Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gore Concedes Man-Bear-Pig Cannot Withstand Rational Inquiry

That's because Man-Bear-Pig doesn't exist. If he existed, Al Gore would not have to suggest we use social engineering in order to force people to stop denying his existence and claiming that Al Gore just invented Man-Bear-Pig out of thin air.

Globowarmthinkery. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense. Whatsoever. Not a single tenet of this religion can stand up to examination. The corollaries (like "carbon emissions") are even more tenuous as assertions built upon errors.

Water vapor is what traps the earth's heat, not CO2. CO2 doesn't affect the ability of water vapor to trap heat in any way. CO2 in fact, has no effect on global temperatures whatsoever, rather the reverse. CO2 is something that changes in response to climate, not the other way around. Ice cores show that right before a new Ice Age, there is always a heat spike that results in minutely increased CO2 for a very short period of less than ten years.


Anonymous said...

that fat pile is just as fucked up as his old man, the leader of the Dixiecrats

Anonymous said...

Spotted this comment by Simmons at the Whitaker blog. Seems apt:

The only thing “scientific” about the left is their efforts to find a name in which to demonize their enemies. That is it, nothing more than a gaggle of mean girls acting like animals intimidating other girls (male and female) with made up names.

You can skip any boring debate with a lefty by just asking them what name they are going to call you in their pathetic efforts to sound “wise.”

You think we got it tough, imagine being inside one of those cults with psychopaths on the loose and waiting to pounce at a moment’s notice if someone shows a bit of trepidation about the cult.


I just watched the remake of True Grit. A great scene showed a man ride out of the snow wearing a bear skin, complete with head. That evening, I visualized myself riding through the snow, wearing a bear skin complete with Al Gore head.