Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Got My Eye On You!

Sneaky son-of-a-guns. They creep me out with those weird eyes of theirs. Always plotting, always planning something. Stealthy bastards.

Remember, we don't want to profile, but if they look like Richie Cunningham, Pat Boone or Ozzie Nelson, they're probably terrorists. Keep your eyes open, bro, there's no telling what those cheese-eating swine will try next.

There's always been something strange about them. With their Izod-Lacoste shirts and love of traditional musical tastes. Plus they are always meeting together at Nazcar in huge mobs, no doubt to plan their next attack. You can see their hooded glances at one another during their Dungeons and Dragons games, conspiring together at Star Trek Conventions and pie-eating contests.

See suspenders or a pocket kerchief, watch your back bro. I'm jest sayin' is all.

What Kwanzania needs is a Soviet-style psychiatry system, complete with frontal lobotomies and electroshock for those who need it, because they don't do what I tell them to do.


Anonymous said...

This video tells me one thing. The anti-white elites know the jig is almost up.

If you think the white folks in the Tea Party are causing the elites problems, you haven't seen anything yet.

Wait till you see what comes -after- the Tea Party, when the "I'm not a racist", Tea Party utterly fails:

Tea Party Mark II, that is racially aware.

Oh yeah... Itz coming!

Anonymous said...

This is just sad, man.

Just sad...

Extreme paranoia is a sign of desperation.

The American Government likes to put this image out to the American People that everyone, including themselves, are trying to kill them, and the only way to stay alive is to put your faith in the government, who, just so happens to be behind most of these "Terrorist Attacks".

You can't get more fail then that.

This is all happened before, man. Orwell, Huxley and a bunch of other authors wrote about this, because they knew it was going to happen one day.

'Course, Televitz watchin' couch potatoes wouldn't know nothin' 'bout no "Knowledge Rectangle" now would they?

KWJ said...

The Brevik affair will be used for this, eventually, as the Norwegians nail shut their coffin from the inside.

Anonymous said...

The white race is the laughing stock of the world.