Wednesday, August 31, 2011

!! MUST READ !! Excellent Summary Found Here

You could spend twenty years of your life reading about paleoclimatology - or you could read this short summary of the science as it currently stands.

This is the Vault-Co core premise. I will probably put a permanent link up to this article tonight.

Now, starting from this premise, how did we draw our other conclusions over ten years ago?

* ----> Go here to see.

The Lie Is Halfway Around The World Before The Truth Has Got Its Boots On

I read a Jefferson biography where it mentioned his genteel, timid, respectful attitude towards the opposite sex, contrasting sharply with his dynamic and vocal presence around other men. All classic behaviour for the breed, of course.

This never fit with the image of the big massa throwing the nappy ho on her back in the slave quarters to satisfy his lusty desires. I would not do such a thing and I believe I share more than a few character qualities with Jefferson. It is hard to conceive of such a sharp student of human history acting like little more than a swaggering primate himself, especially given his constantly asserted revulsion at the institution of slavery. Was this man really a loud mouthed braggart like any Homo Sapiens who never meant a word he said about anything? I don't think so.

I think Jefferson was a stone cold Amud Neanderthal with a genetically fixed attitude of absolute harmlessness towards females. A half a million years of fossil evidence shows these creatures were incapable of behaviour that Sapiens does so naturally he barely even realizes he is doing it. The Neanderthal female and child were not only never struck by any males they knew, they never died at the hands of Neanderthal males they didn't know. Anthropologists are so terrified of even speaking the truth about this species they have recently taken to branding them "sadomasochistic," to imply that a man who doesn't beat women to death must have something wrong with him. So if Superman doesn't drop Lois from a couple stories up while he is carrying her in his arms, according to Homo Sapiens he is either gay or a masochist - because Sapiens kills more females and children in any given conflict than he kills opposing males, without exception. I guess he is the normal one and the Neanderthals then must have been self-hating leather gimps who liked to be dominated. This is called Sapiens scienmajistics.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yawn - The Usual Trajectory For Gun Control

Those of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time may know I have been predicting the unstoppable increase in drive-by shootings in my original Australian city, Sydney, since I moved away from there with my family back in 2001. My expectation of this was a driving force behind our relocation. I must have effaced a thousand sneers when I told people in Sydney that someday soon their city would be like Central Los Angeles with a continual background chatter of gunshots in the evening and a never ending stream of bodies to be discovered in the morning. I told them this was a natural product of the gun controls brought in by John Howard in 1997 and that the only thing that could ever reverse this trend would be to restore the same rights to arms that Australians had possessed for the previous two hundred years beforehand.

Ordinary people are really, really stupid. They're almost unbelievably stupid. I already know what the counter-reaction will be, the increased legislation, the desperate attempts to write things on pieces of paper to affect the real world and other associated exercises in the ongoing failure that is the smoking remnant of Western civilization. The truth about police states is that they are the types of societies where everybody is extremely well armed except the law abiding.

You can't legislate human nature. If the criminals believe it is likely they are the only people with access to guns, they will drive along at night firing indiscriminately at the homes of their enemies. The only proposition that can restrain the basic human psychology behind the drive-by shootings is a widespread ownership of arms in the general community. It lifts standards of behaviour for the worst elements in the gene pool when they realize that just having a gun doesn't make you anything special and can get you quickly killed for brandishing it anywhere.

But don't take my word for it. You Australians really believe you know what the hell is going on. You just continue with your cyclic repeating historical foolishness that you are completely oblivious of. Try putting more restrictions on gun ownership. Just because it has failed a thousand times in the past couple of centuries is no indicator of future performance. You've gotten them out of the hands of the law abiding, you just need to get them away from the criminals with more laws. Good luck with all that.

Shocking. I wish the mothership would give me the return signal already. This planet is a drag and the inhabitants are mostly morons.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Watch Your Footy and Eat Your Moon Pie

Everything will be okay. Soon the globalist rainbow paradise will be here, with Smurfs and dancing ponies - oh how we'll laugh! There will be free rainbow stew as all the world's peoples line up to sing together in brotherhood, just like that Coca-Cola commercial back in the '70s. Every cloud will have a silver lining and it will be just like heaven except without any accountability or rational sense and we will all never have to work again, dwelling together in our gigantic strip mall where everything is free forever and ever in the multikulti elysian fields. I can almost smell it now. It smells like burning cordite and fresh minty tasting cobalt-60 fallout.

Yes, that is what will happen for sure.

Everything You Know Is Wrong, Rube

Most of what little you think you know for certain is also the most wrong. It's proof for me something is a lie when the sheeple call it "common sense." Truth is generally uncommon sense and even less common applied to the plural. Everything the sheeple think they know is what the mass media teaches them not to question.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Understanding How Prophecy Works

One of the most important things I came to understand as an atheist for sixteen years was the mechanism by which "prophecy" works in a declining civilization.

Prophets are a kind of group consciousness outpouring of anguish at the falling away from original principles that expresses itself through individuals. People who aren't very bright or perceptive always dismiss them as "madmen," never realizing that although their particular context may not always be relevant, their basic message always is and it tends to be the same theme repeated over and over again.

As nations lose their homogeneity, martial codes of behaviour and social strictures they follow it up by rapidly abandoning their founding religious principles. This is always a prelude to the loss altogether of the ability to organize meaningful responses and adaptation to changed conditions. Near the end of the Roman Empire and the Greek Democracy, all you had was a self-indulgent rabble incapable of working together to achieve anything. These kinds of late era societies are like fresh meat put out for ravenous predators. If neighboring nations don't get them, environmental changes will. Usually both together will seal their doom.

You see, you're not really bright at all until you understand it doesn't matter if God exists or not, because the wisdom attributed to him is always prudent and timely. Once you understand this you will see you have nothing to lose by believing in him with all your heart and everything to gain. It is not merely a useful principle at the individual level - it has a magnifying, exponential effect when it is applied to the entire nation that is in decline. The only thing that can reverse this sort of decline is not a dictator (this is what people get when they continue down the wrong path they are on) but a revolution of the superego that expresses itself in a newfound humility before the divine. Until this takes place at the microcosmic level of the individual, there is no leader who will ever be apt enough to turn this decay around. The Bible is the single best book of nation building that has ever been written and the nation founded most prominently upon it's principles was the greatest country the world had ever seen.

I don't believe for an instant that this revolution will happen but it is Amerikwa's only hope. Any chance for reform will stem from this kind of sea change in outlook.

Any philosophy founded on the perfectibility of man will always usher in rivers of blood and anarchy whereas an ideology founded on the basic notion that man cannot be improved (a dismal calvinist outlook) will always have some hope of reform.

Gore Concedes Man-Bear-Pig Cannot Withstand Rational Inquiry

That's because Man-Bear-Pig doesn't exist. If he existed, Al Gore would not have to suggest we use social engineering in order to force people to stop denying his existence and claiming that Al Gore just invented Man-Bear-Pig out of thin air.

Globowarmthinkery. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense. Whatsoever. Not a single tenet of this religion can stand up to examination. The corollaries (like "carbon emissions") are even more tenuous as assertions built upon errors.

Water vapor is what traps the earth's heat, not CO2. CO2 doesn't affect the ability of water vapor to trap heat in any way. CO2 in fact, has no effect on global temperatures whatsoever, rather the reverse. CO2 is something that changes in response to climate, not the other way around. Ice cores show that right before a new Ice Age, there is always a heat spike that results in minutely increased CO2 for a very short period of less than ten years.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Science Fail

Just read this article through to the end and you tell me which is more likely :

1. Mayan rock sculptors "held their breaths" and moved masonry, materials and tools by the tons underwater so they could build in this cave when it was submerged during the supposed period the Mayans thrived from 200 A.D. to 900 A.D. and scienmajists claimed these structures were built?

2. These structures were built before the end of the last Ice Age and at that time were still far above sea level? No "breath holding" required to construct gigantic pyramids and statuary underground?

A good rule of thumb nowadays is ... if you hear it from a scienmajistical type, it's bullsh*t.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

May You Live In Interesting Times

Despite the never ending hush of the mass media constantly downplaying these events as "unrelated and merely incidental" there are more people waking up to what is happening than at any time since this blog was started.

It is going to be starting up in places you never expected, like the Eastern seaboard. It has not even kicked off yet. When it does, it is going to be spectacular.

WW3 : Not Your Pappy's War At All

A lot of these new weapons are being rushed into production. The big focus is on more and more delivery by robotic drones, permitting a few men at a console to lay waste to an entire nation and kill hundreds of millions of people in less than an hour.

It's a new arms race and there is nobody left advocating strategic reduction or limitation of anything. It's Klausewitzian winner-take-all global death match warfare unlike anything previously experienced by our civilization ... and ITZ coming.

The Savage Neanderthal, Tossing Himself Onto The Sapiens Barbie And Forcing Them To Have Sex With His Wife

A savage beast! A monster, I tell you! Like those fiends in Iraq, plotting with their yellowcake to kill us all! Thank heavens we were pro-active! They were getting ready to rush us, in between their pastoral husbandry of goats, their mouth flute choirs and weaving flower chains of daisies to bury their grandfathers with! But in between ... savage monsters! Luckily our pro-wrestling skills and spear chucking powers saved our tiny skulled sunken chested ancestors from a fate more hideous than death. Naturally, to the victor go the spoils ... if you insist! We might have to mate with their hideous gorilla bitch females out of pity, even if it means ignoring our actual Sapiens women for the next 4000+ years! Somebody has got to do it!

Imagine the last thing you see before you die is a mob of one million Sapiens looking like the lads above. That's what it was like at the Neanderthal Alamo.

P.S. Notice the changes that have occurred in the depiction of Neanderthals over the past five years alone. They have gone from looking like squat gorillas to Roman nobles in only five years of revisionism. Take a good look at that skull at the link above. That could be taken from any random human, except that modern humans don't have brains that large.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kweer Kwa Askew, Kwuality Kwompromised

Toldya. Perfect symbol for the "former" nation once called America. They should get some hydraulic jacks and lift that side a little more to make it look really odd. Sort of funny and tilted off to one side like it just can't get right. That's it. Think of the Kwa, think of this monument.

In addition to all-knowing omnipotence and all-powerful mercy, God also has a supercharged sense of humor. Everything is tongue-in-cheek and hoisted by its own petard. This is why everyone loves (and fears) him.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vault-OS : Progress Made As of Late

A little progress made as of last night. It's looking much better.

Here's my basic architecture on August 24, 2011 :

1. C++ code for web server and AJAX web service running on 3 platforms (Win32, Linux, DOS-16/DOS-32) ... compiled with Open Watcom, same source code base.

2. All sensor monitoring is done via mailslots implemented on Windows, Linux and DOS using JSON format to deliver messages.

3. As of this week, my daemons monitoring sensors all run as VBScript, available under all versions of Windows from 95-98-NT-2000-XP-Vista. The Linux daemons for various hardware will have to be written by somebody else. I have found over the past three years that VBScript is the most flexible, easily altered and debugged script available for writing hardware monitoring devices. It's easy to see why it has figured so heavily in industrial embedded work. I also figured out how to run VBScripts as services when the system boots up. For me, this is the quickest easiest way to write all kinds of custom daemons to drive hardware sensors for the web server and has provided excellent abstraction with mailslots. I imagine myself trying to write a new daemon to drive some odd device I have found or scavenged somewhere, possibly without a compiler or development environment set up. VBScript has proven to be the best answer to this dilemma. The great thing about VBScript is that you can write complete forms for utilities or small interface pads to supply terminals with custom features in the Vault, for example, a security keypad for an external device or a custom display for hydroponics ... this is in addition to simply powering daemons with the fewest possible lines of code running as services.

4. Every machine is available to every other machine supporting a browser that is at least HTML 3.2 compatible. This includes Arachne for DOS and Mosaic 2.75b running on Desqview. This permits even the most primitive x86 devices to either monitor or monitor and act as display controllers for all other VOS devices connected to the network. I have been experimenting with SVG GUI interfaces for VOS and a fallback strategy that degrades gracefully to older browsers, this will be ongoing as I get the first version of Vault-OS ready. Version 1.0 will simply feature basic HTML forms and interaction with the user. I have been able to get a display from Desqview-X running on my X-Windows thin clients that monitors the VOS web service in real time using Mosaic. It is proving to be a very flexible way of monitoring and controlling from any terminal anywhere in the Vault at any time. The attraction of implementing gosh-wow SVG interfaces is that they are vector graphics which can scale themselves to any device, including tiny automobile television screens that I use for several displays. HTML pages can be hard to view on these machines on a 4 inch PAL/NTSC dashboard.

Things are shaping up very well to support one fundamental design principle - that whatever the operating system, Vault-OS will run the web server in the background and it's task management without preventing the user from customizing the OS for their own needs - be it DOS with Desqview, Windows 32-bit under NT or Linux running XWin. If the user wants to compose a memo or play a game of Tetris, they should be able to do that, with the obvious caution that a dedicated device running a small critical section (like hydroponics) probably should be stripped to the essentials and not have a lot of junk installed on it.

Lots of stuff is still hardcoded in C++ for web page composition. I have ambitions of getting a fully developed VSP (Vos Server Page) through Lua but I had trouble compiling Lua for memory constrained environments. I am having better success with a language called PAWN which I have down to 10K on a DOS compatible chip that only has 128K to work with. Need more commands to build tables, manipulate HTML documents, etc. Working on it.

Beef #3 : Why Sapiens Can't Think

The author of the article above was himself so defined by ambivalence he was unable to draw any meaningful conclusions about ambivalence.

I can draw them quickly and succinctly for him.

Ambivalence is a good trait to have if you are in a very large, gregarious and complex social group which requires you to lie almost constantly to navigate the sea of deception around you. It is a survival trait for the Homo Sapiens social pool. Somebody who is not ambivalent to the point of distraction will not do well when dealing with Sapiens in large groups. To this end, as a result of natural selection, humans as a rule are so full of crap they don't even know themselves what point they are trying to make most of the time.

Ambivalence is a death sentence if you are in a harsh, unforgiving environment - particularly in small tightly knit tribes like those that formed the character of Neanderthal. Jack London's classic story TO BUILD A FIRE demonstrates how quickly the surroundings of a human being can remove them from the gene pool if they are ambivalent. The reason that Neanderthal character was shaped to be the way it was is that all the people who were like the protagonist in TO BUILD A FIRE will die in less than a week in the same circumstances, leaving no offspring. Rules exist for a reason. Don't go out alone in cold like that described. It's a rule for a reason. This is why Neanderthals had such large frontal lobes in the Amud strain. Rules weren't just something to yack about on Oprah Winfrey - they were the difference between life and death.

Ambivalence as a long term coping mechanism will always result in boom-bust cycles. The human social group which is provided the leeway of prosperity created by non-ambiguity that emerges from tough situations will build up mythologies they will indulge in ("derivatives are a great investment," etc.) until reality comes crashing in and destroys their false ambiguous artificially constructed consensus world view, time and time again.

Sapiens has failure built into his nature. It's like he was genetically designed to fail.

Neanderthals were genetically designed to succeed. They didn't have self-defeating mechanisms built into their biology. How could natural selection produce a self-defeating organism when the very paradigm is selection for success?

We could say that Neanderthal was a species with an unlimited horizon, if it were not for the sudden appearance of Homo Sapiens, an animal which appears to have not only been designed to destroy the emergent race of Enkidu but also to destroy itself once the deed was done. Sapiens might be considered similar to a disposable fumigant like you use to kill roaches. Once it is exhausted it is then ready to throw away. Ambiguous, facile, deceptive, distracted, unable to organize beyond warfare. No danger of it ever turning into Neanderthal ... unless the race physically spliced itself with Neanderthal genes afterwards by taking their wives. Which is actually exactly what happened. That's why you're reading this right now.

Here we are the end of my blog. This is where I am supposed to offer a cure or panacea for my conclusion. It is part of the scripted behaviour of humans - raise a problem, pretend you know the solution, benefit from the perceived increase in status as a problem solver, get access to hot Sapiens babes. It's all part of the theatrics of their lives.

Well, my conclusion is that there is no solution. I conclude that Homo Sapiens is a doomed species. It has been on the wane for the past 40,000 years since the initial injection of Neanderthal creativity and intelligence and as of the end of this Holocene, it's really run out of gas for good. With his brain now down to 1350cc on average, Homo Sapiens won't be going back to the moon anytime soon and especially with no Werner Von Brauns left hanging around to put him there so he can wave his arms and take credit. I predict the fun is over.

Okay, here's the part where I try to infuse this blog with some optimism.

Homo Sapiens civilization stinks and it has run out of juice. Once it goes through the ringer, I reckon the planet will have a new horizon of possibility and there is no telling how things in general might get better. A better future with a Neanderthal-Sapiens blend is a nice thing to imagine and it can even be hoped for, hopefully with a little more Neanderthal this time and a lot less Sapiens. I can't stand the ambiguity, it's like listening to an Eliza Bot. Whatever happens, it is hard to visualize it as being sadder and more deranged than it is now. We've got nowhere to go but up.

Deep Fault Lines In The Kwa Open For Business

God tries to destroy my hometown, misses, asks for do-over

A portent of ITZ for certain

Entire Eastern Seaboard Felt The Quake

You know if people felt it in Chicago we're talking about a very deep quake here.

Just prior to this in Colorado

Meanwhile, other side of the planet in Indonesia

The reason they put a lot of nuclear reactors in Virginia is that it was supposed to be a geologically stable region. Like Fukushima.

Man proposes, God disposes. Before you make any plans, always append "God willing" to any strategy. I believe the Kwa has used up all of it's warning tickets at this point and the Lord has taken the entire country out of his Microsoft Planner file altogether. The Kwa has rejected the foundations of their heritage and will now be proceeding on their own better angels. I give'em a week.

The country was being pulled down by a demolition crew anyhow, God is just pitching in to help

ADDENDUM : Numerous private sources have told me via email that the Washington Monument is now leaning to one side since the quake. The mass media has moved to suppress all reports on it and is issuing counter-statements asserting it is fine, but my contacts tell me the Kwa now has a kweer looking tilt to it's most prized national landmark. Respect to God for his sense of humor, it's awesome. The ultimate IDIOCRACY-style visual zinger.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zombie Epidemic Just Waiting To Happen

So much new tech like that described used to be the stuff of exposition in the first ten minutes of italian zombie movies. Now it is real research conducted in the name of maintaining military parity.

This is why I have always thought that any researcher thinking of doing this sort of work should first be subjected to a 24 hour marathon of Fulci films. That should dissuade him.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vault-Co Warned You : False Flag Alien Attack

Yes, it's ridiculous. The thing is, modern people are stupid enough to fall for it. They are more ignorant than Dark Age medieval peasants. Worse, they have had their vanity flattered for most of their adult life by media telling them they are all geniuses. These are people who can barely read and write and have trouble speaking in complete sentences. This is the reason Bill Cooper said they had been stoking this UFO myth for the past fifty years, when the plans for a world government were laid.

I think they are going to do something with this. I think they tried to build a propaganda basis for it last year and they failed. They won't be giving up, however.

Look at the money they are spending promoting this absurdity. There's big funding trying to create a buzz for this.

* Check out this bizarre, cryptic BBC commercial agitprop for Bluebeam/False flag Ops ... Never explained by BBC what it was about or why it was on?!? ...

Kwanstain = Brick Wall Coming Up For The Train Wreck Nation

Working in the Kwa doesn't mean "working." There are no jobs left. It means groveling and precious few are needed for that privilege any longer. Kwanzanians, are you paying attention yet? Or does all this political stuff bore you? Let's step it up a notch and see if we can get you interested. Hunger is a wonderful motivator ... at first.

Everybody knows ITZ coming except the Kwanzans themselves.

EPA shutting down coal plants, rolling blackouts coming for whole nation after Texas.

Texas is just the state where policy makers told the truth about the impact of these new laws.

The elites have decided to take nuclear power away. Sheeple can't have such techy toys.

Kwanzanian police are Mexico's police, except relocated north.

Television dreams of tomorrow ... we're not the ones who have to borrow ...

Everywhere you look, Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY is proving to be the truly prophetic dystopian vision of the final fate of the Kwa. It's a joke country, inhabited by joke people. Their lives have been made into an ugly punchline.

Failure enforcible right up to the moment of death in the Kwanstain.

Kwanstain "law" is whatever the government wants it to be

All of you idiots who approve of the treatment of Ed Steele, I really want to see if you are still laughing when they handcuff you to the central posts in those boxcars and turn out the lights before your long journey begins. It is funny, come to think of it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Earth Is Coming Into Solar Shotgun Range

What protects us from these blasts at all? The magnetic shield, of course. Something you can't even see - but it is up there all the time absorbing the brunt of this energy so it doesn't impact our atmosphere directly. Can you understand why we would worry if it started to show signs of weakening or reversing? During these transitional changes, there is the potential for the earth to be without protection of any kind against raw solar energy.

This is the reason even the simplest single-celled organisms on the planet all appear to have coping strategies for extreme radiation exposure. Can you imagine? Even the littlest creatures know itz coming but humans rarely do. Think of the irony.

Give Us Youse Money Or Our Alien Overlord Pals Will Kill Youse All

Globowarmthinkery has become a colossal Monty Python skit.

Australia, accept the carbon tax or Gilliard will make a collect call to outer space and her xeno mobster friends will descend and ravage the landscape with their laser beams.

You couldn't make this stuff up. It's too crazy. I'm just relaying this madness, that's all.

Hasta La Vista

First terminator units of World War III are coming online.

What will you do if the government makes them smarter than you and I put together? They're dumb enough to do it.

William Cooper Was Right - About Everything

William Cooper shifted gears in the middle of his career as a writer and began to tell people there were no UFOs and no aliens - that this was a disinformation campaign conducted by the government deliberately to keep the public busy fighting straw men and imaginary conspiracies that didn't exist.

Cooper said the Federal Government would soon conduct a series of false flag attacks on their own citizens in order to curtail all liberties under the Constitution as part of an "anti-terrorism" campaign and then they would proceed to label all political dissidents as "terrorists." He was right.

Cooper said that because his writing albeit obscure was too insightful into government plans he would soon be dispatched by a government hit team in his own front yard. He said that because he would soon die anyway, he would reveal every single thing he knew about the real government. He was right.

I like the part where the deputy in his sworn affidavit described Bill as "running towards officers firing both barrels" requiring them to "return fire," having neglected to mention that Bill was a one legged man who required assistance just to get from his front door to his car seat.

Cooper blasted Alex Jones, David Icke and many others as the best "opposition" money can buy.

Killing'em Softly Is Good Business For Medicine

All doctors need to do now is develop a "treatment" that boasts a superior survival rate to the untreated. The problem with that sort of treatment is that it doesn't generate enough income for the doctor who scores the lucky diagnosis. Cancer is awesome for doctors because once you net a "cancer patient" you can basically bank on getting everything he owns before he dies in billing secure in the knowledge the dead can't sue for lack of results. Any doctor who is honest will tell you that he can take the rest of the year off once he finds a rube he can label as "cancerous" and start the whole rope-a-dope process going. It's better than the Inquisition but probably just as painful over the long term.

All I have to offer you is Vitamin D. Get it everyday, preferably from sunshine, capsules if it is all you have. If you knew how powerful research shows this stuff to be you'd understand why the doctor is always warning you to stay out of the sun "for god's sake." He means "for my sake, I still have to pay off my Lamborgini."

(Also, get at least 8 hours of deep sleep in a completely blacked-out room each night with no light leaks. Very, very important.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Solar Madness Is Real & Quantifiable

Followup on this article.

Human beings are as much a part of the biological continuum as all other animal life. It is only their vanity that makes them think otherwise.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Man-Bearpig Meltdown At The Aspen Institute

Internationalist marxist traitor to his country just like his father. Going to lose a lot of money on this in the coming months. Globalwarmthinkery has completely fallen apart worldwide. Not even Gore believes his own crap anymore.

I heard that Gore's father used to read him Gramsci's Prison Notebooks when they were on the road living out of a suitcase. He was programmed to be a champion liar and deceiver from the day he was born. Gramsci would have approved of Globowarmthinkery and regarded it an ideal vehicle towards world domination for Communism.

Notice how he is despondent we no longer have a "shared reality." These people are creepy as hell in every way.

Al, face it, you're a supervillain who got hoisted by his own petard. There is justice in the world after all.

Has some Amud qualities in his face and expressions. Told you, most of these Neanderthals are just bigger assholes with a greater capacity for evil. Nobody gets into heaven because of their bloodline.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Flashpoint On The Horizon : Iran

The only thing that Iran wants is cheap energy and freedom from the West. What they are doing makes sense for the long term good of their own people and the rest of the Middle East.

For Iran to build the infrastructure of a first world country means living standards will rise and their population will be far less vulnerable to radicalism. Of course, Israel doesn't want wealthy prosperous neighbors who can field strong enough militaries to limit their ambitions in the region.

The tragic thing is that they are more worried about what somebody else has got than what they have got. Israel is a basket case country, a train wreck nation that looks like an amateur whorehouse run by chimpanzees. It has never been able to make a go of it on its own without international welfare and the sight of Iranians building a peaceful, rich society next door would be more than their narcissism could bear. It would be just another reminder of what failures they are and the great gulf between their rhetoric and the reality.

Osteen : Latest False Prophet for Kwanstain

Apparently this fraud has been building another evangelist movement on top of the wreckage of the rest. Just saw him on Fox news. Full of crap to the gills.

Kwa Demockrassy Is A Sham

A joke. Laughingstock of the world. This failed regime needs U.N. monitoring of its elections to keep them honest.

Widespread Acceptance Gaining For ABiotic Origins of Oil and Natural Gas

Thomas Gold was right. Everybody else was wrong.

It's easy to tell where the truth lies. What is the majority consensus? Whatever it is it will nearly always be the opposite of the truth.

That's because a majority consensus is tailored to be so simple the least intelligent member of that consensus can grasp it, assuring it will be idiotic and utterly invalid.

The reason that orthodoxies are defended so viciously is that the adherents of the orthodoxy don't waste any time thinking about their own convictions.

Kudryavtsev nailed this in the late 40's. Think of all that time passing with geologists wasting their efforts because of this junk science. Trillions of dollars spent looking for oil in the least likely places to find it, the whole while the Russians just pumping crude up like there is no tomorrow. The strength of free societies is supposed to be the rapidity with which they absorb new ideas that have merit. Obviously our society hasn't been free or a meritocracy in a long, long time.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Solar Activity & Human Behaviour

It is obvious the entire population is acting a little crazy all over the planet. The question is how crazy are they going to get before it is over?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Was Noah's Ark A Vault?

Really fascinating essay by Robert Bast.

Will make you think about the entire scope of human history. The ancient Vedantic writings have a chain of ownership that assures some consistency going back around 12,000 years. There's an element of truth in here somewhere that is vindicated by identical accounts found on the other side of the planet with completely different races of people.

I was aware of this thread running through ancient writings when I first started to think about building my own shelter back in 1997. The Avesta describing a terrible poisonous snow aboveground that would kill all living things not deep in the "ark" beneath the ground. The ancients mentioned "the burning sky" and the "black ashfall" again and again in the dreams of Gilgamesh.

Look at the colossal underground cities in Turkey and around the Fertile Crescent. Somebody engaged in a huge engineering project to create these places. Unbelievable in scope and logistics.

Note "Ark" can also be translated as "Sanctuary" in Hebrew.

Enoch Powell Was Right

About six years ago I was speaking with my manager at a lunch in South Brisbane. He was from England and when I asked him why he had left, he gave me an explanation that lasted about ten minutes and of course was no explanation at all.

I told him in an offhanded fashion that Britain would be a flaming hellhole of anarchy in a few short years and would likely be under Sharia law by 2020 or even earlier.

He snorted, went red-faced, shook his head at me, snorted again with such force he had spittle running down his chin. He was terrified of any response he might give me, his mind desperately running through a wide array of apologetics but nothing firm seemed to come to him.

"Within a few short years it will be apocalyptic madness, then later Sharia law will be imposed to restore some semblance of order," I reiterated, completely relaxed and without feeling the least bit of distress in discussing the subject. He had gone red as a beet and was trembling with rage at me that I had said this. He was clearly frightened that in responding, he might let something slip that was inappropriate that might compromise his extremely fragile psyche.

It's doubly amusing to hear people questioning my sanity because of my ideas. The average human being is like a rare china doll, their minds are so precariously perched atop a pyramid of lies and madness that any loud sound could collapse their foundations. According to them, I'm supposed to be the unstable or mentally unsound one. I really believe that Soviet-style psychiatry could make a huge comeback under these sorts of people if they could do the necessary social engineering to make it acceptable again.

I changed the subject because I could see the incredible strain it was putting on him, as an act of mercy. He tried to relax and pretend we had switched gears in the conversation but you could tell he had nearly suffered an embolism. Political correctness (bolshevism) takes a terrible toll on the human mind. Terrible.

Watching the video at the link above, do you see how the doom of Britain is inevitable? No miracle saves in the works. The long clock hand of history will move Britain inexorably towards total collapse and dissolution and it doesn't matter what sort of commentary is made about it by media shills while it happens. All their hollow platitudes and meaningless sentiments will not stay their fate by a single day.

No Way In Hell That Ron Paul Is A Stealth Candidate Working For The Melonheaded

How do you report on a straw poll without mentioning who actually won it? How do you report on a straw poll and instead of the actual winner, you claim that some usual ass-puppet won instead?

If Ron Paul was a stalking horse for the bad guys, no way would they deliberately blot out any mention of him in the mass media.

The fact that they are terrified to even say his name is proof this guy is not one of their stable horses.

UPDATE : Diebold SQL Update statement wins! Surprise, the crypto-kosher candidate won, despite nobody knowing who she even was a few months ago! What a shocker! Let's hear a cheer for stealth database execution of SQL statements! Oh, and Ron what's his name was permitted to be second in order to avoid inquiries! How generous! Another victory for demmockrassy!!


Friday, August 12, 2011

The Decline Of Our Society Is Not Accidental

The "intelligentsia" (what an ironic label) have been working at it for a long, long time with a specific end in mind.

Crisis, reaction, have solution ready. It's easy because Homo Sapiens is a hypnotized obedience whore. It does what you tell it to do as long as you know how to phrase the order.

Atheists say we should be "good" (?) for "good's sake" (?) and fall back on the "better angels" of man. The problem is that man has no better angels and can be programmed for any bizarre moral code that can be concocted, however unworkable it might be. Modern people are proof of it. Some men might say the greater good would be to kill off most of the population - are we to accept their standard as the yardstick for the "good?" This way always lies madness.

Here at Vault-Co we have seen the long range forecast for this ugly brave new world and trust us it ends in atomic fallout and enough background radiation to fry an egg with. Many in the high places simply no longer regard all of you peasants as assets on their books, rather liabilities. For this reason they would see you and your children phased out by conventional means - war, famine and disease. They shall tip their glasses of chardonnay in their own shelters and speak no more of you when you are gone.

Was Tutankhamun Human?

No, I don't think he was. That skull is not Homo Sapiens.

I don't believe in aliens or UFOs. That's not what I think this is.

I think there was a race of masters with heads shaped like the Tut. King Tut may have been the last of this line when he died.

I have gathered there were four different hominids in the last million years.

1. The rulers. Skulls like Tuts. Big elongated melons, huge brains. Limited mammalian characteristics, very cruel and domineering. They appear in carvings all over the world in every culture, always depicted as the masters. Skulls of them found all over South America, Africa and Asia.

2. The Neanderthals. Mousterian peoples. A tightly knit xenophobic race that was very inventive, creative and highly intelligent which was tolerated to live wild in a pastoral setting until it became obvious they could pose a threat to the big heads just by existing. Too bright for their own good. A product of cold weather climates. The Amuds were the last of their breed. Monogamists.

3. Homo Sapiens. Slave races made from Neanderthal starter genes but designed to be incapable of harming their masters. They survived the destruction of most of the ruling race and eventually destroyed their genetic root stock in the Neanderthals, literally committing patricide. Vicious, mindless, relentlessly aggressive. Where any intelligence appears amongst them it is a result of hybridization with Neanderthal women. Very promiscuous and profligate. Polygamists at best.

4. Cro-Magnons. Freakish gigantism offshoot of Homo Sapiens which lasted briefly and then was subsumed into their race in small numbers.

The real question for me is ... how much surviving stock do we see today which has some remnant of these four races? All of them? Two or more? A puzzler. Some people are convoluted mixes of possibly all four sets of genes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Start Prepping For All-Out Thermonuclear War

It's really coming now. Aren't you glad I was a paranoid bastard warning you really early back when it could do some good?

I'd say Q4 they will crash most of the West, excepting their strongholds intended to provide them with a refuge in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Sometime before Christmas there will be the start of provocations and an attempt to demonize somebody as the source of all evil, perhaps a player that has previously been kept in reserve until now. Later next year, very like the first shots of WW3 will be fired in the Middle East, followed by many standoffs leading finally to a first strike as a pre-emptive measure by somebody who sees which way the wind is blowing. This initial limited exchange will turn into an all-out Clausewitzian struggle for survival between different factions with heavy use of ugly weapons like the neutron bomb and deeply salted cobalt-60 payloads. Most of the civilians of the Western world will be sacrificed like pawns on a chessboard with targeted nuclear, chemical and biological attacks.

During this period, the governments of Canada, America, Britain and Australia will clamp down on their citizens with an iron hand. It is highly likely the first boxcars to FEMA camps in the U.S. will be loaded at this time with internal "dissidents" who might pose opposition to the coming "war effort." They almost got to this stage during the campaign to make Iraq safe for vultures by eliminating the humans. In any event, you will see the jackboot come out very soon for casual critics of the government. It will no longer be possible to say much without getting yourself on a watch list and most people will be afraid of being blacklisted for a job with the economy vaporized. In general, the sheeple will fall in, tuck their heads down and do as they are told in all circumstances. They'll tell themselves it's patriotism but in fact it will be terror, pure and simple.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Worldwide Unrest and Anarchy

Tip of the iceberg. I could add a hundred other links in the U.S. alone to local regions where enrichers are going on spontaneous flash mob rampages. Facebook and Twitter are proving to be extremely effective tools in the human quest for anarchy and chaos.

As Freud said ... what goes up must come down because humans ultimately seek a simpler level like water. The simplest level being kill people and take their stuff until they kill you. Remember when you see these riots that these people were deliberately imported during better times with the honest belief they would turn into Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. It's like somebody screaming there are zoo animals in the streets running wild, who later admits he is the zoo keeper and he unlocked their cages.

I'm deadly serious when I say, the fault is found with the man who throws a bottle of cockroaches on your kitchen floor. Not the cockroaches. They're just being cockroaches. The question is, who emptied them on your kitchen floor? Who was crazy enough to applaud them while they were doing it? The answer is found by looking into the magic window on the wall of your bathroom, in most cases. If you live in the Western world, that guy you see in there is apparently not wrapped too tight.

I bet you that you will find the people who did this to our society when you find the people who did this and this, probably deliberately so as to lead to this.

Now it's time to face facts and man up.

If you weren't smart enough to recognize this when it was going on, you are not smart enough as a population to do anything about it now. I'm not trying to discourage you, rather to tell you where to focus your energies. For ten years on this blog, I've been telling you to concentrate on your personal survival and the survival of your family and loved ones. I think I have the big picture and I don't think ordinary people can really do anything but ride all this out. Imagine somebody as bright as I am except thousands of them working together as a super-wealthy cabal and in control of most of the political levers of power in the world. You're not going to march around with a placard at a protest stopping these people. It's futile. Seeing how they timed all this to coincide with the Apocalypse Trifecta in the natural world, you must recognize by now how much brighter they are than you. You don't stand a chance trying to resist this evil using the means they permit you. It should be obvious to you by now that without faith in God, your capacity for your own intellectual self-defense is close to nil. They can play you like a fiddle. All your hope is to be found in self-reliance and faith in God. Everything else is just airheads who misunderstand what the actual problem is.

Earth Changes Accelerating Planetwide

An objective, unbiased look at the data reveals that volcanic and tectonic activity has been doubling nearly every six months for the past two years. You know, as if approaching a climax of some sort - or perhaps a long period of renewed violence unlike anything the people currently living on this planet have ever experienced.

In some ways, you should look forward to the explosion of several supervolcanos, because it will represent a release of this pressure we see building everywhere. Whatever the result, maybe it will constitute a finale before the next Ice Age.

Previous data indicates this will be ongoing for thousands of years afterwards but maybe if we get a truly apocalyptic spike, we'll then have some sort of stability to our situation afterwards. Looked at in this light, Vault-Co is really the optimistic perspective.

Ionosphere Interacts With Seismic Events

Obviously an electrical charge that is continuous throughout, just as described by Robert Felix in his books.

I've been tracking the news on the left and comparing it with Robert Felix's ideas on the right for nearly ten years. Felix has explained more in ten paragraphs in one of his books than these people could do with a million pages of their ragsheets. He has not only proved to be predictive. He has demonstrated himself to have an integrated understanding of these phenomenon that crosses several different boundaries of science normally reserved by specialists in their field.

Now This Is The Stuff of Satire

This is so over the top it is Monty Pythonesque. What the hell is wrong with these people? Meekly stripping down because the guy told you to? Where are the shotguns leveled on this guy? That's right - the British people meekly submitted to disarmament.

Riots rip across UK in an orgy of uncontrolled violence

Britain's "Leaders" Sound Like Effeminate, Flimsy, Inept Sheltered Pansies

Hearing the Brits threaten to "break out the water cannons" is lulz-worthy. They need to do some serious hanging for a couple of weeks until this mob are under control.

David Cameron has decided to "fly back to Britain" after three nights of this. Cheerio. What luck to have such leadership. I can see where his priorities lie.

One night in 1989 in New York city, I discovered the guy next to me under the bridge had been stealing brand new paperbacks from my book locker while I was out during the day. These were mint condition books I had been planning to sell for a big profit. This guy weighed at least 350 pounds plus. When I saw him, I broke a concrete block over his head and he fell unconscious out under the 59th street bridge near the wooden pier. His two friends showed up and began screaming, I tied them together with some old packing twine and threw them into the Hudson, then stood on the pier and kept pushing them off the ladder when they tried to climb out of the river. I told them they had to swim to New Jersey on the other side or I would drown both of them. I never had a problem with any of them ever again and when the guy I broke the concrete block on his head woke up he wandered off. After that whenever I saw him he addressed me as "sir" and "boss." It doesn't take much to right this situation but you need to know this sort of thing is strictly darwinian. It's you or it's them. There's no in-between. Half measures are not adequate. They don't understand restraint. It's perceived by them as weakness. Of course, Britain is only in this situation because they do not understand what they are doing to begin with.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Controlled Release Of Information on 2012-2013

Whoa, slight shift in subject and content, just subtle enough to avoid much reaction whilst seemingly in a similar vein to prior press releases :
The NOAA predicted four “extreme” solar emissions which could threaten the planet this decade. Similarly, NASA warned that a peak in the sun's magnetic energy cycle and the number of sun spots or flares around 2013 could enable extremely high radiation levels.

Okay, what do we mean by "extremely high radiation levels?" I thought this was about XBox and Playstation being open to possible damages that might not fall under warranty.

It's about plausible deniability. While they work on their own shelters, they release just enough information that they can claim innocence after the fact. After all, we did warn you people, those of you lucky enough to have survived on your own. If they said nothing at all, there could be severe recriminations later on. This way, they can have their cake and eat it too. We tried to tell you but we're not to blame if your basic reading comprehension skills were lacking.

This is what the Norway Seed Vault was built for and it is the reason they have been moving government critical records keeping and storage underground for more than fifteen years.

Poisonous Earth - Nothing Beats A Vault

Nothing beats a vault, Japan.

Nothing beats packing your rice.

Nothing beats self-reliance and independence. Count on your fellow man or your social structure and you will die alongside the same with them. Put your trust in God and be no respecter of persons. They go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies. To fear God means to prepare for the worst and pray for grace.

These critters essentially ruined the northern hemisphere before World War III even started. Imagine what they can do once they put their mind to it.

Maximum Improvementation in London

Yawn. Feel like Bill Murray in GROUNDHOG DAY. Another day, another country. I can't even keep track of the riots anymore. It seems like all I have been doing is breathing in smoke from riots for the past twenty years. All the while, people are telling you the multikult works, it just isn't being done properly. Sounds like the apologetics for communism over the past century. The world is a museum of marxist failures but it will be a tomb of multicultural failures, someday soon. You don't see the causality now (I know how you think, even if you don't) but all this will culminate in worldwide nuclear war, the same way that the fragmenting Rome went out in a sea of anarchy and warfare on all fronts. When you're falling apart internally, it's the perfect time for your external enemies to ramp up their expeditionary efforts, always ending in desperate Clausewitzian conflict.

I've watched them go out screaming as the mob tears them apart complaining it's all just a big misunderstanding. Yes, that's what it is.

There ain't no misunderstanding here. Unless you count the people who expected moving people from one soil to another would change their nature. Thinking your country exudes a magic gas from beneath your feet that alters genetics is a misunderstanding. That's not how real life works at all. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Whatever you've been told to the contrary may have become an emotional imperative for you but that still can't make it true. Nations die over misunderstandings like these.

You keep trusting in Oprah and thinking positive. That's the way I'll remember you. Part of me wishes I were as ambiguous and confused as the rest of mankind. I bet my life would've been a lot easier over the past half century if I was as pleasantly daffy as the average Sapiens.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Apocalypse Trifecta

The collapse of the West, a new Ice Age and war.

Any one of them would be bad. Together - you should've started digging ten years ago when we first used this phrase on a little web page called TEX ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT.

PACK YOUR RICE. Makes sense now, doesn't it? Sounded pretty crazy a decade ago.

Britain Gets More Improvementation

You know where the improvementation has been the most effective because the streets glow red at night there and you can smell burning human flesh. It's all good homes.

Please Protect Me From The Hollywood Visions, Mr. Good Cop Pharmaceutical Corporation!

I see now that only your vaccines can protect me! Do you accept a credit card? Can I pay for it in installments?

May only be anecdotal but apparently I am the only person in my 200+ employee company on 3 floors who was not sick a single day in the past month when nearly the entire staff came down with it, some of them out more than a week from illness. The company pays for the flu vaccine for free for employees who want it and almost all of them got it.

I breathe an aerosolized solution of hydrogen peroxide each night and take garlic every single day. Total cost for a month's supply of both was $6.00 or so in change.

High Treason, Theft, Corruption and Embezzlement Worthy of the Death Penalty For All Involved

Hard to believe anybody could keep a straight face reporting this stuff. I can't keep a straight face reading about it. Truly we are down the rabbit hole at this stage. What on earth were treasury officials doing transferring trillions to foreign governments? There's plenty of work for the all-night firing squad here.

The Founding Fathers would be knee deep in spent shell casings, pausing only to let their red-hot barrels cool before reloading another magazine. John Adams would have grenades strapped to his body plunging through the Capitol Dome skylight shrieking like Chuck Norris in his MISSING IN ACTION dream segue.

Stone Age Vault Superhighway

The truth is they've only exposed the tip of an iceberg. Trust me on this subject, there is a lot more where this came from.

Nobody knows why these things were so important to neolithic people but if you've been reading this blog you might be able to venture a guess.

The original Neanderthal skeleton at the British Museum of Natural History was not just diagnosed with severe rickets a century after it had been assembled. There were some scientists who have examined it who are convinced that this man ... or whatever it was ... had spent his entire life underground. The entire mythology of Neanderthals was based around this skeleton, clearly warped and stunted by a very strange environment indeed. Perhaps a creature who had never seen the Sun in his entire existence.

Wharever you do, don't use the "F" word. That's opening a really big can of worms. Specifically, were there hominids who were specially adapted for life underground and very small tunnels? Doesn't hurt to think about it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh Snap. You diddin. Kwa Atomic Fail.

S&P downgrades Kwanstain credit rating, ZOGBux soon to be on par with old chinese firecracker paper.

Choose your baby salt preference:

A. Chicken flavored
B. Iodine Enriched
C. Kosher Rabbinical Approved
D. Salsa Spicy

Australians stand by for one of the biggest investment booms in our nation's history. Assuming we can get rid of Gilliard, our future is so bright I gotta wear shades.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fake Geniuses Of The 20th Century

This man was a fraud, backed by other frauds, who in turn sought testimonials from other frauds to back up their frauds.

How difficult is it to prove a man is a liar when every single thing that emerges from his mouth is a lie, going back to the day he was born? Einstein didn't do his own mathematics, his wife did and she didn't do them very well. His wife was rewarded with his infidelity with at least ten other regular mistresses. The raw payoff from charlatanry and swindling if it results in fame is that it makes it very easy for the conman involved to sleep with a lot of women. That's what Einy the Heiny did - parlay his fake celebrity into a lot of fornication. What this idiot knew about physics you could have written on the back of a postage stamp.

The reason the common man is so confused is that he is very confused and it's really hard to unconfuse someone who has been so thoroughly confused.

The real geniuses of our civilization are also the most anonymous. The biggest frauds have had the most airtime. The very best are known the very least.

It is hardly a wonder the society has failed so rapidly and so profoundly in so many ways. It is so sick and upside down that sanity is only a fondly remembered dream in the forgotten past.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Werner Von Braun - Another Haunted One

A classic archetype of the breed. You know it, you've seen them, at least part of your mind sees them. You see them everywhere but you just don't know it consciously. See the eyes? It's a quality. Once you know what to look for, you will see it. It's a haunted look. These are the true ghosts-that-walk, not the Phantom.

Of course, it immediately brings to mind the Curse of Humbaba in the Epic of Gilgamesh:

"Enkidu, you are the most dangerous of all the creations of Enki! You alone would have the nerve and courage to raise your hand against the gods! For this reason you and your race will be destroyed, you will become living ghosts! You will see others but they will not see you! You will wander the earth until the end of time barely in this world and barely in the next! I, Humbaba, beseech the gods to bring this curse on you to avenge me!"

See the similarities with Zuse? Something ... see? Something in the face, the hair, proportions and most importantly, the gaze. See how Von Braun's hair would assuredly display cowlicks and strange curls if it were not combed and oiled? That's an attempt to remain sexually attractive to women in an exogamous matriarchy, well into your old age. No pattern baldness amongst these eerie creatures.

A larger photo would show that strangely, even though Von Braun was a relatively lean man, he seemed to be missing a waist. He was a tube of muscle from shoulders to hips. Did this mean he was a bully or a thug? Far from it. Soft spoken and somewhat awkward in most social situations, he only came alive when he began to speak of his dreams of going to outer space. Otherwise he was either submitting to the Nazis or submitting to the thugs at the State Department. Didn't matter which group of Sapiens had him in their possession. He did their bidding and meekly submitted to indignities as if he were somehow suspended somewhere in his own little world where such things didn't matter. To Sapiens, he was merely a tool to be used by them. Pay attention when I'm talking to you, Werner. Von Braun was always like "Sam Lowry" at the end of Terry Gilliam's Brazil. I think this one has gotten away from us. The world was the wall of a cave in which this brilliant man sketched his dreams. These dreams then became powerful realities.

38 And Esau said unto his father, Hast thou but one blessing, my father? bless me, even me also, O my father. And Esau lifted up his voice, and wept. Heb. 12.17

39 ¶ And Isaac his father answered and said unto him,
Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth,
and of the dew of heaven from above;

40 and by thy sword shalt thou live,
and shalt serve thy brother:
and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion,
that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

2 Kgs. 8.20 · 2 Chr. 21.8 Heb. 11.20

You see, Esau too received a blessing, although centuries of revisionists have told us it wasn't what it sounded like. I contend that it was. I contend that the blessing of Esau for accepting the succession of his brother was just as wonderful and as solid a promise from God as the one that his brother Jacob received. I believe that descendants of both houses can receive forgiveness and grace from the Lord. Esau proved it when he forgave his brother and embraced him.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Got My Eye On You!

Sneaky son-of-a-guns. They creep me out with those weird eyes of theirs. Always plotting, always planning something. Stealthy bastards.

Remember, we don't want to profile, but if they look like Richie Cunningham, Pat Boone or Ozzie Nelson, they're probably terrorists. Keep your eyes open, bro, there's no telling what those cheese-eating swine will try next.

There's always been something strange about them. With their Izod-Lacoste shirts and love of traditional musical tastes. Plus they are always meeting together at Nazcar in huge mobs, no doubt to plan their next attack. You can see their hooded glances at one another during their Dungeons and Dragons games, conspiring together at Star Trek Conventions and pie-eating contests.

See suspenders or a pocket kerchief, watch your back bro. I'm jest sayin' is all.

What Kwanzania needs is a Soviet-style psychiatry system, complete with frontal lobotomies and electroshock for those who need it, because they don't do what I tell them to do.

Your Tax Dollars Will No Longer Be Wasted On Airing Facts That Do Not Support Our Conclusions

The difference between the BBC and Pravda in the former Soviet Union is that the inhabitants of Russia were well aware that Pravda was naked government subsidized propaganda to increase government power and prestige.

Konrad Zuse

See the classic "haunted" look in the eyes? That's what your eyes look like when the brain behind it is not divided up into three different components : a subconscious, conscious and a persona. When it's just one big continuous chunk, it gives your eyes that look. Sapiens sees that look, they instantly know at a very deep level who they are dealing with, although their conscious mind never concedes it.

Zuse believed the entire universe was a computer simulation over seventy years ago, running on hardware beyond our comprehension as an infinite series of cellular automata. I discovered his books when I was in the military.

Any major development in human history, you look behind it, you'll find a guy with this characteristic look and similar bone structure in his face, invariably with a line of descent that goes back to the original Toxic Lozenge.

Another Promising Supervolcano Revs Up

It only takes one to revert the Western world to the Dark Ages. Just one would do it. Any of them blows significantly, it's game over. Hundreds have awakened in the past five years.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

European Union was always doomed, as we predicted on the original Vault-Co site in 1998. The euro has become a very dangerous spear aimed at the economic heart of every single nation which insists on honoring this funny money.

Many Early Christians Just Plain Made More Sense

For every heretic they burned, the Catholics incinerated many ideas which presented a far more coherent and less pagan notion of Christianity. It took centuries before Calvinism was able to recover many of these ideas.

Note that a believer who truly put his faith in scripture would instinctively know many things his church does are simply wrong. Think about how much more reasonable it is to call Mary "The Mother of Christ" as opposed to "The Mother of God." That is simply more accurate according to scripture itself. Mary gave the world the Logos, the link that enables God to communicate with humans, Jesus Christ. She didn't give birth to God. The Catholic Church is full of things like this and nobody in it has ever cared enough to reform these doctrines. If a man had the Holy Spirit, he'd find his way to these conclusions but a merely religious person never would.

The slavish devotion men show to their particular sect nearly always exceeds the faith they are willing to put into the scriptures themselves. Why would a person trust in these things when one's church will tell us what to think on these subjects? Fortunately, the "Church" in Christianity is wherever true believers are gathered and not invested in some secular institution that claims authority because they wear cones on their heads or sport magical wands with paganist symbols at the end. I was raised a Catholic and I assure you that although almost all Catholics will not hesitate to put their trust in their "traditions," you would rarely find a single one of them who would put his trust in the Lord instead. How many cardinals does the Lord have? That's how they'd feel about it.

Rather than choking on some doctrine, it is better to eschew the inside of all churches and enter into heaven on nothing other than Christ's vouching for you. That is all you need according to scripture. If every man on Earth tried to bar the door, if Christ were to open it for you then you would enter inside.

"Might Not Be Constitutional"

You might say that, yes. It might not be.

Brawndo. It's got electrolytes. It's got what plants crave.

Soon, it will be time to weld the hatch shut from the inside and bid all adieu. Soon.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Seven For Six In the Ring of Fire

Scattered out, like the stresses are found underneath the entire plate.

El Hierro is a very interesting volcano. Could unleash hell if it were to start erupting again in a big way.

Don't Panic

First rule in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Everybody else is. But you shouldn't. Because you've got to keep the revenues rolling in to provide the money to complete the government shelters. You should keep shopping until further notified.

Remember :

1. This is cyclic and regular. That's why the planet is not overrun (completely) by idiots.

2. Humans have survived it before.

3. Nobody who survived it before was anything like left wing. Left wing is a type of person that lives during the interglacial but not outside it. Left wing is synonymous with anti-life. They always do the opposite of what makes sense.