they almost became perfect "Jacobs" in coping strategy and outlook. "Jacob" meaning somebody who survives off the coat tails of another without working.

The European divergent branch retained all the original powers of the root stock, including marvelous abilities to create, innovate, learn, adapt and problem solve. Although they were grafted into the Sapiens tree, they constitute nearly anyone in it who can reason or comprehend things at all. Pure Sapiens stock cannot think and appear to be incapable of learning.

Both strains from the Toxic Lozenge have taken a different approach to life, with predictable results. Originally, they were the same people.

Texas Arcane said...

On May 10, 2010, within fifteen minutes of hearing Paabo-Stoneking blown out of the water after 12 years of their disinformation, I instantly concluded the above before anyone had even elaborated. I also knew instantly that Neos had been taller, flatter faced and closer to Cro-Magnons in appearance in the Amud strain and keeping this information secret was part of the Paabo-Stoneking circus that was designed to lead everybody in the opposite direction of the truth. This is the reason nobody seems to be able to explain why Sapiens would want to capture and have sex with Danny Devito instead of his own women. They have false assertions at the base of their ideas which is why they cannot resolve this "mystery."

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to serve us rewarmed Phrenology?

A "Toxic Lozenge" search at yields not a single article or book.

But a "toxic lozenge" search on a regular google yields...StormFront, among other white supremacist websites.

Texas Arcane said...

Not all the good stuff can be found with a Google search. This is a part of the anthropology frontier, it is the outlaw fringe. You know, the same ones who turned out to be right.

Texas Arcane said...

Yeah, there's somebody trying to associate me with a white supremacist site again, mainly because otherwise they could find no association with me and such things, if they didn't make something up.

I also found a recipe for bread on Google that turned up a link at Stormfront once, does that mean all bread is associated with Nazis?

Stormfront is the best opposition that money can buy. The U.S. subsidizes the site very heavily.

Anonymous said...

"Toxic lozenge" is not a bread recipe, it's an isolated term used on white supremacist websites and yours, and not in scholarly articles and texts, much less anywhere else.

Your definition on this website is nearly word for word of that from several of the white supremacist websites.

Maybe you could get President Comancho to believe it's pure coincidence you are parroting language word-for-word from white supremacist websites , but a few of us can connect the dots.

Anonymous said...

"But a "toxic lozenge" search on a regular google yields...StormFront, among other white supremacist websites."

And scientific publications have the courage to discuss race reality? lol

Any geneticist can determine the race of a person from a few scraps of bone, but they are all too cowardly to talk about racial differences in public.

Such cowards gave up their scientific credibility long ago, when they became terrified of being called a "racist".

Anonymous said...

"white supremacist websites"

Anti-white detected.

Has anyone wondered why anti-whites never refer to anyone as a "Black Supremacist", an "Arab Supremacist", an "Asian Supremacist", or a "Mexican Supremacist"???

Their skin is not white.

Why is it only white countries have so called "hate", or "supremacist" websites where "white" people hang out???

Their skin is white.

I think I am seeing a pattern...

1) Racist is a White person

2) A Hate Group is a White group

3) A Hate Site is a website where White people hang out.

4) Colonialism (Evil): White people move to non-White country

5) Multiculturalism. Diversity (Good): Non-Whites move to White countries. Oppose it and you are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Who do these fuckers think they are kidding?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Joseph Dantes said...

OK, comprehension dawning now.

So what are the neos and cro magnan in this model?

are neo's the hybrid europeans? who are the cro's?

i'm so freakin tired of sapiens... but I've got too much of him in me to judge.

by the way I just figured out that rice actually does weaken me, at least when 50%+ of intake by volume, so I'm back on an all meat plan, testing whether adding shellfish can correct the cravings, which may have been due to mineral and vitamin deficiency, rather than starch cravings.

Joseph Dantes said...

Oh yeah, and I guess now we know where the elvish archetype comes from. Along with the orcish...

Texas Arcane said...

Actually, the phrase "Toxic Lozenge" in anthropology has been around since the late 1800's but began to fall out of usage in the politically correct modern era. Michael Bradley revived the term in the 1970's. As for "Stormfront," the last time I surfed there was in 1995 when I wanted to see what was there out of curiousity.

Also widely used right up to the 1970's was the term "diffusion" to represent the as yet unknown civilization that left it's traces all over the world, assumed not out of Africa but somewhere in India or else the Toxic Lozenge.

After the 1970's, it appears about 200+ years of discovery and research just vanished overnight and people began to speak and write in the bizarre, surreal language of postmodernism.

KWJ said...

Postmodernism: where the inherently worthless get to use sophistry to feel equal to the worthy.

Anonymous said...

Michael Bradley... I see. The guy that campaigned for Obama and wrote "More Than A Myth: The Story Of The Muskrat Lake Monster" and many other pulp books not worth the paper and paint. Along with Sorcha Faal and Stormfront this composes your "scientific" sources.

You know, that is really pathetic. Plus I would love you to name authors and books of the 19th century refering to this crap but since it is bullshit you won't. Hard to take you seriously there bro.